Daffney’s Lawsuit Against TNA, Hogan’s Involvement With MCW

— Daffney announced today via Twitter that she has filed a workers’ compensation claim against TNA Wrestling, stemming from injuries she sustained working for the organization. According to a few TNA employees, there were issues between Daffney and the company regarding her medical expenses being covered after she suffered a concussion taking a bump through a barbed wire board at the October 2009 Bound For Glory pay-per-view event. The issue had been brewing for some time, which explains why she hadn’t been used as of late.

Daffney’s contract with TNA Wrestling expired today. Her profile was removed from the company website yesterday.

— Micro Championship Wrestling, which debuts later this year on truTV, is filming in Fayetteville, North Carolina for the next several days. Hulk Hogan has been very involved with the tapings as he has appeared at ringside for events. The TNA Wrestling Superstar is tapped for a big role in the show, which is a hybrid of a “reality” series that will follow the organization as it tours and tries to grow.

source: PWInsider.com

Daniel Pena

Daniel Pena is a longtime wrestling news reporter and the webmaster of PWPix.net

  • wrestling rules

    good for daffney to stick it to tna

  • Wrestlingvoice

    Because you are caring about your health is not the same as sticking it to your company she is not suing Dixie for sexual harrasment she is caring about her health and well being which she deserves to care about and at least tna offered her workman comp wwe doesn’t even offer employees that hopefully they can come to a meaningful resolve.

  • http://www.youtube.com/ac1dchr15t Ac1d_Chr15t

    I loved zombie sexy. She is a beautiful girl with talent.

  • wrestlingfan007

    She has a right to sue their @sses! They pay the female wrestlers next to nothing to take big bumps and go to more extreme lengths and put their body and health through the company and at the end of the day, they refuse to pay for medical expenses. TNA want to take things to more extreme lengths, one you either get ready to pay for your employers injuries or two give your wrestlers a good enough pay, so the wrestler themselves can pay off the medical bill with no headache. It’s something WWE does and they don’t have any problems what so ever with their talent if injured.

  • TNAblows

    More reasons to say TNAblows

  • 91nos331gt

    @wrestlingvoice wwe talents are paid very well and can pay their own medical expenses. the knockouts get paid crap and then are expected to go out there and put their bodies thru hell for the company. before you try and praise tna read what the report says first, tna hasnt been using daffeny as of late because of issues of paying for her medical expenses after she took a hard bump for the company, so tna decides to take her off of tv and not use her or resign her. im sorry but thats pretty messed up by tna.

  • Omega

    Just another “Nail in TNA’s Coffin”!!!

  • somewrestlingfansareidiots

    Yeah, the workers comp claim that put a company under…dude be quiet. Things like this are a good thing. More reasons for wrestlers to make a Union