Countdown: Top 5 Candidates For TNA’s Hall Of Fame

Countdown: Top 5 Candidates For TNA’s Hall Of Fame

This Sunday night at Slammiversaray X, TNA Impact Wrestling will announce the first indcutee into its new Hall of Fame.

In it’s 10 year history, TNA has defied the odds and established itself as a legitimate alternative to WWE. It’s been a long road and there are countless men and women who deserve recognition for making TNA the company it is today. However, this Sunday – only one person will be announced – and today, due to contractual obligations, only 5 people are eligible for our Top 5 list.

Make sure to comment below tell us what you think of our picks and who you think should be the first inductee into TNA’s Hall of Fame.

Without further ado, #5 on our list is ….

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Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Fozzy

    AJ Styles no doubt about it

    • Dynamite Truth

      AJ is still in his prime and with all the past old guys they’ve brought in, it’s less likely that he will be in the 1st wave of people to be inducted. I would think Kurt Angle, Sting, Flair, Macho Man, Mick Foley, Kevin Nash, HH, Larry Zybyzko or Scott Hall would be on that list 1st.
      It’s not a knock on AJ not to be the 1st, but there’s still mileage on the car to ride.

      • kquickstillsucks

        Macho Man worked 1 day in TNA lol. Hall not much more than that. Zybysko? Might as well put Dusty Rhodes on that list. AJ, Jeff Jarrett or Sting should be #1 inductee.

        • Dynamite Truth

          WWE has put people in the HOF and they haven’t even worked for the company.

          • kquickstillsucks

            True but not before they inducted people that actually DID SOMETHING FOR THE COMPANY.

          • Dynamite Truth

            Just so you know WWE’s HOF, which started in ’93’ only inducted Andre the Giant; WWE started in ’53’ which is obviously more time than TNA; so really what are you really saying?

          • kquickstillsucks

            Shocking you don’t understand. TNA inducting Macho Man or Zybsko BEFORE Jarrett AJ or Sting would be like WWE putting in Sting before Hulk Hogan.

          • Dynamite Truth

            1st of all, unless I’m mistaken, there’s more than 1 inductee, which I did mention Sting although I neglected JJ.
            2nd, putting AJ in there now is like putting John Cena in and unless hes like Edge, it’s going to be a while b4 he retires.
            3rd, Macho Man, like Eddie Guerrero is dead. So to put him in later makes as much sense or less as putting him in now. He’s carved out a distinguished career for himself and the passing of time isn’t going to make it brighter. They could even bring in Jay Lethal to induct him.
            4th Zybyzko and Dusty joined in 03-06, less than a yr TNA got off the ground so they were part of the originals working w/ guys like AJ Styles, R-Truth, JJ, etc. I didn’t mention Dusty b/c of his status w/ WWE.
            5th Hall was there longer than that, but I’m taking into account that he could be dead by the end of the year w/ his health problems.

          • Fozzy

            AJ Styles is pretty much the only reason why TNA exist and how it got so far in one point before it started to fall apart, and AJ is way way way beyond John Cenas status, Aj is more like TNAs Hulk Hogan or tripleH. I don´t think that age should matter when it comes to HOF it should be about what you have done and AJ has done a LOT.

          • Peter

            Yes, AJ has done a lot for the company but being inducted at the HOF this early won’t do him any good. He still has a lot left in him. When you hear someone being called “hall of famer” you think of aging guys who are past their prime. The smart fans might not think that but the general fans will. It will give the implication that AJ is a star of the past. There’s a reason why Shawn Michaels retired first before being inducted to the WWE HOF.

          • kquickstillsucks

            YOU STILL DONT GET IT LOL. Putting Savage HALL Zbysko etc BEFORE guys like Sting and JJ and AJ STYLES IS WRONG. YOU KNOW WHY ITS WRONG? Because the later 3 actually made a impact on the company.Before WWE starting putting celebs in and guys that never worked in the company they put in almost 10 years worth of people that did something in WWE before they put Pete Rose in.

      • Fozzy

        AJ should be at least one of the first ones because he deserves to be in TNA HOF, TNA pretty much is AJ, he´s the one who has been working his ass off every single day. kurt angle, kevin nash and flair they´re still in my eyes are WWE and two of them aren´t even WWE hall of fame yet, and what the fuck have they done that AJ hasn´t? Sure they have wrestler for a long time, but not that long in TNA.
        And what about Raven, Sting and Jeff Jarrett they should definitely be part TNA HOF before anyone.

  • Dennis Mercado


  • Andrew Campbell

    It wouldn’t surprise me if it is Randy Savage. There’s no point inducting a wrestler that is still a full-time competitor, that’s why I don’t think it will be AJ Styles. If you eliminate AJ (who is probably the most deserving out of all the TNA stars past and present) that only leaves Jeff Jarrett.

    • Stoops Nic

      Yea it should not be AJ. He has sooooo much time left in his career. That said it has to be Jarrett. Hate the guy but he is TNA.

      • Jj Vaness

        They can induct AJ and change his gimmick… They only call him the Phenomenal AJ Styles because Phenomenal because its close to Phenom, aka Taker. IF they gave him an HoF ring, he could change his gimmick entirely.

        Im not supporting AJ to be the HOF choice, as I do think he has so much time left in his career… but it is not a bad idea to induct him, creative wise


        • GreatRedBeard

          They call him Phenomenal because he is.

          • Jmc60


        • Franky Haro™

          LMAO TF!?!?

        • Superlative

          Not surprised you’re a Heath Slater Fan

  • Melodee Pattee

    Oh yeah!!!!! you have ia right brother,, only one missing in chris benoit..personal and business are separate and benoit was a kick ass wrestler…

    • Dynamite Truth

      That’s if they are not just counting people who were in TNA. Chris Benoit is a great as far as wrestling, but BE SERIOUS; it’s too soon with his last acts on this earth still on people’s minds.
      Sting, Flair, Macho Man, Mick Foley, Kevin Nash, HH, Scott Hall, and maybe Jerry Lynn would be the front runners I think.

  • Fathead


  • Fathead


  • Punk Munkee

    You’d think maybe the inductees should be at least retired? And what are they going to do, induct one person a year? This is a joke.

  • kquickstillsucks

    Black REIGN, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hammond, Trytan and Curryman that’s the list!

    • Bro88

      Any of those would work considering they are all about as relevant as TNA lol

  • askbillmitchell

    I wouldn’t put past TNA to induct Hulk Hogan. So he can have the same bragging rights that Ric Flair currently has and that is to be inducted in a major wrestling promotion HoF more than once. Hogan and Flair have always had this tid for tat battle for oneupsmanship dating back to their days in the WWF/NWA (respectfully), I am certainly not advocating for this to happen, all I am saying given Hogan’s ego and Dixie’s marksist (see what I did there?) attitude towards Hogan, I can see him getting the nod.

    • Mr 561

      Interesting point, you know he’s got the stroke to make it happen

    • Wrestlehead

      What’s sad is that you might be onto something. If it does happen I’m sure the message boards both here and on 24wrestling will go berserk with hatred towards Hogan for yet another ego trip. The most logical choice to me seems to be Jeff Jarrett since he’s been with the company since it began.

    • wrestlebabe

      Just noticed that no one has bothered to suggest Taz. Are you all nuts?

      • askbillmitchell

        Taz is a relatively new to TNA. He was a late addition, Hogan on the other hand has had some sort of relationship (business) with Jeff and Dixie for several years that predates Taz’s arrival. Even though the first attempt of bringing him (Hogan) years ago did fail, in quite spectacular fashion I might add.

  • Forceton Banfodder

    I’m still laughing my ass off at this, especially with all the TNA fanboys who defend TNA’s impotence by saying they’re still a “relatively young company” But a 10 year old company thinks it’s deserving of a Hall of Fame? Epic lulz.

  • Valo

    AJ, Raven, Jeff Jarrett, AMW, Jushin Thunder Liger, Sabu

  • wwetnadudez

    AJ, JJ, Macho Man, Dixie, Abyss or Don West.

    • WWEFAN1995

      Dixie… ARE YOU SERIOUS BRO?!

      • wwetnadudez

        She isn’t a in ring wrestler or KO but she still plays a big part.

  • fan

    Unbelieveable! They are trying to beat WWE to the punch by inducting the Macho Man first to their hall of fame. He was in WWE for years and only TNA for a very short period. This is obviously been done more to upstage WWE than because he deserves it!

    • GreatRedBeard

      You DO realize that they haven’t actually inducted anybody yet, right?

  • Nightmare

    I bet no one really noticed that TNA used to stand for Tit’s N’ Ass before it became really famous.

    • Forceton Banfodder

      No it still stands for tits n’ ass for the 1.75 billion out of the1.8 billion English speaking people in the world who don’t know or care about TNA wrestling. And that’s being nice and saying that TNA Wrestling is known about by at least 50 million people, which I highly doubt. Famous it is not.

    • Franky Haro™

      haha really? Velvet Sky….TNA much??? :D

  • RKOViper2600

    Rooting for you, A.J.!

  • brainlazer

    AJ completely deserves it, He is TNA.

  • Jmc60

    Induct Jarrett Styles has so much time left and shouldnt be inducted now really but why does TNA have a HOF?

  • womby12

    no way in hell it should be a current wrestler … you induct people when their careers are over … styles has too much time left …

  • AngelFlow

    I don’t think TNA is at the level to have a Hall of Fame and they don’t have any original retired, but if I had to choose one: AJ Styles or Jeff Jarrett. Both have been in the company since the begging and they have contributed a lot in the company rise to the top 3 wrestling organizations.


    why do i think that hulk hogan will be the first inductee

  • Cajun Mark

    I would take Christian over Randy Savage for a HOF vote in TNA.

  • Raz

    Probably the Nasty Boyz. Or maybe Joey Ryan.

  • Peter

    I think TNA is way over its head for trying to make a HOF. It took WWE 50 years to make a HOF. If you induct a young guy who is still active in the business to a HOF, thats implying that their time is over and people will see them as old timers, so an induction will just hurt Kurt, AJ and Jeff.

    I’m surprised no one has said this yet, but the person that deserves an induction the most is Jerry Jarrett. After all, TNA was his idea. Jeff gets all the credit for its foundation but really, TNA is Jerry’s creation.

    I’m not gonna waste my breath though. Because I’m almost positive Hogan will get the induction. If they induct Savage, it will be nothing more but a move to try to one-up WWE and will be tasteless. The only people that will legitimize this HOF is by induction people that actually helped start the company. People like Ken Shamrock.

  • Drivesdale

    Is no one even considering Raven..?

    • Mr 561


  • big mike

    tna should induct little jimmy to piss r truth off


    Jeff Jarett should be the first inductee. He founded TNA, gave all of these TNA Originals opportunities that No other company would give them, and He actually has a HOF Resume from his time in WWE, WCW, and TNA.

  • bigmike

    tna should induct little jimmy just to piss r truth off

  • Reality

    I’d like to see Raven in there :D

  • jacob nelson

    macho man should be inducted the HoF

  • Matt

    well i personally believe there should not even be a TNA hall of fame.

  • Bird in the rafters

    Savage goes in tna hall of fame then maybe Toby Keith, Brian Urlacher, Brandon Jacobs, Tito Ortiz, & the real Jersey Shore.

  • PkmnChmp5

    Abyss is also a TNA Grand Slam Champion. AJ Styles is not the only one.

  • hotrod2001

    If they induct Hulk Hogan, they will become the laughing stock of the wrestling world and will be hard to be taken seriously.

    Savage would be a good inductee, or Sting…I still say it’s too early for them to have a HOF, they should wait another ten years at least so some of their biggest names will have retired by then. To me a HOF induction is the cap to a glorious career, most of these guys are still actively working.

  • Adarsh Edge


  • Adarsh Edge

    Christian Is The Best Pic For The TNA Hall Of Fame

  • Dolph Ziggler #Face

    TNA Hall of Fame: Jeff Jarrett, Jerry Lynn, AJ Styles, Abyss, James Storm, Kurt Angle, Sting, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels and (unfortunatley) Hulk Hogan.

  • JimmyTehFreak

    if they eventually expand to midcarders i see jerry lynn getting a spot for the asylum days

  • JimmyTehFreak

    likely Jeff Hardy as well for that matter.

  • Tnafanaddic

    It’s obvious to me that the most deserving person to be in the TNA hall of fame is Jeff jerrett. He made TNA, and without him the company would be nothing like it is today.