Complete Taping Schedule For TNA’s One Night Only PPV’s

TNA sent the taping schedule for the One Night Only pay-per-views to the VIP ticket holders. Here’s the schedule, courtesy of Devin Cutting:

Sunday, March 17

1:00pm – TNA Knockout Knockdown: TNA Crowns the true “Queen” of TNA

7:00pm – TNA 10 Reunion: Celebration of the stars from the first 10 years of TNA all competing in the squared circle

Monday, March 18

1:00pm – TNA Tag Team Tournament: TNA determines the greatest TNA Tag Team in TNA history

7:00pm – TNA World Cup of Wrestling: Teams of wrestlers from around the globe compete in Heavyweight, X Division, Tag Team Division and Knockout Division matches

Tuesday, March 19

1:00pm – TNA Hardcore Justice 2: Hardcore rules for the stars of Hardcore wrestling

7:00pm – TNA Heavyweight Title Tournament: The top World Champions in TNA history battle to determine the greatest of all time

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • TheShockMaster

    This has the potential to be either amazing or terrible

    • askbillmitchell

      My money on is on the latter of the two.

      • Fido Riko

        because you are a hater.

        • askbillmitchell

          Nope. I was simply cursed with the ability to recognize patterns. Don’t worry you’ll be a pro at it yourself in no time.

          • kquickstillsucks

            How dare you Bill Mitchell “hate” on this young upstart company that has only been around almost 11 years. Shame on you!

          • Fido Riko

            Haha I know your point but they are trying man I mean we haven’t seen any one night only events yet wait ’till you see it then judge on it.

          • askbillmitchell

            Don’t need to wait to judge it, we all know how this works:

            Segment one: Hogan


            Segment two: Rushed match


            Segment three: blah blah the Ace’s and Eights.. blah blah


            Segment four: a KO’s match we’ve seen no less than a dozen times maybe sequeeze in another rushed match.


            Main Event: a repeat of the main event we’ve either seen already, or has been done recently.

          • Fido Riko

            alright alright you win the argument lol.

  • Nicolai

    TNA OVERLOAD!!! So much GREAT WRESTLING to keep up on!!! I’m MARKIN OUT BRO!!

  • Fido Riko

    If this is exploited correctly it could be absolutely astonishing.

    • askbillmitchell

      Rule 1: TNA never does anything astonishing and hasn’t since 2007 – 2008 Rule 2: When ever in doubt about TNA; always consult back to rule #1.

  • Walter Buckley

    ill take these over the ppvs just wish the results could be sealed because this format feels like they are shooting movies INSTEAD of shooting MAJOR TV Angles like WCW did with the Disney Tapings in the early to mid 90’s im all for these!!! especailly the knockouts the tna champions tournement & hardcore justcie 2 will order ALL 3 of those 100% sure of that!!!

  • tnaer

    i don’t get this whole one night only thing

    • askbillmitchell

      You are not familiar with the term “one and done”?

  • corkscrew kip-up

    if it’s ‘one night only’, why is it 3 days long?