CM Punk’s Favorite ‘Mania Match, WWE Stars Against Bullying

— WWE Champion CM Punk revealed his favorite WrestleMania match during an interview with promoting WrestleMania XXVIII.

“WrestleMania 13, right in my backyard of Chicago. Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin,” he said. “I can remember every punch thrown, every bodyslam and every submission move. It’s just one of those perfect matches that told a story. There’s just so many to choose from, but this match is the one that sticks out the most.”

The Straight Edge Superstar also discusses his impending WrestleMania match with Chris Jericho, belief in Captain America, his kinship to Tony Stark and more.

— SmackDown ring announcer Lilian Garcia has joined The Creative Coalition and WWE’s “Be a STAR” campaign as she, American Idol contestant James Durbin, Alicia Fox, David Otunga, The Miz, Rey Mysterio and Dolphins’ mascot T.D. will encourage students at two Miami-Dade schools this week to take a against bullying by showing tolerance and respect.

— Former WWE Women’s Champion Lita will participate in a meet and greet for FWE Wrestling on April 28 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at Legged Dog Studios 80 Greenwich Street New York City.

Daniel Pena

Daniel Pena is a longtime wrestling news reporter and the webmaster of

  • Seth Bob

    Inb4 50 comments about Lillian getting ribbed and everyone taking it out of proportion like idiots.

  • The People’s Strudel.


    • DAX

       WWE is really putting all the horses in one stable [Joke Inserted]

      • siberian_skies

        High five. And who better to be in the BA Star campaign than Garcia who has been bullied for a week or more for a mistake? ;)

        • DAX

          I allready said in previous posts what i think about BA Star and all the other crap. I like Lillian. I dont like Crap. Not even my own. It stinks.

          • siberian_skies

            I hate bullying, but I’m tired of the BA Star campaign.  I think it’s  oxy-moronic at best, and was only thought up to further Linda’s campaign.

          • The REAL ADementedJim

            This stupid “Be A Star” thing has got to stop, seriously. I can’t wait to hear Mick Foley’s comment about Lilian Garcia embarrassed by WWE again. I hope Linda loses again so that she can see all the hypocrisy that will prove to be her downfall.

          • Jmc60

            Be a Star is fine just that people in WWE are jerks and bully each other I could name a couple but im on short time.

  • pwnez

    Austin vs Hart is a very memorable match. It showed just how good both guys were at wrestling.

    • DAX

       That whas one to remember.

  • Team Awesome

    CM Punk = Captain America
    Chris Jericho = Tony Stark / Ironman
    Love his choice of Marvel Heroes Can’t wait for the Avengers! & WrestleMania Please let this match be 20 mins, there last run was for 13 (2009)

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    You know how WWE knows they aren’t anti-bullying? They keep saying they are in hopes that people will actaully believe it. 

  • cm2012

    WOW… I wonder what WWE thinks of this??? They will probably bully her even more. Goddamn… why did she even go back??

    • siberian_skies

      I’m pretty sure they already know, since they’re probably the ones who told her to join.

  • SiD

    It’s good to see that Lilian Garcia has joined Be A Star. Now, WWE should rip Tony Chimel!