WWE Brings Back The Classic Intercontinental Title

At Sunday’s Hell in a Cell PPV, Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes announced that he’s bringing back the classic IC title used in the late 80’s through the late 90’s. Rhodes pledged to return the Intercontinental title to its former glory and began this new chapter in the belt’s history by defending the gold against John Morrison.

To many, the classic Intercontinental championship reminds them of a time when the belt meant something and was held by some of the most legendary WWE superstars of all time, including Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Mr. Perfect, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon, Steve Austin and The Rock.

  • We want to know – What does this belt mean to you? Could this be a real chance to rebuild its legacy? Comment Below and tell us what you think.

Check out these pictures of the WWE legends who have held this version of the Intercontinental championship:

Brad Davis

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  • Anonymous


  • ac1d_chr15t

    It is so pretty. This would go perfect with a heel Morrison.

  • Anonymous

    They should have Ziggler bring back the WCW U.S. title belt as well.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t like the US belt they have now I think the best one was the NWA one that Nikita Koloff had.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6PHYORZY4CSG3STLLE5KTWPPWM fighter

      naw. WCW is gone. After all I think the current US title looks better than the one WCW had tbh. it’s just now they need to step up the competition with both titles. Like the old days.

      • Anonymous

        They still have wcw’s world belt only it has that stupid wwe logo on it.

    • Nelson4879

      I Agree . .  The WCW  U.S.Title Was Very Nice . .  Good Choice

  • BretHart316

    I think it’s a great idea, hopefully it brings back the prestige the belt used to have.

  • JR.399

    I marked out when I saw the belt

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6PHYORZY4CSG3STLLE5KTWPPWM fighter

      Same here!

  • Anonymous

    I like it, hopefully it does mean restoring some much needed prestige back to the belt that used to be known far and wide as the premiere workhorse title in WWE all them years back. 

    That’s what WWE should do, Merge the world titles and do away with the U.S. title (even though it’s not a bad looking belt itself tbh) and go back to just having four titles again.  That’d go a long way to making the belts look more prestigious again in my mind.  That and the fact they stop playing hot potato with the title pushes with only the same two or three guys for like five or six years at a time, people might take the champions and championship belts more seriously again. :)

    • Anonymous

      they have way too many people to even want to think about doing it. it was a thought. now its a afterthought

    • Guest

      You’ve noticed that to? They take the same 4 guys and just have them “fued” over the title for 5 years or more.. title changes hands every 2 years.. then it just repeats. They need to re-implement the IC title reign as a staple in the heavyweight ccontender matches. if you never held the IC title, then you have no shot at getting the heavy title. One step at a time.. instead of popping on the scene, challenging the champion and then getting stomped out of the wwe. 

  • Anonymous

    I think it should be changed but I don’t think the classic belt should be brought back except for if they do the old school raw again.

  • Millbrooksj

    I love this version of the belt it makes it look more worth something

  • Dustin

    Still doesn’t change that the title is being mismused. WWE, you have changed nothing. I award you zero points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    • Anonymous

      Give it some time first. This could mean that they’re acknowledging their recent misuse of it and are attempting to turn it around.

    • Anonymous

      your saying god have mercy like they have mercy like the are doing something wrong.

  • Jammer85

    The benefit of switching back to this classic style is that it doesn’t “look” like a second rate title. It actually looks like something worth winning; a title that carries some swagger.

    It’s one necessary component to making this title mean something again, although it’s not sufficient. Having the history surrounding it doesn’t hurt at all either.

    • Nelson4879


  • backblack25

    its great they brought back the classic belt oops championship, but it wont mean anything if they don’t properly push it.

  • hmeow

    Hopefully something good will come out of it, not a fan of the white strap though

  • Monsta-the-radical

    I like this decision…a lot! Now they need to change the WWE championship…

    • Jalenhayes16


      • Djstereorage

        uh, yes they do! Anything that doesn’t remind us how WWE whored itself to John Cena’s ball sack, would be a good move.

        • Steve077

          Yeah, they need to bring back the previous title, how is anyone supposed to take a champion seriously with that ridiculous monstrosity that they call a title. I’d be embarrassed to carry that thing.

          • truth

            Not if they paid you enough. Or even if you were, you could fake it.

            Like the man said; everybody’s got a price…

  • http://twitter.com/kris3tears kris

    I think it was the only good thing at HIAC

  • Anonymous

    About time they brought back the old belt

  • Lindenwoldtax

    Dont forget Pedro Morales and Greg “the hammer” Valentine

  • pwnez

    I hope they start to take the mid-card titles seriously now. The US title needs to be defended more as well. Cody Rhodes is doing a good job IMO.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_46RNSEUP5NYTDTGTLHZMRSYVVQ Skythe

      Finally someone who sees and gives credit where credit is due. Rhodes has always been underrated.

  • Anonymous

    Gonna have to agree with pwnez. Cody is the best IC champ we have had in a LONG. I was just telling someone last night that cody will be the one to rebuild the IC back to its former glory. Cody isn’t just holding the IC until it’s time to drop it to someone else. He’s been defending it AT LEAST 3 times a month. Good wrestler. Great Champ.

  • Anonymous

    I gotta admit,I marked huge when Cody brought out the belt.

  • Jalenhayes16

    they should bring back the Wwe tag teams championship

  • m8h3r

    Now that’s a title, it doesn’t matter if you never held the world heavyweight belt cause you held the intercontinental. Love the fact it still says WWF on it too XP

    Even though people badmouth wwe 24/7 they do still make some good decisions.

    • Brandon

      it doesnt say WWf anymore. the one cody had tonight said WWE. the side plates had it. and i wanna say it was at the top of the title too.

      • M8h3r

        Ah well the name doesn’t matter, thats why I didn’t care when it went from world wrestling entertainment to wwe, banning the word completely :/ but still WOOO GO CODY!!

  • http://twitter.com/DjChiszle Dj Chiszle ? ?

    when i saw this i had to go look up how the title looked last week lol 

  • Anonymous

    anybody going tell me why teh rock and stone cold have earrings on? or wtf…

    • Sandwich

      it was the 90s.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_46RNSEUP5NYTDTGTLHZMRSYVVQ Skythe

    While they are at it, they should change that stupid looking WWE title and bring back either the eagle winged title or the undisputed title design from 2001. That would be a great change.

  • Anonymous

    IC title was a stepping stone before going to a main event for the world title to me for sure. That was the standard before now titles get tossed to whoever now.

  • XX

    nice move wwe,.next step is to make the title necessary again

  • http://twitter.com/NextBigThingSiD Siddharth G.

    Awesome, Cody. Maybe I’m the only one, but I definitely think that Cody will bring back the prestige of the IC title.

    • Djjoedubb

      I agree. Cody could be great.

  • Henry Miz Afari

    change the wwe championship please

  • rated_maxx

    I love this classic IC belt. Reminds me of those good ol’ days.

  • siko

    great move WWE… now get rid of that terrible wwe spinner title belt… and bring back the classic attitude era belt

  • eric75

    Finally they are doing something right–now if they would bring back the WWE title that Savage won at Wrestlemania 4 and the tag team titles the world will finally make sense–LOL

  • Ronaldinho206

    maybe WWE is finally realizing that to bring more fans in, they have to make the championships mean something again just like they meant something 10-15 years ago. Hopefully they’ll start with the IC title, and then go for the WHC and WWE title. I like where this is going

  • Keshwar

    Anyone else surprised Cody didn’t mention his own brother?? 

  • Zakboy50

    All we need are the old Tag team belts back.

  • Thomas Medeot

    cool, but i think the IC belt will never be popular and appreciated like it was back then

  • Katienchris03

    Nice start now bring back the classic winged eagle wwe championship

  • Djjoedubb

    I love this! The IC belt my favorite belt from back in the day; in design and in match quality. In the early 90’s that belt was the “work horse” championship. While Hogan kept the kiddies happy, Bret Hart, Bulldog, Perfect, Piper and HBK were putting on some of the best matches on the card. I hope this will me a renewed interest in the divison. Scrap the US title and put together some solid feuds with some hard workers (Bryan Daniel is custom made for this belt) and the belt could regain it’s former glory.

  • Jcanvil

    What a night! That belt means so much to so many. I am a fan of tradition. Next the spinner belt has to go…

  • Ryles

    Didnt the Honkytonk Man wear this one too?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_R4GBAL7I5W4MRMBUK5NHTWVK7Q Ray Ray

    i remember back in the attitude era when steve austin thru this belt in a river well black strap

  • Anonymous


    • HBK FAN

      Why do I have to refresh my page 3 times before i see the new comments system? ..That happens on all the computers i have at home… :S

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_R4GBAL7I5W4MRMBUK5NHTWVK7Q Ray Ray

    and maybe they should bring back the european title or light heavyweight/crusierweight

  • Scott_lewis832009

    I think the WWE Title should take on a NEW (AND BETTER) LOOK as well, I like the World Title and US Title. But Happy that the IC Title still looks like a title and not a freaking TOY LIKE THE WWE TITLE

  • Carlito8

    BEAUTIFUL title

  • http://twitter.com/Being_S_David Sankalp David

    Can’t believe  cody did not mention SHAWN MICHAELS while naming the greatest IC champions !!!

    • pwnez

      I have to admit, HBK was a pretty good wrestler back in the day and was a
      good IC champion. I still prefer Bret Hart, Bulldog, Mr. Perfect,
      Steamboat, Macho Man, and Rick Rude though.

  • RTG

    Personaly i like the newest ic title cuz it just “luks tougher”. The old ic title has a softer feeling to it. Especially when its white!… what they should do is bring back the old undisputed wwe title. The one wwe title before the circus bling bling side show spinner one. Not the old ic title. It’s too flashly like the divas title. The womans title is way better…Thirdly change the stupid tag titles and change the color back to gold not bronze(the world tag titles were pretty cool.). Bring back the cruiserweight title as well as the hardcore title. Then wwe will have better storylines and have a dirrection to point some of their supers…i mean WRESTLERS to a better direction.

  • Joseph Garrison20

    i like the idea of them bring back the ic belt it would look alot better then the new belt they have now they also need to change the wwe belt the whole spinner deal is john cena but they need to bring back some honor to the wwe title rember the days of the greatest wwe champions of all times  of who held that belt now they make a mokery of being wwe champion with a stupied spinner belt bring  back the additude belt like rock and austin triple h big show and kane undertaker mankind and so on i hate they belt they have now

  • corey so cool

    I have been wanting to see an old school/ through back character for a while.  The title kinda became garbage when pimps and porn stars got it…

  • WWF-Fanatic

    Smart to bring the belt back it brings an old school WWF feel back….now only if they can bring back the old WWF style storylines and matches

  • Smobee78

    This is my favorite championship belt of all time. I’ve hated the one they’ve had since it was introduced. It was just a dumb design and they should have changed it a long time ago. Some say its just a belt and it doesn’t mean anything(JR) but to me its just one of those little things that makes wrestling cool. It doesn’t make the championship any better but its cool to look at. Now if they would ditch the stupid WWE championship belt they have now.

  • [email protected]

    I see in those pictures that Shawn Micheals and Golddust both have a white belt. I wonder if those plates come off and there can be different color belts.

  • Satishwarne708

    Defiantly retro belt will catch some more eyes.

  • Rockthesock

    Changing the wrapper of the same crappy @$$  package is not an improvement.  Creative needs to focus on long term storylines for the US and IC titles. 
    Seeing JoMo challenge for the IC title last night was pathetic.  I get that WWE wants to bury the fact that they ever had interest in pushing JoMo, but since he’s been at the loosing end of every title match it’s not even entertaining to watch.

    ON ANOTHER NOTE…I’m glad they reverted back to the old belt because it gives them an opportunity to bring back prestige through the legacy behind the gold even if they dont have those veterans to hand down the legacy.

  • Nelson4879

    I love the thought of bringing back the Classic Belts.. Now they need to fix the World Title situation. That Dumb ass spinning Belt was the worst idea anyone could have ever had. .  it made a mockery of the world title and the last thing Pro Wrestling need is some thing that people can make fun of. Even though we all understand the Entertainment aspect of Wrestling.. Its nice to see at least an effort being made to maintain at least a tad of dignity. So please bring back those title belts of the Glory days… Hogans Classic Title is my Personal favorite. Also the WCW World title Belt that was held by .. Ron Simmons & Vader & Sting and even graced the waist of the Nature boy himself Mr. Ric Flair . That was a handsome Title that a Champion could be Proud to carry. . .  Thank You

  • edezzy

    the classic intercontinental championship meant you were phenomenal. plenty of times superstars dont even have to win the wwe title and can make a hall of fame career through the ic title. hopefully rhodes brings prestige back and the classic title is a great first step

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OJW7Y3DXW6X2Q2D6ZOZH52MQYA Abbas

    yurp its cool..ehhh just kinda

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OJW7Y3DXW6X2Q2D6ZOZH52MQYA Abbas

    lol i though every one wanted rated maxx to like leave hes still here 

  • Anonymous

    Are you people aware that the WWE Championship doesn’t even spin anymore. You should know that for those who like to try and call it this crappy “spinner” belt. Also, most outside of wrestling can associate the WWE Championship with it’s current style, so please just stop complaining. Be happy the IC title is back to it’s original form and leave it at that.

  • Anonymous

    I really want them to build up the us champion and also bring back light heavyweight

    • Ishagol

      or cruiserweight. I remember seeing ultimo dragon, billy kidman, so many great cruiserweights.

  • Bigwilliemtl

    agreed, time to change the ugly wwe championship and the divas title.

    • Ishagol

      yea I can’t bare to look at those titles anymore…women’s title was great and so many legends held it. Divas title looks like one of those barbie accessories found in Toy R us.

  • Linwood Keith74

    I’m glad he IC title has changed back to what it once was. Hopefully the title will mean something again. Now the WWE title needs to be made over. That belt design SUCKS!!!

  • Anonymous

    Omg i just wish they would change the wwe championship now. that would be gr8

  • Jamelbease

    This was the best idea that WWE had ever made is about time they put the Intercontinental championship back on the map. Meaning now we will see great matches that will last for about 20 to 30 min like back in the day when the Intercontinental championship really ment something lets see how long it will last lol

  • The Stig

    the intercontinental champion was always the better wrestler than the wwe champion and when you proved yourself as ic champion you became wwe champion im glad to see the old belt back!

  • The Rockers

    This is definitely a good move on WWE’s part!  I’d like to see the “Cena” WWE title go away next, but more importantly:  please get rid of those ridiculous tag-team belts!  They are a JOKE!  They should bring back the WWE tag-titles and the World tag-titles.  It seems like the brand split doesn’t mean much anymore since RAW became the “super show”. 

  • Tommyd11679

    I love it. The attitude era belt design was horrible. I love the classic look. Now wwe just needs to bring back the winged eagle world title, and everything will be right again.

  • Ryan Walsh

    I pray that they change the belt.  I always liked the old IC title and whenever it was white leather it had prestige just in the look of it.  Now if they can just make it seem like it’s actually worthwhile.  I like the updated version, slightly blinged out with the new logo.  Yes they abso-freakin-lutely need to change the WWE title and let’s hope they do a retro look with that one as well by possibly doing the old winged eagle title from the late 80’s or maybe the attitude era one from the late 90’s.

  • SenshI

    this belt used to be the epicenter of championships. You HAD to get this belt before you could even DREAM of going for the WWF championship. It was the first milestone ALL wrestlers had to go through. Now its just a joke. Im glad Cody Rhodes is bringing back the old IC belt. Hopefully he brings the same glory with it. 

    As for the “Cena” designed championship belt.. that is just a joke.. wtf is that all about? “Oh im a white boy wanna be rapper.. to be cool im going to make this belt a spinner!” umm hate to break it to ya Cena and WWE but spinners went out just as fast as they came in.. that belt needs destroyed and new -non-spinner- design needs to be established. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W27EWBKFLP6TTLUCAWKP4MGU7E javarick

    The old IC belt had a classy look that was different than that of the “big” title or World title.  There does need to be some differences in the belts and how they are handled.  The IC/US title holder should wrestle and defend on TV more often that the World title holders.

  • Sincer13

    The WWW title should be changed to the classic eagle title n I also agree on the wcw u.s title

  • Jsearle2

    I think they should bring back both the Hardcore&European Title as well I like the thought of bringing back the classic IC title but they should do more.

  • Sungkawa

    Well I’m happy they brought back the old Ic Belt
    on A white strap as HBK shawn Michaels had

    Now the have the 2 Greatest belt in wrestling history
    2002Erich Bishoff brought back the Big Gold
    2011 Cody rhodes brought back the classic IC Championship Belt
    now all is missing is the Clasic Winged eagle

  • T_bollea

    I think the Euro championship should come back

  • http://twitter.com/xhkpw Evil Senator

    I love the old belt design.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/Cutthroatmanmixson Cutthroat NiggaforLife

    Randy savage greatest ic champ ever

  • kyle serritella

    I love the classic intercontinental belt and always have I got to hold one when I was a kid and loved it ever since , it takes me back to the ladder match with shawn michaels and razor ramon with the two titles , I even bought my son the replica with the white strap