CM Punk Says His Match On RAW Was “Garbage” & He’s “Sick Of Traveling”

CM Punk’s match against Seth Rollins from Monday’s RAW received mixed reviews from fans online – and now Punk himself is among the people who think they under-delivered. In response to a fan who said the match was good, Punk tweeted:

He also said he’s sick of traveling, another sign that he’s burned out and might be questioning how much longer he wants to endure the demands of being a WWE Superstar:

CM Punk Says He’ll Be Retired By 2015

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • IKeepsit100

    The days are counting down. I really believe once punk leaves…WWE is going to lose part of it’s soul. I’m not even a fan of Punk but i can see how much he contributes to the WWE society.

  • Charlie Swalger

    Wow Cm Punk’s future really is uncertain. Well it looks like he won’t be around for much longer. And if this Wyatt Family/Bryan situation is made to destroy Daniel Bryans career. Well guys brace yourselves. We may be headed for 10 or 20 more years of John Cena at the top .

    • Aperture

      Cena said he would be out the door in less than 5 years. If WWE continues to mess up, then it won’t look to good for WWE’s future.

    • HeymanGuy

      I think everyone needs to stop jumping to conclusions. The guy sends out 1 tweet about how he hates travelling and everyone seems to think it somehow means he’s retiring or that his future is uncertain lol. Besides Punk’s made it clear he wants to main event mania and close out the show before he retires and he is still yet to do that so I’d say he has another good 2 years at least before he starts to wind down. People shouldn’t read into things like this too much after all Taker began talking of retirement about 5 years ago and he’s still wrestling now, albeit very rarely of course.

      • Steve

        Punk is not even close to Undertaker in hierarchy of WWE. Taker has real power backstage and he can basically do whatever he wants. Punk in Vinces eyes are just another indie a*hole, who he tolerates because fans love him.

        About Punks retirement – i think that Punk was planning on retirings at wm30, after a match with Stone Cold. But now maybe he will stick around for wm31 or even wm32, but only if Vince will be smart enough to give him a lot more rest and light schedule.

        • HeymanGuy

          Sure but I wasn’t comparing them backstage or in terms of star power I was just making the point that most of the time when a pro wrestler talks of retiring ‘soon’ as in Punk’s case it’s usually a while before they actually do.

  • “Mean-Stenge”Orklund

    I can blame CM punk and what he has to say I wish WWE creative could do something better than this.

    • Aperture

      You should edit that message because it seems like that didn’t come out right.

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  • captaindaddy72

    Either punk is stupid or he really is close 2 retirement as in this may his last wrestlemania as a full time wrestler, cuz this sounds like a man who is ready 4 retirement or he hate his job lol

    • Johnny B Bad

      My guess is Punk will be retiring, what more can he achieve that he hasn’t already done. Now we only have one world title, so the chances of the WWE putting the unified belt(s) on Punk is unlikely. He would be truly missed if he retires, he’s the only “attitude” the WWE has, one of the few who is great on the mic and doesn’t need a script to tell him what to say.

  • Bryan

    He really needs a break and while I’d love to see him win Royal Rumble I wouldn’t mind if he just took a break now for about a year and then came back next year and won the 2015 Royal Rumble and I think it’d be worth the year wait as Punk needs to heel and not just a month or 2 he needs a full year but I don’t think he’s going to take time off and I hope WWE have something big planned for him at Mania even if he’s not involved in the title scene as Lesnar and Batista are likely going to be involved in the main event but Punk vs Triple H sounds promising but apart of me would like to see Punk win Rumble this year and win at Mania but if it doesn’t happen this year then it must happen next year as he really needs his Mania moment before he retires.

  • Anonymous123

    I’m a big fan of CM Punk and I think it would be a bad sign for the future if he quits as a superstar because he was really important for WWE.I think he should at least announce he will take a break for working hard and he should return probably next year

  • QuiteFrankly

    On Topic of Punk being a wrestler. He works way to much without being given an actually decent amount of time off. He is one of the best and most entertaining wrestlers, yes I used the word wrestler, in the world. It would be a truly sad thing to see the Best in the World leave.

    On topic of the match. Punk’s match with Rollins’ was not bad. It had a couple of botches, but it was obvious those were in part of Rollins rather than Punk. Not sure why because he is usually very strong in ring, but that is besides the point. I feel this match was expected to be amazing. Expectations and hype is what killed this match because it was just not as good we wanted it to be.

    • scott

      You need to watch that match again then. He screwed up the tarantula badly. He did just as many botches at Rollins did

  • Y’all Annoy Me

    You guys suck at reporting. He was sick of traveling because of flight issues, mentioned in the tweet before. Get your facts straight.

    • Aperture

      I didn’t see that. The tweet read (and I quote): “”The mechanics have actually just broken the airplane” may be the funniest thing I have ever heard from he cockpit.”

      He didn’t exactly say he was angry about the flight issues.

    • Mike

      yeah, too much out of context

  • Jeremy

    Well, I don’t blame Punk for his frustrations. It’s hard to have a long career in the WWE when you’re doing 300+ shows a year without much of a breather. I say leave the WWE and have your career fade away in the Indies.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    Everyone in the WWE is sick of traveling. I think people are reading too much into this.

    • yrabadi


  • Guest

    He is basically done everything in the wwe except win the RR oh and where is my ice cream bars… Hehe but for real punk wwe is going to lose something special 365 days are sadly numbered

  • Dirty Sanchez

    Aw, no more wobbly, off-center, arm-flailing karate kicks? Boo.

    • Aperture

      Who in the blue hell are you?

  • Zack Stinson

    Just give this man his Wrestlemania main event!

  • Buzzard Follower

    i think too much is being read into this but i cant blame any wwe personnel to be hate their schedule it’s insane

  • ddp

    cm douche shd be fired, thats best for business

  • arcade_arson

    i like cm punk but stop whining or go back to the independent scene

  • Scott Dorian Dancer

    leaving the ring at 40 is a good move for there bodies. there is a lot of travel and wear and tear. hopefully not alot of drugs to maintain the wear and tear. i think wwe notices this and thats why they are bringing in younger talent. if he wants to leave let him leave. he made good money and he can go and do other things.

  • fatneal

    to quote twitter users the world over “its just twitter”

  • scott

    That was a garbage match. Cena had a way better match on Smackdown with Rollins and they didn’t botch. There were like 4 botches at the beginning and them at the end they both looked like they couldn’t lift each other to finish the match with those reversals. I was very letdown by it. On another note I dont blame him for being tired of traveling WWE needs to find a way to give guys 2 months off or 1 month off a year find some balance. Any guy that wants to stay year round let them anyone who needs to rest let them heal up and go

  • blacksuperman762

    I miss the pipebombs… I haven’t watched Raw much lately. Punk leaving will take a LOT of fns away from WWE. Punk leaving isn’t good for business.

  • syn kara

    Punks WWE title match against Bryan at Over the Limit wasn’t even the main event. It was Cena vs Laurenaitis. Now THAT was garbage.

    • syn kara

      The Punk Rollins match seemed good to me. About like most other Punk matches.

  • Mr_DJ

    Everyone has a off day. Punk is no exception.

  • you already know

    Or does anyone remember their planes where stuck on the ground? Alllllll day???? People are stupid! BiTW 4 life!!!!

  • raVen

    it really wasn’t a great match. the drama was great but the timing was off. He’s had better


    Punk is good on the mic and on the color commentary, maybe give him some time on commentary as he did some time ago, or maybe as a manager

  • Nick

    I was there live and punk really looked worn out. You didn’t see it but during commercials he kept stumbling and seemed out of focus. sad to see him burned out like that.