CM Punk Speaks To 77-Year-Old Fan Who Was Shot During Robbery

Former WWE champion CM Punk appeared on Abe Kanan Show’s Sirius XM satellite radio show this week and spoke with 77-year-old Thomas Dotterer, the liquor store robbery victim who was shot in the eye, but said the worst thing that happened all week was Punk losing to The Rock at the Royal Rumble.

Dotterer was talking about the robbery returning to work right after being released from the hospital – when he was surprised by a guest caller, CM Punk.

Dotterer said he’s a wrestling fan going back to the 1940s when he watched Gorgeous George with his father. He said he follows Ring of Honor and TNA Wrestling and appreciates Punk’s success. He said Punk’s hard work and dedication is why he was so upset that The Rock beat him.

Punk then offered Dotterer to be his special guest when WWE is in Syracuse for a live event on March 3. Here’s audio from the appearance:

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Darren King

    Aww…that was nice of Punk :)

  • Deante320

    People doesn’t matter says punk. He know he’s a nice guy lol.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    the guy who shot the old man VS cm punk in a last man standing match


  • Diggly Dick

    Lol even though Punk tries to come off as he’s a prick in reality, he’s a nice dude.

    • Barnston Framps

      Wrestler in “playing a character” SHOCKER.

      • Diggly Dick

        First calm yourself down I seen plenty of Punk off screen where he tries to come off as a prick, places like airports etc. Second I know. Punk himself said he doesn’t play a character that’s how he really is; now shut up please

        • Backstreet Bungalow

          Is Diggly another word for small

          • Diggly Dick

            Yeah, names Richard your point?

    • Backstreet Bungalow

      Telling someone on twitter last year to kill themselves was also a nice gesture

      • Orestis

        he apologized…

        • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

          but no ice cream bars….

      • kvanisha

        Sticking up for gay rights was a horrible gesture, though…

        • DonDiesel

          Sticking up for gay rights is one thing, telling someone to kill themselves because they don’t agree with you is another. The other guy was WAY out of line for what he said, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to tell him to kill himself.

      • DEX

        Punk is a total asshole for saying that… he sounds like and talks like the smarks that like to swing on his dick..

  • 7 year old boy

    You know when I read the first line where it said “Former WWE champion CM Punk” damn that made me sad :(

  • Toki Wartooth

    HELL YES, PANTERA!!!!! m/

  • raVen

    very cool of punk!
    can you imagine how that guy will feel? he’s been a fan for over 70years and now he gets to go backstage..
    very cool of punk

  • GMpunk

    To return the favor the old man should get Punk free booze!

    • Felice G

      Yeah! Because straight-edge people love drinking!

      Ya dumbass… more keyboard for you tonight

      • GMpunk

        Thank you for your irrelevant opinion! Your lack of humor amused me!

        • IKeepsit100


      • Jeremy-County Roberts

        he was being a smartass. the fact you can’t take a joke is an injustice! *The Shields theme song music hits*

        • SOBI


          that was Reigns shouting

        • IKeepsit100

          I think you may be a better story writer than what WWE has backstage.

    • askbillmitchell

      The new five second pose CM Punk and Mr. Dotterer. That should happen on Raw. The fans won’t know rather to cheer or jeer. lol

    • BMPunk

      I like your name

      • GMpunk

        I like your face.

  • Ares

    Aww! Lol Punk made me smile lmao

  • Lord Spliffmeister

    CM Punk is humble plain n simple

    • Backstreet Bungalow

      So humble that he goes on twitter and tells someone to kill themselves. He’s only being nice cause the guy got shot if it was just an average person I doubt Punk would give a shit

      • Maleveron

        Remember the person he said that to was a biggoted homophobe bully.

        • DonDiesel

          Didn’t Punk call a fan a homo before? I realize he did apologize, but still…

  • TrueFan

    Tom Dotterer = the People’s Best In The World

    lol, gotta love old people who never stop talking though haha

  • WWEFan4Life

    Now even the haters cant hate on Punk

  • Nightmare

    It’s funny that Punk is the bad guy at the moment and does this and you dont even see faces recongizing tuff like this. *cough Cena cough*

  • ThurgoodSinbad

    Jack Swagger’s lisp is debilitating.

    • Progress_Now

      he doethn’t have a lithp!!

      • ThurgoodSinbad

        Cody has come a long way as far as lisps are concerned… Jack’s seems to have worsened.

  • partci

    First time in long time that someone actually pulled a promo on Punk and left him ~speechless, hahaha. :DD

  • kdog

    I wish the mods would get control of their boards, because most of you people are ruining them.

  • TheKillingMoon

    Even the old man knows that the people’s ass absolutely sucks. I understand his frustration as a wrestling fan.

    • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

      you must be that fat kid that got mad when Rock won right?

      • TheKillingMoon

        Nah. Not even close. Try again.

  • MissyH316

    That was very decent of Punk to reach out to this man. Yeah, I hated to see his Title reign end, but nothing can ever take that (or his undeniable talent) away from him.

  • attitude 4ever

    my grandad got me into wrestling back in 1995 and ever since then I’ve loved it even thou its PG. If your a REAL wrestling fan its shouldn’t matter whether its PG or TV-14

  • Count_Da_Money

    Good dude, that CM Punk. Good dude.

  • ddp

    punk is not championship material, accept it, the only reason he was made champ for so long was so that rock could whoop his candy ass and send him back to indy-purgatory

  • Wolfgar

    Cool to hear Punk doing a cool gesture that like for his gentleman.