CM Punk Taking Time Off After WrestleMania, Update On His Current Injury

CM Punk will be getting some time off after WrestleMania 29. The former WWE Champion has been dealing with several nagging injuries in recent months, but has downplayed the extent of how banged up he is. Punk’s latest injury took place on last week’s RAW during his no DQ match with Kane. There are conflicting reports as to whether it was his arm or his hip or his knee.

Punk was originally scheduled to wrestle at last week’s WWE live events, but did not compete. He’s also been pulled from all upcoming WWE live events through WrestleMania 29, so he can rest up and be healthy for his match against The Undertaker.

Punk most likely will not be working most live events immediately after WrestleMania, but is still scheduled for all RAW TV shows and is still advertised for WWE’s European tour the week after WrestleMania. The feeling in WWE is that Punk has been giving 110% to the company during a time when they needed him (especially during his title reign) and has earned the time off.

(Source: PWInsider)

Brad Davis

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  • Frank

    It suck that CM Punk will not go back into the WWE Title hunt after WM29. But I understand he need a rest after all the 5 stars matchest he give us since 2011 and hell even before the MITB PPV! Hope he will be back in time for Summer Slam though so We can see Borck vs. CM Punk for the WWE Champion.

  • Frank

    It suck that CM Punk will not go back into the WWE Title hunt after WM29. But I understand he need a rest after all the 5 stars matchest he give us since 2011 and hell even before the MITB PPV! Hope he will be back in time for Summer Slam though so We can see Borck vs. CM Punk for the WWE Champion.

    • Fighter

      back in time for Summer Slam to see Brock vs CM Punk. Really? You mean like Orton turning heel for the month of September, October, November, December, January, February, March and even now some on this site expect him to still turn heel at Wrestlemania. Like Dolph Ziggler cashing in back at Hell In A Cell, Survivor Series, TLC, Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber and now the latest prediction by majority of the IWC is he’ll cash in at Wrestlemania.

      Clearly shows how “wise” the those that like to predict stuff really are and then when it does not go down the way they predicted for months and months, because they heard a “rumor” they have the audacity to come on here and stress their grievances. A Brock vs CM Punk match at Summer Slam is just another wild, unconfirmed idea leaked out these sites that has the IWC going crazy. But when it does not happen and let’s say they put Brock against somebody else, we see a bunch of big babies that has been claiming they are adults, because they were fans of the attitude era, blah blah blah.

      • jccox01

        People are stupid, I am the only one that watched him say on twitter and on raw that he was cashing it in at Wrestle Mania? Jesus Christ.

      • Kayne Corey

        Hey you know you’re “IWC” too right? You should stop bashing yourself it’s not healthy.

        • Jesse Johnston

          Do you make it your point to be as fucking stupid and argumentative as possible in the little time you have to spend on this site?

          Don’t worry “Fighter” – pretty much every comment this guy makes is a mirror of his unhappy life (you can double check on that one too).

          As for you Kayne – thank you for confirming this :)

      • Vince

        Damn right, fighter!!

    • Stijnosb

      who is Borck?

  • MetalheadTim

    It suck that CM Punk will not go back into the WWE Title hunt after WM29. But I understand he need a rest after all the 5 stars matchest he give us since 2011 and hell even before the MITB PPV! Hope he will be back in time for Summer Slam though so We can see Borck vs. CM Punk for the WWE Champion.

  • I Believe

    Something tells me this is why Punk is having heat with creative.

    • WWEFan4Life

      Why? Because he needs time of to heal from his injuries, so he can keep giving you and the rest of the fans more 5 star matches? Your telling me that after almost 3 years of missing 0 nights of WWE, he does not need a break? The almost 3 years he has given us, wether you like it or not, has put a certain toll on his body with serious injuries. Talk about selfish.

      • I Believe

        Old adage: “To assume makes an ass of u and me.” What I am referring to is that Punk loves what he does and doesn’t like to take time off, which is causing him to have heat with creative because they obviously want him to.

        • WWEFan4Life

          Ok, fair enough, thanks for explaining your message.

  • Steve Williams

    That’s the difference between Cena & Punk. Cena is always there to entertain his fans….Although its a different story that any one hardly ever get entertained by him

    • TrueFan

      it’s for that reason exactly that i’m a loyal fan of Cena’s, though yes, his stuff is lame sometimes, he’s never let down, always gives out, and has done more than anybody in the company… ever. debate all you want.

    • Steve Demain

      So because Punk can’t work a full schedule due to injuries, he’s not there to entertain his fans? It’s not like he’s voluntarily taking time off like Dwayne, just because he can.

      • fatneal

        you guys are wearing the whole “rock is part-time” thing into the ground

    • lunchbox87

      shut up Steve not to take anything away from Cena yeah he is there for his fans but so is Punk .. Punk loves wrestling and his fans that’s why even as banged up as he is and while he had that bad flu he was still there for us i for one appreciated Punk for entertaining me he saved wrestling for me during the summer of Punk the man has earned a nice vacation he will be missed

    • Mr_DJ

      What difference? Cena has taken time off for injuries.

  • SOBI

    This Confirms Taker will win 21-0
    also nobody deserves a break more then Punk right now excellent in 2012 hopefully when he comes back he remains in the wwe title picture

    • Simba

      Not necessarily in fact i think i would make sense that if and that is a big if Punk ends the streak that it would take so much out of him that he has to take some months off. So yes he beat Taker but at a heavy cost. Personally i think if the streak ever ends…hopefully never…that both Taker and his opponent should have to be stretchered off after the war they would have gone through in the ring.

  • Andrew Campbell

    Punk has earned some time-off. But as a fan of his it will suck to see him go as he’s one of the few things about the WWE that actually entertains me these days.

    • Darth

      I couldn’t agree more.

    • Slippy Toad

      Hopefully it won’t be for long – but look at it this way – how cool is it going to be when his music hits and he returns. It’ll be worth the wait. The venue will erupt.

  • Ares

    This sucks… Both this gives someone else a chance to shine I guess

  • Bigbadguns02

    I’m glad he is taking time off to heal himself up. Hopefully he can do some minor character changes cause he is getting pretty stale and boring.

  • wwetnadudez

    Good, I don’t think you should take him off TV because he most likely will be reunited with Paul since Brock will be gone for a while. I’m just interested in what they’d have for him after WM, he most likely will not beat Taker making this I think 3 or 4 ppv losses in a row and reports saying that Vince is tired of Cena Vs Punk.

  • Sisisi!

    Hopefully he can take care of those nagging injuries. I’m hoping he can come back with a reinvented character, this current heel run hasn’t been to entertaining.

    • Randy James Crawford

      Heels don’t need to be entertaining.

      • Sisisi!

        They’re suppose to be boring then? It’s your opinion but I don’t understand how you can play a character and not be entertaining.

  • Emma Graham

    I’m confused. Is he just taking a break for the live events and still be on Raw every week?

    • Randy James Crawford

      He will probably just cut promos on Raw.

  • Jesse Johnston

    That is until the next series of injuries force him to keep working (as hes the only one with the balls to work hurt it seems)

  • Frank Shannon

    It’s good that C.M Punk will be taking a well-deserved break to heal up his injuries. Hopefully they will give him some sort of good write-off of television so it can lead to an awesome storyline for his return (probably around Summer Slam or Survivor Series). I’d like to see Heyman and his other clientele double-cross Punk, but that’s merely opinion. I’ll take anything as long as it is entertaining.

  • tits


  • MisterE

    Time off, ok This leads me to believe that the Undertaker will be 21-0 when it’s all said and done. Also this will lead to Punk being destroyed at WM29, thus leading us to believe that punk will be so damaged from the match that this will be the explanation for his time away/off. Then upon his return I’m seeing punk as a mysterious individual who begins sneak attacks John Cena (behind the scenes etc) which will cumulate in him once again becoming the WWE Champion. Old school returns always seem to work in a situation as such.

  • Rashad Jackson

    he deserves time off for what he has done the past 2 and half years with wwe…so im not mad at that…i am MAD the fact that ziggler hasnt cash in yet…he only has a few months until july actually to cash it in so hopefully something happens…IF he does cash at WM i am sure del-rio will win vs. swagger although i wud love to see swagger as champion again…but ziggler needs to cash it in ASAP i am getting sick n tired of him walking around with it…it hasnt been a year yet? damn hahah

    as for his match with taker….NO ONE!!! and i mean NO ONE!!! should end the streak.,…there is only 3 ppl left undertaker really has to face at WM who he hasnt yet….punk…cena…lesnar….those are the 3 guys left he hasnt face at WM…IF taker can still fight and if his body is good..i would love to see him wrestle those 3 guys…also the rock..i dont know how long rock plans to stick around but taker vs. the rock at WM would be fun too…but again NO ONE!!! in WWE current roaster should NEVER end the streak…NO ONE!! in this current era/roaster of WWE deserves to end it..those are the only 3 guys left for taker to fight…undertaker said it himself…he ends when the streak ends…i also remember him saying he wanted brock to end the streak when brock was the top dog in WWE back in the day but never went through…but once more… NO ONE! in THIS current roaster deserves to end the streak!! not even ryback lol…NO ONE!! def. not kane…he beat kane 3 times…hhh 3 times…hbk 2 times…come on…..punk shouldnt win!! vs, taker…he has the urn he made it personal…so taker only has 3 guys left to fight..cena punk lesnar…out of those 3 the only person i can see ending the streak is lesnar…cuz i am sure they will let lesnar win vs. HHH…cuz HHH is basically done..this is hhh way out he loses at WM and starts moving and following the foot steps of vince and start running the company…

  • Rashad Jackson

    depending on where and when brock shows up again…i would love to see the paul hayman guys punk n lesnar for the tag titles that would be amazing!! and then end up fighting each other…i def. would love to see lesnar vs. punk but that would be pointless cuz lesnar wud kick the shit outta punk hahah so i cant see that happen…but again if they can somehow be the tag team champs that wud be cool!! =)