Daniel Bryan Confirmed For Monday’s Edition Of WWE RAW

As previously reported, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan underwent a neck operation on Thursday.

Daniel Bryan Issues First Public Comments Since Undergoing Neck Operation

Since revealing the condition of his neck at RAW last Monday night, there has been a lot of speculation as to whether or not Bryan would be stripped of his title.

It was announced on Friday’s edition of WWE SmackDown that Daniel Bryan will in fact attend Monday’s edition of WWE RAW, which will be a taped show from the O2 Arena in London, England.

As we have noted recently, WWE revealed that they will address the WWE World Heavyweight Championship situation on RAW this Monday, and now we know that Bryan will be on hand to take part in the show as well.

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  • Johnny B Bad

    More than likely they will be taking the title off of him on Monday Night, It’s pointless to have him attend the show just to say he’ll be back in a few months. Wonder how they’ll write the show for Kane since he won’t be able to attack Bryan.

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      Kane’s scheduled to take time off anyway.

      And I doubt they strip the title off of him. He’ll be back in less than a “few months”. I’d say more like 6 weeks. Him appearing on the show is actually a good idea as injured champs have appeared on Raw numerous times in the past to keep the belts on the show.

  • Buzzard Follower

    If bryan has to surrender the title wouldnt it be just crushing to hand it over to hhh or steph. Insta heat

    • bri

      I think they should introduce BO Dallas, Than hand him the tittle. They could say. because of over whelming amount of Boleiver tweets they have decide to do whats right for business.

      • sav

        wow becoming the wwe world champions at his first apperence as boliever would be shocking

        • bri

          great way to get him heat. Every week he’d talk about how great he is, Even though his mic skills suck. ha.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    Now would be the perfect time for Punk to come back storyline wise. You can have Triple H become champ, and Punk makes his return to feud with Triple H and family.

    • pwnez

      Punk is gone for good, dawg!

      • Jeremy-County Roberts

        PUNK IS THE LA KINGS OF THE WWE DAMN IT! I just know he has a comeback in him, I just know it!!!!!!!

        • bri

          It’s still real to you Damn it!!!

        • Orestis

          Of course he’ll return,but the more you talk about it ,the more you miss him.Just let it flow…

    • Jose Mourinho

      yeah i thought of it too but he’s not coming anytime soon.

    • Coach

      Have you not saw how fat punk is now? There’s no way he can do very much at all in the ring.

      • Roger Penland

        You’re kidding. He’s not fat. If anything, he’s gained a couple of pounds. He’s never been ripped, so I don’t know where you’re getting that he’s fat from.

        • Coach

          Did you see his pic? He’s got man boobs.

          • Roger Penland

            I bet you do too. Your point is? Lol…

  • bri

    hmm weird, usually you can’t fly for several weeks after surgery.

    • SOBI

      Stephanie is gonna go super Heel by stripping the title off him in front of the crowd and the crowd will be chanting “NO NO NO”
      so that makes up for a nice emotional segment

      • bri

        ok, sounds good. but what does that have to do with him not medical not being able to fly.?

        • SOBI

          since they need him they probably flew him over in full VIP arrangements so that it’d put minimum stress on his injury

          • bri

            no after any surgery, You cant be in a high/low pressure space like air travel.

          • corykraus

            Most of the risk in air travel is due to a weakened respiratory system. Also embolisms resulting in a formation of blood clots that could travel to the heart or lungs. So anyone with surgery on the heart or the lungs should steer clear of airplanes. That being said I don’t know much about Daniel Bryan’s surgery but it’s possible his particular surgery didn’t pose a high risk to air travel.

          • bri

            any surgery poses a blood clot risk.

          • Donny Octave

            Chris Candido died that way. He had leg surgery and flew home almost immediately after, and he died a day or two later i believe. It was revealed it was a blood clot that killed him.

      • FlawlessRKO

        It’s better if Triple H strips him of the title.

    • Forceton Banfodder

      You’re seeing all the irregularities in this storyline too, eh?

      • Some_Random_Guy

        His dad died a while back, this is his time off for bereavement.

        • Forceton Banfodder

          I know. That’s why I’m laughing at everyone who thinks anything after his Dad’s death is real.

    • V

      Agreed, bryan better be cautious. I don’t want him to end up like chris candido.

  • ibeBrave

    Man what a turn of events we might have some pushes coming up for some guy’s…. If DB is gonna be out…if it comes to be that he s gonna be out the rumored Roman Reins Vs HHH Match at summerslam might be for the belts.

    • Padres4life

      Reigns as champ? you’re kidding right? that would make him an instant heel because they will know he has Bryan’s stripped title on his shoulder.

  • Abraham

    Have him choose a superstar to defend the title in his absence. This happened in the 90’s with Bret Hart I believe. Ziggler has been the one set up for that. I hope this is the storyline. It’s much more interesting than anything that has happened recently. And it gives Ziggler a push with the Bryan hype. He would be pushed through the stars.

    • guest

      Did it. Who was it? I never had satellite then so did not hear about that

  • Dixie Carter

    Just like to announce. Be lucky to watch this garbage called Monday Night Flop
    because WWE won’t be around next year with the news of the Flop TV deal
    for less money and the failure of the WWE Network and talents wanting to

    • Noah

      WWE will be around for years and years.Unlike that garbage TNA.TNA won’t be around next year.

      • Dixie Carter

        what does Dixie hear? The WWE death knell

    • Braddles

      TNA…Totally No Audience

      • Dixie Carter

        WWE is going out of business…eat on that…WWE FLOP FAILURE

    • robert19

      Watch Tna bound for glory 2013 personally was the worst ppv ever saw it was totally garbage

  • fatneal

    lol @ the comment section…daniel bryan will not be there it will most likely be a via satellite thing and if he is its obvious he had the surgery overseas

  • Braddles

    Ok so an announcement was made on Smackdown that Bryan will be on RAW…Smackdown is taped on Tuesdays (correct me if im wrong).2 days before Bryan had surgery…did they know the outcome of the surgery 2 days before it was performed or is this a shoot?….sounds a bit suss to me and there is no way anyone would be flying a few days after neck surgery

  • The Man of 1000 Truths

    Bad News Barrett is gonna get the greatest reaction of his life on Monday. Paige too. Adam Rose could’ve….But I’m Afraid I’ve got some Bad News!!! Adam Rose is not British, he’s South African.

  • FlawlessRKO

    Triple H is going to strip him of the championship either way.

  • Padres4life

    if Bryan gets stripped, he’ll never get it back.

  • Punk2k14

    HHH strips Bryan of the title

    Bryan doesn’t give the titles back

    Music hits, Brock runs in to the ring F5’s Bryan lifts the titles over his head…

    HHH announces Brock vs ????? (named at the PPV) for the World Heavyweight Title for Payback

    for me Brock would face Batista after Evolution lose to The Shield at Payback

    Brock breaks him apart and wins the title, Batista leaves to promote his movie.

    Bryan returns in 2/3 months and running kicks Brock in the face…

    • lunchbox87

      See you guys suggesting this are stupid,you say Bryan cant keep them if he is out for a few months yet you will want the belt on Brock and we will be lucky to see him other than big money PPVs.

      • Punk2k14

        Valid point mate but Brock IS going to win it before his deal is up, it may also make him stick around longer and turn up at more PPV’s and tapings.