CM Punk Tops ESPN’s Power Rankings Again, Last Match At WM29 has updated their weekly WWE Power Rankings and once again, CM Punk tops the list. Here’s this week’s Top 10:

1. CM Punk
2. The Undertaker
3. Ryback
4. The Rock
5. Triple H
6. The Sheild
7. The Miz
8. John Cena
9. Mark Henry
10. Alberto Del Rio

The article speculates whether CM Punk vs. The Undertaker will be the final match at WrestleMania, writing:

“That’s a notion that would’ve seemed ludicrous a few months ago, especially considering the popularity of The Rock. But after seeing the boring exchange between Rock and Cena on Monday night (other than Rock’s great line about Lance Armstrong), I think, once again, you have to go back and credit Punk for creating the fire and intensity behind the Punk/Rock feud and giving the fans something to care about heading into the two title matches.”

* Pictures of The UNDERTAKER’s Return from RAW

Brad Davis

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  • Initializing….

    As much as I didn’t want to see Rock vs Cena II , the most prestigious title should always go on last, Streak 2nd last.

    • Name

      Streak third last. You need a buffer in there.

  • John Cena vs. Hernandez

    I want to see Hernandez vs. John Cena at WM. The unstoppable force vs. the immovable object. Power vs. Power. John Cena and his never say quit attitude, vs. Hernandez and his never back down thug attitude. I want to see Hernandez pick up that Jabroni John Cena up for the border toss and drop him like a bad habit, and win the match. Triple H, get Hernandez out of that pond of fish, that D grade promotion, that bushleague joke…and bring him to WWE. He’s bad enough to hang with the sharks in the big leagues. WrestleMania main event: Sellout arena, 90K Strong… HERNANDEZ vs. JOHN CENA!

    • Backstreet Bungalow

      Cool story bro

  • 7 year old boy

    What are they talking about, I thought the confrontation between Cena and The Rock was great. Sadly, I think the Rock got the upper hand between those 2 :(

    • cm punk is god v1.0

      Havent you turned 8 yet?

      • 7 year old boy

        July 15 good sir :)

        • Name

          You had better change your avatar name then.

    • Fido Riko

      Whoever belives that the Rock-Cena promo was great should leave staright to hell

  • givemeahellyeah

    CM SKUNK!!!!!!

  • wwetnadudez

    They can’t be serious, UT Vs. Punk will be mostly a special match while Rock Vs. Cena (kind of the same) but will have the most prestigious championship in WWE right now on the line with the two biggest babyfaces in that match. In my opinion I thought Rock and Cena delivered very well last night, not their best but it was almost all business with jokes that were effective(though I could have done without Cena doing impressions).

    • raVen

      a 20year streak & 400+ day champion vs a 10year absent champion and a 10years of being booed out of buildings as THE baby face.

      Streak is MUCH more prestigious than that shitty belt

      • wwetnadudez

        I think the streak matters very much, Punk had the longest reign of the past few decades and UT has an undefeated streak, no doubt thats very prestigious. But the WWE is built around the WWE championship and is the most prestigious thing EVER in the WWE.

  • TNATNA!!!

    last match should be hornswoggle vs heath slater

    • GN-0015

      Fuck Heath Slater, /I would prefer to see Fan-dan-GOHHHH!!!!!

  • cm punk is god v1.0

    What can I say I try :)

  • Reality

    Exactly my thoughts. I knew their promo was gonna suck. And it did. The only great moment was indeed the Lance Armstrong line.
    The only reason Taker vs Punk being last could be a good thing is to avoid having the same WM main event twice in a row. People are saying “the WWE title match should go on last”. It didn’t last year. Or for Taker vs HBK 2. So…
    But I’m pretty sure Rock vs Cena 2 will go on last.

  • BrahmaBullRKO

    Let’s see what Punk/Taker is up against in Rock/Cena II
    -The match includes Cena
    -The match includes The Rock
    -The match is for the WWE Title
    Yeah, there’s no way in hell Punk/Taker is going on last. The only way it’ll go on last is if Punk is breaking the streak, which isn’t gonna happen.