Confirmed Matches For NXT “Takeover” WWE Network Special On May 29th

Following Thursday’s edition of WWE NXT TV, the following matches are confirmed for the upcoming NXT Takeover live special, which airs on the WWE Network on May 29th:

WWE NXT Championship
– Adrian Neville (c) vs. Tyson Kidd

WWE NXT Championships
– The Ascension vs. Kalisto & El Local

Vacant NXT Women’s Championship
– Charlotte vs. Natalya or Sasha Banks

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

    • Richmond

      I have a feeling they’re going to have Natalya win the NXT Divas Championship, turn heel, demand to have the Divas championship from Paige and switch titles.

    • Summer Rae Dudley

      Prince Pretty should of won…

    • yrabadi

      No Zayn?

      • GN-0015

        I believe Zayn vs Breeze will be added soon, only waiting for confirmation.

        • Phanto

          I believe so. Ya know Tyler Breeze is just one of them I can’t get behind. I just don’t dig him, much.

          • GN-0015

            Because he’s not serious enough? I like the guy, but I think his moveset is still pretty (no pun intended) limited. I don’t see him as a world champion, but I enjoy him for what he is.

    • GN-0015

      I hope The Ascension can remain champions. This will be their first defense against legitimate challengers in a long time, and if they can’t win, they gonna look like a bunch of jobber squashers who can’t win against solid opponents.

    • Dixie Carter

      I love my company so much that I founded. WWE is failing with the WCW AOL scene all over again..WHILE TNA is going to new places and breaking mile stones. Seems WWE is now the TNA retirement home xx

    • Phanto

      Am I the only one who enjoys NXT more than Raw, Smackdown or Superstars? I love it! And has produced (or seen go through) some amazing and promising talent for Raw, Smackdown & Superstars!