CM Punk Responds To Report Over Being “Too Small”

CM Punk responded to a report published here today stating concern among WWE officials that the reigning champion is “too small” to adequately face Brock Lesnar in a potential match-up.

The report also acknowledged management’s concern over Punk’s appearance backstage as he often looks beaten and battered.

Punk tweeted Monday afternoon:

“Dirt sheets can call me small, skinny, beat up, road-tired, fat, ugly, no friends etc…everyone else calls me champ. Everyone.”

Daniel Pena

Daniel Pena is a longtime wrestling news reporter and the webmaster of

  • Aiii

    And this is the Punk we know and love. Good on you Phil! (reality era and whatnot)


    Lol! Gotta love punk.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    Don’t buy the reports. If they really felt that way about him, they wouldn’t have made him champ. Purely speculative. 

    • pwnez

       That’s true but the article said they think he’s too small to face Lesnar, not to be champ. I wouldn’t put it past some officials to think he’s “too small” then again i’m sure many people think that’s a load of BS.

      • Bushwald Sexyface

        I don’t buy it, specifically, because he wasn’t “too small” to face Cena, Hunter, Big Show, and others. 

        • SavageBomber

          Exactly. He just went up against Mark Henry last week

  • Mr. Vintage

    Haha, damn skippy.  I think Punk vs Lesnar would be awesome if it was built right.  It will suck, though, if they have Lesnar walk out and rag doll him.

  • Gesni1Rules

    Me: I can’t beat the champ!
    My friend: Why not?
    Me: Cause he’s the champ!

    Haha! I had to say that. it was a Ricky 1 moment.

  • pwnez

    I’d love to see CM Punk vs Lesnar and as far as Punk being too small…no, that’s bullcrap. Daniel Bryan isn’t the most muscular guy around but he was able to hold the WHC for over 3 months.

    • Aiii

      I find the whole small vs big discussion a bit silly anyways in a staged sport. There’s plenty of spots they can do and small vs big guy makes for an interesting match. Much more then big vs big guy matches do.

      • pwnez

         Big vs Small doesn’t matter to me. I look at it like this, Bryan was the smaller guy when he feuded with Big Show and out of that entire feud, i’d go as far to say Bryan carried Big Show during every match. WWE just tries to make it looks more “realistic” but they tend to fail.

  • Brian Clark

    Eddie was smaller then Brock yet they had a good match. Punk will do well with Brock. This Brock Lesnar is much wiser then he was eight years ago. Which means his ring awareness is top notch and will be even better when he is in the ring with Punk.

    • lolsupimsogood

      I don’t think people understand that a small wrestler might be the best opponent for Brock.  A technical athlete capable of performing wrestling holds, transitions, etc, while at the same time not weighing a lot?  That’s only going to make every power move Brock does look that much stronger, while requiring less effort on his part.

    • Andrew Campbell

      It will be good to see Brock face a smaller guy once in a while because the smaller guy can sell Brock’s strength and power alot better than a larger guy like Mark Henry.

      Also, I think Punk is a SEScoops reader and probably listens the Solomonster’s podcasts during his workouts as well lol.

  • Dustin

    This wasn’t an issue with Rey Mysterio v Big Show, and that was an actual size difference. Plus Punk is the best in the world.

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      Ding ding ding. Which is why I call it purely speculation.

    • LittleJimmyGotGot

      Get off this best in the world crap. Being a pre-determined champino don’t mean shit

      • David

        But having talent does

      • Jager1017

        oh, and i am guessing you could legitimately win a championship? lol there is going to be a ‘best in the world’ no matter what. whether it’s predetermined or not; someone will always be the best at getting a crowd reaction, or taking bumps, or being a good technical wrestler. predetermined or not.

    • Andrew Campbell

      Daniel Bryan = The Best In The World :D

      • JamieEvsxx

        YES !!!!!!!!!!!


       punk is waaaay over rated y2j is the best in the world right now.

  • Helloyou03

    If Rey Mysterio is allowed to compete against Lesnar, so should CM Punk.

  • Jcollins311

    So how will Brock Lesnar go from being a Top MMA guy to wrestling again? He just went from a real “physical” sport in MMA to sports entertainment in WWE. I know what wrestling is and most fans I would assume know that wrestling is scripted. So is just the presence of having Brock Lesnar in the ring good enough for fans?

    • Jager1017

      wwe is physical, just not as rough on the body as mma

      • m8h3r

        Just the face… Haha

  • Bodyslam1

    I think CM Punk & Brock Lesnar would be pretty great, Wrestlemania great? prolly not because i wanna see Austin vs Punk at WM29.  but Summerslam? or someother ppv i could deal with that.

  • Jack Money

    The only good Big vs. Big match i’ve seen in a while is Big Show vs. Mark Henry

    • Jager1017

      . . . . no.

  • Qwertyboy619

    Same reason the divas keep dumping him…

    • 96Fan

      Actually from what I hear he is the one who does the dumping.

      • Qwertyboy619

        You know many of the divas?

        Actually, I’m quite sure that he does. Was just a cheap shot… ;)

  • Dreaminbig2010

    yeah, but its a fake title, that they gave you, that you knew you were going to get, sooo really who cares?

  • Guest

     I’d enjoy Brock vs. Punk, if only to see Brock wipe that holier-than-thou, smug sense of self-satisfaction face right off that skinny little greaseball. Gotta be careful, though- a giant, collegiate-trained, multi-time UFC and WWE champion farmboy throwing an extra good beating on a scrawny, tattoed, bingo hall whiner? That might go against the B A Star campaign.

  • freykit

    The word ‘champ’ makes me want a burger from Checker’s.

  • wwefan1995

    C.M Punk is small. An explosive dynamite in a little shell. Don’t count anyone out until they show you in front of your face. All you people who care about size, wont you feel like littles bitches if Brock goes to sleep? And they are BOTH paul heyman guys.

  • CMPeeP313

    punk can make nyone and nything look good in the ring.  why would it be any different with lesnar regaurdless of how small is he.  hes pure gold in the ring

  • Brett Lane

    If Rey Mysterio can beat people twice his size then why can CM Punk Beat Brock? I can see punk vs brock being pretty good because punk is a great in ring wrestler.