Cody Rhodes’ Rumble Surprise, WWE Tryout Camp Begins Today, Mysterio Booked For RAW

tweeted the following about his brother Goldust’s surprise return at the Royal Rumble, saying he had no idea Gldust was going to be in the match:

is scheduled to appear at Monday’s WWE RAW.

– WWE will be kicking of a 3-day tryout camp in Tampa, Florida today. , who will be there to evaluate talent, tweeted the following:

  • cenasucks

    Cody vs Goldust could be good. Better than Cody vs Big Show last year.

  • Kyle Verge

    not that I care and quite frankly i dont but you might wanna fix the typo before ppl that
    think there cool say ” i didnt know gldust was gonna be in it either or whos gldust”

    • siberian_skies

      You should proofread your own comments before pointing out other people’s mistakes, lol.

  • raVen

    if they don’t give these two something for mania it will be a huge let down.
    goldust is one of the most entertaining most rememberable characters in wrestling history and his brother is just this far from being a huge player.
    it would be a nice send off to a (imo) hof’er and a great win for younger brother.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    Gldust? These spelling errors are an injustice! *The Shields theme song music hits*

    • Pozessed

      -Triple powerbombs the article-

    • Richard Rodriguez


    • Bro88

      Have you noticed its almost always Mr. 561?

      • cm2012

        Im sorry, but Mr. 561 needs to go… remember those horrible Raw articles he did?

    • Count_Da_Money

      LOL Good stuff guys!

  • GMpunk

    The small part with Goldust and Cody was the best part of the match. That and Jericho’ssurprise return. Otherwise it was a shitty match on surprisingly sad and pointless Royal Rumble..

    • Bro88

      I agree fully. It was one of the most predictable Rumbles I’ve ever seen. I mean it was a given that Cena would win, at least it wasn’t Ryhack though.

  • WWEFan4Life

    I do not know what “#sauceit” has got to do with wwe tryout camps… but you still gotta love JR

    • tiran66

      It doesn’t have anything to do with the camps. JR always promotes his BBQ sauce when he blogs and tweets.

      • WWEFan4Life

        ik but still… a bit random, lol