CM Punk Tops ESPN Power Rankings & Reaches Out To Robbery Victim

– ESPN has updated their weekly WWE Power Rankings. Here are the top 5:

1) CM Punk
2) Brock Lesnar
3) Alberto Del Rio
4) Mark Henry
5) Chris Jericho

– Wade Barrett will be appearing in Baltimore, MD tomorrow night at the Motor Trend International Auto Show at the Baltimore Convention Center (7-9pm).

TMZ picked up on the story of CM Punk reaching out to the 77 year old robbery victim who was shot in the face but said The Rock beating CM Punk at the Royal Rumble was the worst part of his week. Punk is arranging for the man to receive ringside seats and a backstage pass to the next WWE live event from Syracuse, NY.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Josh Foley

    punk will be face for that show wonder when it is

    • butterpecs

      It’s not necessary for him to be face if he wants to parade a 77 year old guy out there that respects him.

      • SonofSheik81

        This is actually quite creative of you. Could do something similar to what he did with the SES. Props!

  • Brian Bird

    Punk #1 Cena and Rock didn’t make the list :)

    • Deante320

      Let’s see why they didn’t make the list. Cena: horrible promos still left a bad taste in people mouths, verbally burying the WHC, ADR and the big show in one stupid sentence, and being boring for the most part. Rock: simple he wasn’t there lol. TBH I won’t be surprised if Cena is below hornswoggle and khali.

    • fatneal

      cena and the rock did make the list….the list goes to 10

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    WWE signs the other half of cryme time back…………the old man goes back stage to meet everyone………..gets robbed by cryme time.

    • armchairbooker

      That……… really…………..funny booking. Thanks for sharing………………….your thoughts.

      • Jeremy-County Roberts

        Uh I was not talking booking wise. I was just being a smartass……..cause that would be that guys luck. He is trying to have a good time and gets robbed………again. I’m so sick of you faggots that hide behind a username and don’t have the balls to talk shit using your real self. But thank you for your irrelevant opinion.

        • fatneal


          • Darren King

            LMAO, this made me laugh

          • Jeremy-County Roberts


        • Jeremy loves weiners

          you look like a little bitch, fugly ass dude

          • Jeremy-County Roberts

            I adore you troll. using different names to insult me on and then thumbing up your own comments………nice.

          • Jeremy craves cock

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  • A Paul Heyman Guy

    Does anyone know what time the WWE power ranking starts on ESPN I keep on watching ESPN but i dont ever see the Sh*t.

    • Holliezboy5711

      It’s on the website only. Look up WWE Power Rankings

  • Tyler Bateman

    You give the guy backstage passes to a House Show??? LOL u stupid CM PUNK? He deserves a backstage pass to WrestleMania and front row seats. WWE IS CHEAP!! I can’t wait until IMPACT WRESTLING kicks ur gay PG RATINGS ass!

    • Reality

      The guy’s 77. The live show will be where the guy lives. Think! Think hard before you post

  • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

    Mark Henry should be 3rd. Jericho 4th. Glad Cena isn’t on there, and didn’t expect Rock since he wasn’t there. Can’t wait for Raw tomorrow