Current Betting Odds For This Sunday’s WWE SummerSlam PPV

The following are the latest betting odds for this Sunday’s WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view. The odds come courtesy of

Brock Lesnar -505
John Cena +335

Bray Wyatt -900
Chris Jericho +500

Brie Bella -120
Stephanie McMahon -120

Jack Swagger -260
Rusev +180

Roman Reigns -750
Randy Orton +450

Seth Rollins -130
Dean Ambrose +130

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

    • yrabadi

      – Cena
      – Bray
      – Steph
      – Swags
      – Roman
      – Ambrose

      • QuiteFrankly2k

        Apparently Ambrose is set to record a movie for WWE, he might be leaving in a week or two.

    • theleagueofjonas

      I bet $9.99 on John Cena overcoming all odds.

      • rudy

        Haha I’m with you on that one! It’s unbelievable how super protected Cena is. . Even a beast can’t rip to shreds the kayfabe bubble world of one John Cena.

        • Faktorek

          16 German suplexes said otherwise.

          • rudy

            I’m going to be getting a lot of these lol. . That was an amazing match. 5 stars Meltzer. .cant give it up for brock and cena enough. .They did the unfathomable. . That was a much needed gem, thank you WWE

      • FlawlessRKO

        Then you’re an idiot. He has no chance against Brock.

    • The Man From Jonestown

      Brock wins after pinning Cena clean.
      Bray wins clean.
      Stephanie wins after interference from Nikki.
      Swagger gets the flag.
      Reigns wins in a snorefest that Orton will have to carry him through.
      Rollins and Dean ends in a screwy finish with no clear winner.

      • Jeff

        I don’t get all the reigns hate.. people were on his back when he was in the shield..

        • raVen

          it’s the internet mentality..if someone gets a push they are hated and “not ready”.

          • The Man From Jonestown

            Completely disagree. Rollins is Mr. MITB, everybody is feeling the push he’s getting because he’s ready for it.

            Dean Ambrose is getting pushed as well. Everybody is loving that. They loved it when Cesaro was getting pushed (before they blew it with the Heyman pairing.)

            The internet doesn’t instantly turn on everyone who gets a push. They turn on people who are getting pushed harder or faster than their talent warrants.

            • RAWFan

              Some of that is true, but it is also very true that people often decide to turn on the hot hand, because it’s “cooler” to go against the grain and root for the guys who aren’t as popular

        • The Man From Jonestown

          People were on his back because he looked like a beast when he was in The Shield. But, many fans with experience in the game were calling it when word was going around that the WWE was thinking of splitting the Shield: Roman isn’t ready to fly solo.

          And he isn’t. I loved Roman in the Shield and was actually one of his biggest apologists, but even I said the Shield needed to be together for several more years before Roman was ready. They should’ve been like the Horsemen, a long tenured group that never had to split acrimoniously, just go do their own thing and come together when needed.

          But, I believe I was wrong about Roman, even in the Shield. Because Roman didn’t talk so much, you thought maybe he had a little more speaking talent than he actually does. Because Seth/Dean were carrying the heavy load for most of the matches, I thought that when Roman broke out, he would show more than he has. I honestly thought he would bring out some of Leakee moves, or at least try to deliver more than his signatures with a bunch of punches. He hasn’t.

          The hate is arising, because Roman is not even as good as his detractors thought he was when he was in The Shield. Can you honestly look at his promo on Monday and tell me that was “Main Guy” caliber? ANY promo he’s cut? Can you say it’s a lie when people say his matches are all punch, punch, punch, samoan drop, apron dropkick, superman punch and spear?

          I’m not saying Roman won’t be a star someday. But he’s a “Batista” level star at best. He’s no “Austin”, no “Rock”. He’s not the “Main Guy”. He ain’t got it. But, the WWE is pushing him like he does, and it’s going to destroy him.

          • satishwarne708

            They tried the same with Skip “Ryback” Sheffield but failed and “The Big Guy>Reigns”

      • satishwarne708

        Seth wins clean

    • raVen

      *Edit* Oh yeah and last but certainly not least…ZIGGLER!

      Orton may get a win but I see Reigns/Rollins going into a story. It just makes sense..after that I think Ambrose makes a return and is jealous that Reigns beat Rollins when Ambrose could not.

    • satishwarne708

      My predictions-Wyatt,Steph,Swagger,Rollins,AJ,Miz,Reigns and Lesnar all win