CM Punk Talks About The Royal Rumble, Working With Paul Heyman, Ending The Streak & More

Ariel Helwani of scored another exclusive interview with WWE Champion CM Punk this week and spoke to him about a number of topics, including Sunday’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view, The Rock, the status of his surgically repaired knee, whether he plans on taking time off soon, working with Paul Heyman and much more. Here are some highlights:

– Punk says he probably came back to soon from his knee surgery. He revealed the injury took place at Night of Champions in September during his WWE Title defense against John Cena. He said the knee is “alright” but called it “stupid” that he came back so soon after surgery.

– He wishes he could take time off, but it’s not realistic at this point, with WWE is entering the most lucrative season of the year.

– He might attend the UFC on Fox event this Saturday in Chicago before traveling to Phoenix for the Royal Rumble.

– He loves working with Paul Heyman and they text each other saying “Thank you” after working shows together.

– Punk also played up the rumor that he’ll be wrestling The Undertaker at WrestleMania 29. Helwani asked a “favor” of Punk, for him to retain the WWE Championship this Sunday at the Royal Rumble and then end the streak on April 7th. Punk replied, “Absolutely. 100 percent. Consider it done.”

Check out the full video interview below:

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Rick Vieira

    This man is the only reason I still watch WWE.


      then you are a dickfuck

      • MariosG1987

      • 2muchfire

        Both of you are shitheads. Sheamus carries WWE on his back how about ya praise him? You assclowns dont know anything I swear.

        • Yehb

          So true, guys like orton and ryback should be praised too, not just punk ignorant person

          • Reality

            It’s not that we don’t praise them, you’re both stupid. Punk is just the only one that makes him and me want to watch. We don’t discredit the others or praising Punk or what. Just learn to read, understand, and keep your mouth shut when what you reply doesn’t make sense with the guy’s post

          • RuthlessRaj

            yeah, especially Randy…he is a big player in the company and people always seem to forget that

          • The One

            Uh Orton…Really? The man is always taking time off cause he gets INJURED too easy or doing drugs..not making this up….And Ryback?…how old are you 15? He sucks! If Goldberg and The Ultimate Warrior had a baby, It’ll look like Ryback but uglier. AND BY THE WAY, THIS ARTICLE IS ABOUT CM PUNK. YOU WANT TO PRAISE THE OTHER WRESTLERS, THEN FIND AN ARTICLE ABOUT THEM AND POST A COMMENT. Oh and by the way…Orton, Ryback, Kingston, Ziggler and many more SUCK ON THE MIC! CM PUNK HAS GOT MIC SKILLS DOWN PACKED. Not even the Rock can touch CM Punk on the mic today.

          • G.I.R.L.

            Thank you; some one with common sense.

        • Rodriquez Antonio

          obviously you know nothing about pro wrestling, Sheamus still has a bit to go with “carrying” WWE….what have you been watching. CM Punk, Ziggler, and as much as I hate to say it Cena

        • 2muchfire

          Funny how look up to me so much that you keep trolling my name. Shemus sucks dumbass. Rep The Rock and you can troll the name all you want.

      • Reality

        I guess I am too, I stopped watching for years and started again when I heard about the pipebomb in LA. Till today, Punk remained the only reason I still watch till Lesnar came back (that’s when I got my second reason to watch)

        • Lord Spliffmeister

          Haha me 2.But the infamous pipebomb was in Vegas bud XD

    • dae

      CM Punk is part of the reason I don’t watch Raw live anymore… Can’t stand his constant whining and playing up the fact that he’s still champion for whatever number of days when he a) should’ve lost to Ryback in the cage if not for outside interference, b) had his match interfered with again the next month in the three-way, and c) pulled out because of injury the following month. The guy hasn’t won a clean match in over 100 days and is nothing more than a paper champion. And the whole respect thing… he lost it when he didn’t turn around and give Ryback a clean shot to get the title after he was screwed out of it in the cage. I’ll give him the fact that he makes a great heel (probably a better one than a face), but his rants are just annoying.

      • Stoops Nic

        That’s all part of being a great heel. The fact that you hate him means he’s doing his job. The “Greatest of All Time” Ric Flair got more help in retaining his world title’s than anyone ever has. If there was a platform such as this back then people would have reiterated you words about him.

        • dae

          There’s a difference of being a heel that you love to hate…
          … and a character that makes you flip over to another network to pass the time because you’re just plain tired of the crappy segments the guy’s trying to pull off.
          Is there a correlation to Punk holding the title and Raw’s inability to pull ratings? I’m sure we’ll find out as soon as he drops the title.

          • Stoops Nic

            I get it. I got that way back in the day with HHH.

        • Josh Foley

          i love it when people hate on the heels, and when they hate on punk they all sound like that punk has been heel for his entire title reign. idk if you ask me he should hold it and drop it on the 500th day of his reign

  • Eli

    CM GOD!

  • TheUndertakerFan

    Sorry Cm Punk your not gunna beat undertaker

    • MariosG1987

      If Mr Callaway wants it, even Ryder will beat him

      • Josh Foley

        if ryder beats undertaker i will shake a baby

    • Jayfur

      or the rock.

  • Jack McCurry

    If Punk ends the streak, then ill call him the best in the world

    • dae

      Only if he beats him cleanly without outside interference of any type.

  • Lemon

    Punk revolutionized WWE without a doubt. If he didn’t cut that promo… imagine where WWE would have been through the rest of 2011 all the way to 2012 to now. He wouldn’t even be here.

    • InPunkWePuke

      He revolutionized it alright. 2.2 lowest rating since 97.

    • Steve James

      Really? Last I checked, Cena’s still the top guy, Triple H is still running things, Punk’s boner-buddy Colt Cabana isn’t a WWE main-eventer, the personification of Punk’s most hated stereotype- the “ex-football player bodybuilder who gets everything given to them”- is about to snatch his ugly little Cena belt away tomorrow night, and, as Rock pointed out, he couldn’t even get some ice cream bars made. The ratings didn’t skyrocket when WWE gave a spotlight to a greasy indie sweetheart for over a year, and even now, many of the IWC snobs who were swinging from his unwashed balls a year ago are even getting tired of him.
      The only thing Punk has revolutionized is shitty personal hygiene. The only thing that fake pipebomb did was give Punk a gimmick to coast off of for a year and a half. It didn’t keep “professional white bread” Daniel Bryan from losing at Wrestlemania in 18 seconds, it didn’t keep behemoth Ryback from skyrocketing in popularity, and it didn’t keep old guys like Big Show out of the Title picture. Lesnar still made a comeback, Rock still put asses in the seats, and the crowd still looks forward to Stone Cold and Undertakers appearances.
      So as far as Punk leading a revolution, well, in the words of a certain chainsaw-handed hero: “I got news for you, pal. You ain’t leadin’ but two things right now- Jack and shit, and Jack left town.”

  • Nick Perkins

    What a bunch of Lil Jimmies on here I swear get your head out of the golden circle member’s asses and face the truth that Punk deserves his chance against taker at mania . I mean nobody from the attitude era could beat him and still Jericho hasn’t been one on one with him yet but he’s not in the best terms with wwe at the moment . I’ve been watching again since after the 15th anniversary of raw way better then the recent 20th anniversary by a long shot. WWe is going back to the promise days with transitioning back to TV-14 starting this Monday . John Cena couldn’t save that lame ass promo he did that he started relating to the fans in attendence which was sad because he was good at keeping his shit together this long . All you people besides a few who commented on this are sad little wwe fan boys that need to brush up on your wwe knowledge instead of insulting other people for not kissing cena’s ass as much as you .

  • Jaden Ward

    cm punk is pretty good but he shouldnt fight undertaker , btw for the pple who dont like punk , you shouldnt be on this site cause everybody loves punk on here

  • G.I.R.L.

    OKAY! Punk ending the streak would be so amazing. I wanted to see Lesnar vs Taker but Lesnar doesn’t need that win at all. Punk having that win will only make him better.

  • Nelson Carvalho

    i just hope cena doesnt win the rr match.
    its way too predictable and he is fine where he is.
    if he wins i just hope someone throw stuff into the ring. that would be gr8 for business.

  • ricardo flair

    punk to the end the streak? cooommmmmeee oonnnn wwe

  • Steve James

    One more day. Then it’s out with the old, in with the NEW.

  • Nemo Henry

    like how hes first a punker/then a cave man/now a skin head thug cool his character is growing