Cody Rhodes Mustache Action Figure, Latest JBL & Cole Show has announced that WWE toy maker Mattel will be releasing the first Cody Rhodes action figure featuring the 2nd generation superstar’s beloved mustache, which you can view below:


Cody told ESPN:

“I did a head scan for Mattel, but I didn’t have the mustache back then. They’ll probably just draw the mustache on. You don’t need advanced technology for something so silly, but you never know – Mattel does some pretty advanced stuff. It’s pretty amazing how much the figures really look like us.”

* Photos of CODY RHODES & His Fiance, Former WWE Diva Eden Stiles

– Here’s the latest edition of the “JBL and Cole World Tour” video series from London:

Brad Davis

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  • GN-0015

    That doesn’t look like Cody at all.

    • IKeepsit100

      LMAO it really doesn’t The face is too “full” and the eyebrows are arched…Cody doesn’t have arched eyebrows. The neck area LOL,Cody has somewhat of a long neck. Also, the hair WTF? I wonder who else lied to him and said “hey bro, that looks EXACTLY LIKE YOU!”. I could have made the action figure better.

  • Dan Kincaid

    Kinda looks like Dan Severn

  • Jon Peterson

    That’s a pedo stache if I’ve ever seen one lol

  • Jervaughn Stewart

    Rico Suave?

  • Mike Hillyard


    • z28man

      I thought the same thing Rick rude

  • WWEFan4Life

    Looks like a mentally retarded Rick Rude if you ask me.

  • The Biz

    That is one sweet young Tom Selleck action figure!!

  • Ohbobsaget

    Jesus Christ, that looks like an action figure for a male porn star.

  • John Bryan

    Some asshole replaced my Cody Rhodes action figure with a Mexican action figure. WTF

  • WweUniverse4life

    Does it come with a white van?

  • fatneal

    might be worth buying…collectors items for sure

  • TheKillingMoon

    Looks like a young Tom Selleck with a tan.

  • JamieEvsxx

    wait…no one else thought of Freddie Mercury when they saw the Cody action figure?…mehh, either way…we all know Cody isn’t singing “WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!” right now…=/

  • ac1d

    He’s totally got the Dat Ass mouth happenin

  • Stratojacker

    Yes, because Cody Rhodes is the Mexican guy from the good, the bad and the ugly now…

  • Chris Pirolo

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