CM Punk’s Status For January 7th RAW, Evan Bourne & Curt Hawkins Updates

– With WWE Champion CM Punk scheduled to defend against Ryback in a TLC match on the January 7th episode of WWE RAW, the big issue remains the status of Punk’s surgically repaired knee and whether he’ll be medically cleared to compete.

WWE will reveal whether Punk will compete on 1/7 this Wednesday night on Main Event. There will alo be an announcement on tonight’s RAW regarding what will happen Punk can’t compete on January 7th.

– Evan Bourne, who has been out of action since early 2012, informed his Twitter followers on Sunday night that he won’t be back in action for the Royal Rumble:

– Injured WWE Superstar Curt Hawkins is the latest wrestler to use Diamond Dallas Page’s DDP Yoga program. He tweeted on Sunday:

Hawkins has been out since October, when he tore his PCL and meniscus.

Brad Davis

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  • TreyDay

    I don’t think Punk should waste his time with Ryback.

    • Nova

      Ryback should go for world title and restore meaning to that.

    • Steve James

      Me either, since he can’t beat Ryback in a straight up fight. So why bother.

  • Nicolai

    Thank god for that Hawkins update. I was worried SICK!!

  • Kenneth

    they should make evan borune or hawkins come back at RR and win it and vs the rock for the title at wrestlemania, tht would be good. Or they can do for the whc which would be great vs brock lesnar ot big show would be awesome. or maybe heymen turn face vs punk for title and rr winner ( hawkins or bourne ) vs whc

    • ._.

      You should be the booker for WWE!

      • Kenneth

        thank you very much guys

    • squad44

      Kenny i think your bogus idea could bring higher ratings than the current product.

      • Kenneth

        thank you

    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      that idea would be somewhat good if Evan Bourne did not already post about not being able to come back yet…………. yea.

    • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

      Why you steal mah name

    • Steve James

      RR: Brock shows up to help Punk, but ends up costing him the Title to Rock. The next night, Brock and Heyman officially turn on Punk, setting up a #1 Contender match for the next PPV. WM sees Brock vs Rock, with Brock winning as per his new, extended contract. WM also sees Dolph cash in against the current WHC. And, I don’t know…I guess Punk can wrestle a broom on the Youtube preshow or something.

  • Hamad Khalifa Buqais

    punk had recovered already they are just using the injury angle to show he is doin anything to get out of the match

  • Andrew Campbell

    As Ryback and Heyman have wrestled each other at several house shows recently, it wouldn’t surprise me if Heyman took Punk’s place in the match against Ryback on RAW with the WWE Title on the line.

    If that happens, I’m expecting some kind of DQ finish and then maybe a run-in from The Rock after the match.

    • squad44

      Sounds legit. I predict the same with Punk no longer injured just posing early in the night.

      • Ooookkkkkk

        A DQ in a TLC Match???

        • Andrew Campbell

          When I wrote the comment, I had completely forgotten that it’s going to be a TLC match, my bad.

        • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

          …lol dumber things have happened

  • Peer Pressure

    I forgot about Evan Bourne. HAHAHA!

  • omega riddler

    i didn’t even know hawkins was injured

    • Peter Griffin

      what are you high?

  • James

    Who is Evan Bourne?

  • mtdewman

    lets all get in a circle and play with eachother

  • Nightmare

    Does anyone else thing that Big E and ole Ryback will have a feud? I sort of see this coming because they are trying to make Big E look like Ryback when he debuted and they act almost alike.

  • DigitalWWE

    I miss bourne frankly. I liked him and thought he had potential. They should turn him heel and make him feud with Kofi for moving on without him.

  • Adam Ejaz

    Hawkins should join the 3MB :D

    • Name Goes Here


  • charlemange

    I swear Evan Bourn has been injured for ALL of 2012 it seems like and for half of 2011, findevan is the perfect twitter username for him nobody can find him