Confirmed Title Match For RAW Next Week, Jim Ross On Batista’s WWE Return

– Due to his victory in the “Christmas Present on a Pole Match” at the special Holiday themed-edition of WWE RAW on Monday night, Fandango will get a shot at the WWE Intercontinental Championship. It was announced that Fandango will challenge Big E. Langston on RAW next Monday night.

– WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross tweeted the following regarding the WWE return of Batista:

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  • Matt Boone

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    • Adam-Michael

      Hopefully Fandango wins it….. he was meant to win it months ago before he had that minor injury that made them switch plans at last minute…. Big E bores me, at least Fandango has charisma and plays a cocky jerk great

      • Really?!?!

        No…just stop…

        • Adam-Michael

          No i wont stop. Big E is dull as dish water and if you dare say he is entertaining and Fandango is not then you need to re-evaluate yourself as a wrestling fan

          • Aperture

            Do you even watch NXT?

      • Punk2k14

        If Big E- bores you I dare to think what Ryback does to you, now he’s a bore.

        Anyway looks likely that The Shield will interfere and probably a Roman Reigns vs Big-E feud about to materialise.

        • Adam-Michael

          I don’t mind Ryback tbh, he can be funny, his stuff with Heyman was funny and showed Ryback can shine if given a chance but they just keep burying him and never letting him do anything.
          Rybcak has entertained more than Big E has, Big E has done NOTHING. Not had a memorable match, never even cut a damn promo.

    • Carlito8

      Ziggler got screwed by WWE AGAIN!