CM Punk Tops ESPN’s Power Rankings Again, Last Match At WM29

CM Punk has updated their weekly WWE Power Rankings and once again, CM Punk tops the list. Here’s this week’s Top 10:

1. CM Punk
2. The Undertaker
3. Ryback
4. The Rock
5. Triple H
6. The Sheild
7. The Miz
8. John Cena
9. Mark Henry
10. Alberto Del Rio

The article speculates whether CM Punk vs. The Undertaker will be the final match at WrestleMania, writing:

“That’s a notion that would’ve seemed ludicrous a few months ago, especially considering the popularity of The Rock. But after seeing the boring exchange between Rock and Cena on Monday night (other than Rock’s great line about Lance Armstrong), I think, once again, you have to go back and credit Punk for creating the fire and intensity behind the Punk/Rock feud and giving the fans something to care about heading into the two title matches.”

* Pictures of The UNDERTAKER’s Return from RAW