CM Punk Talks About Steve Austin, The New WWE Title Belt, Wearing A Cesaro Shirt

CM Punk spoke with Chad Dukes of 106.7 The Fan while at WrestleMania Axxess. Here are some highlights:

Wearing an Antonio Cesaro shirt at the WrestleMania press conference:

“It was a clean shirt that grabbed and I wore that day. It’s not some sort of silent protest because he’s not on Mania, although I will go on record right now that it’s absolutely ridiculous that he doesn’t have a match at Wrestlemania. I will pimp that guy until the cows come home. He’s awesome. He’s everything that the WWE should want in their superstars. He’s tremendous. He can wrestle, he’s a brick house, he’s looks the part, he acts the part, he walks and talks that part. He can speak seven different languages! You’re missing the boat on this guy.”

The new WWE Title belt:

“That was actually one of the goals. I never would have spoken about it on TV if there wasn’t a new title belt ready to go. So, I did that and I just got the run-around forever about it. It was talked about, it just never happened.”

The Undertaker and The Streak:

“I’ve got the Undertaker and I think the streak, ultimately, is bigger than the title. Twenty years undefeated at Wrestlemania and the way this thing’s been built up, no I’m not salty about not even having the title anymore. I think I built that thing (the WWE title) up and I worked very hard to do that, to get it ready for the next guy. So no, not salty at all.”

Steve Austin:

“It’s never been really acknowledged within the WWE. This isn’t me trying to promote something that isn’t there, but there was just this hilarious tension in the room when me and Steve were in there. It’s funny to actually be in a room live, everybody else is uncomfortable except me and Steve. There’s this weird magnetism. It’s this unspoken thing. The only way I can describe it, and Paul Heyman completely 100% agrees, it’s the Old West and there’s the two gunfighters, and they’re buddies, but everybody always goes, ‘I wonder what would happen… what if?’ And that’s all it is. It’s fun.”

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Kozawsky

    Yup, hes definitely right about Cesaro, and it is unfair that he’s not on the Card, he could get some major exposure here, not to mention, a win at his first Wrestlemania = Credibility

    • Billy Guthrie

      Have Cesaro Ohno and punk be turned on bye the shield amazing 6man right there

      • TheGrammarNazi

        I hate to be “that guy”, but this makes so little sense because of your grammar.

  • Kjhaltz

    Cesaro is solid and WWE put him on the shows lets him win and lose clean but don’t build him up for a Mania match.

    • Pozessed

      Agreed! Cesaro is one of the few guys I’ve seen who have brought new moves to the ring in nearly every match he has had. First with the uppercut where he throws them up in the air and catches them with it and then the deadlift suplex thing. Cesaro is one of my favourite wrestlers at the moment and I think WWE should have EVERY championship match on the card.

  • sdelfin

    Not only is Punk right about Cesaro being awesome and deserving of being on Wrestlemania because of that, but Cesaro is also a “champion” and that should mean something. But clearly it doesn’t as he has nothing meaningful at Wrestlemania and loses the vast majority of his TV matches and remains champion. Makes no sense.