Daniel Bryan: Hard Times

The Yes! Movement received the worst possible news this week on Raw, as their unlikely hero announced that he will require neck surgery this Thursday and will be out of action for an indefinite amount of time.

Early reports indicate that Bryan has a broken neck and will be out for at least one to two months, with his possible returning coming at SummerSlam. This is terrible news for Bryan, who after a long journey finally captured the WWE Championship at WrestleMania.

It appears that he also will not be appearing on television in any capacity for at least a few weeks, as the attack later in the show by Kane was likely a way to write Bryan off of television while he recovers from surgery at home. This leads one to wonder about the future of the WWE Championship, and also if Bryan can maintain momentum while missing at least a month of time.

After finally overcoming the Authority at WrestleMania, Daniel Bryan will miss significant time due to injury.

After finally overcoming the Authority at WrestleMania, Daniel Bryan will miss significant time due to injury.

As of now, it is being reported that Bryan will not be stripped of the title. This could of course change at any moment, especially if the product becomes stale during his absence. If Bryan ends up missing the maximum amount of time, that seems like a very long time to go with essentially no champion.

In my opinion, if it is determined that Bryan will miss any more than one month, the Authority should strip him of the title. This could serve a few purposes. First, it would keep momentum strong by having the Authority still trying to hold Bryan down, especially with Stephanie McMahon being the storyline reason Bryan was injured in the first place after unleashing the demon Kane.

Second, it could allow for someone else to receive a push in Bryan’s absence. Imagine if a tournament were held for the WWE Championship similar to the one just held for an Intercontinental Title match. It could allow for a fresh face to hold the championship for a while and create interesting television over the next few weeks by having qualifying matches on Raw, with the championship match being held at Money in the Bank.

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  • Tyson Black

    He should be stripped of the title POINT BLANK! No need to have a PPV without them competing for the Biggest championship in the company. Its not like WWE pushes the other belts anyways, because they put all their focus on the WWE Championship which is why they should either have a number one contenders or WWE championship match at every PPV.

    But when you look at it, its WWE fault for unifying the titles. If they still had both the WWE champ and WHC, they could have legitamely pushed the WHC and it would make since. They should just separate the belts, which is BEST FOR BIZZNESS! Then they can let Bryan have the WWE Championship, cause I honestly dont see no extra meaning to the WWE/WHC Champ in comparison to the WWE Champion alone.

    • JonnyBGood

      I cannot, and don’t imagine anyone else will either, take you seriously when you don’t know the difference between the words ‘since – referring to time, as in I haven’t seen Billy SINCE last week’ and ‘sense – referring to something that is agreeable or understandable’. Not to mention, BIZZNESS? Seriously?

      Strip him of the belt, for what purpose? Because there would be a meaningless PPV without him on it defending? You are definitely a PG Era fan. I can tell that you are one of those fans that wants to see a new fued every week, with no continuity and no true build. Granted, the Kane storyline is a bit stale, and has been from the get go. The WWE’s focus right now isn’t even on the champion or championship, and wasn’t going to be at Payback. Just like Extreme Rules, the focus is centered on The Shield and Evolution.

      Best for BUSINESS, is letting this play itself out, let the story progress. All stripping him of the title will do is push DB off into obscurity when he returns. Keeping the title on him, keeping him relevant and keeping speculation is what is best for business.

      • Cujo999

        Being fair, keeping the strap on Bryan isn’t what’s best for business. WWE will already be without one of it’s most popular stars, and not having the champion is a rip off for people who have bought tickets to live events. How would you feel if you bought tickets for Payback months back, and now CM Punk is gone, Bryan is out injured, and you’re not even going to get a WWE title match? Keeping the title on Bryan while he’s off TV is not going to do anything to keep his momentum going, just as it did nothing to keep Ziggler’s momentum. Honestly, the smartest play for all involved would be to have Stephanie strip Bryan of the title and turn around and award it to Kane without him having to compete and have him carry it until Bryan is ready to return and beat him and take his revenge.

        • WTF

          Kane is not going to be in WWE for long as he’s getting written off in just a few weeks as he needs to travel to promote “See No Evil 2”

          • Tyson Black

            WWE can hold off promoting as it is a WWE film

        • cx2

          the only problem with your theory is that Kane was about to be written off tv in a buried alive match at the next PPV to take time to promote his new movie. how you gonna strip the title off a man and give it to someone who has no storyline with anyone, just to have it thrown together and have him dump the title in 2 weeks. Best course of action….strip him of title, have tournament that has a winner crowned at money in the bank, only to have Bryan show up after the match and demand his title shot, win the belt back and start feuding with whoever “won” the championship that night

      • Tyson Black

        You knew exactly what I meant so it was no need of you wasting your time of day to type that first paragraph.

        Second, I agree with you when you say the focus for this PPV is between Evolution and Shield. However the only reason this feud is stale is because how Kane character has drastically changed since the beginning. With that being said I am not a PG Era fan at all. I hate all this kiddy, stuff cause I am rarely on the edge of my seat (but ill save this topic for the next time we see a post in regards to this). And no I dont want to see a new feud every week; I want this D Bry and Kane feud to carry out. But unfortunately it cant happen becaus Bryan neck was injured which his neck was messed up for a long time so I dont know why they handed him the strap at WM…. OH Yehh,,, because all your guys were whining.

        And not neccsarily, when he comeback he could have had a guaranteed championship match and could have won it back.

    • cx2

      maybe this could make creative come up with decent storylines for the other titles….bring mick foley back and re-introduce the hardcore title….do something new and exciting out of something that was last done over a decade ago

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    Everything was going fine til a Bella twin came to town. I imagine the next bad news to hit DB is the “you have aids” card. Even the Kardashians don’t
    ruin a guys career that fast when they date/marry them.

    • Joe Brown

      I’m sure that’s why he got hurt. You dumb as hell.

    • Some_Random_Guy

      Hey dumbass, his dad died. He’s taking a break to grieve!

  • Ice

    This can be perfect to put more importance on the U.S. and IC titles. If they do strip Daniel of his Title, then they should do a tournament, just as they did with the IC title.

  • @ScottieRock28

    Here’s the problem with a tournament for the belt(s): we just saw most of the top contenders in a similar tournament weeks ago. It’d only be worth watching again if starts like Cena, Wyatt, the Shield, and Evolution are part of it.

  • Forceton Banfodder

    Gullible mark

  • Matt Gallagher

    They gotta strip him I’m sorry to say it. 6 to 8 weeks is WAY too long to not have the titles on tv. Have a tournament for it

    • Kayfaber

      ufc guys defend their strap twice a year

      • Richmond

        That’s different. THAT’S REAL WRESTLING.

        • Ice

          That’s not REAL WRESTLING, That’s Mixed Martial Arts.

          • Michael Perkoski

            Ken shamrock said the training for mma was nothing compaired to what you have to do as a professional wrestler.

          • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

            They are two different things, would you really do bodybuilder aesthetic training and concentrated lifts when doing MMA? Or would you rather do overall conditioning then practice the drills over and over and over. Personally, I know for a fact that I would rather train in something that is predetermined and aimed to do the least damage to you as opposed to one where I could get my teeth kicked down my throat in 2 mins.

      • Matt Gallagher

        That’s 100% different. The training those guys is a lot more difficult. And does UFC have more than one or two champions the people actually care about? Yes therefore they can get away with it

        • Don

          It is not harder..do a five minute google search and you’ll see how many MMA stars say wrestling is way tougher..

          josh-koscheck-says its 10 x harder.. King Mo says its 3 x harder.. theres a huge list… Wrestling is no doubt harder..

    • Richmond

      I’d love to see that. It should be at Payback, so WWE can get more viewers/WWE Network subscribers. I’d do the tournament like this:
      First Round
      Cesaro defeats RVD
      Kane defeats Sheamus
      Ziggler defeats Bad News Barrett
      The Wyatt vs Cena match should be added to the card with Cena winning

      Second Round
      Kane defeats Ziggler
      John Cena defeats Cesaro

      Third Round
      Kane vs Cena – can go either way. Could be Bryan vs Cena 2.0 at Summerslam or Kane vs Bryan 2.0 with their storyline continuing.

      • Matt Gallagher

        King of the Ring?

        • Richmond

          They should make a PPV devoted only to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship just like the King of the Ring PPV.

          • Matt Gallagher

            Night of Champions and change it to Night of the Champion. And make it big like where you get everybody on the roster has to qualify in the weeks coming up

    • mac888

      6 weeks aint bad..this is almost better than pointless feuds with guys like Kane anyway I think . WWE has invested a huge story line going back from summerslam all the way to wrestlemania so he’s a 6-8 month champion minimum. he can be on the shell for a bit and it wont hurt. But how to you justify this in the storylines? And the unfortunate answer is more focus on john cena I’m afraid

      • Matt Gallagher

        I wouldn’t mind if cena wins it somehow in a tournament as long as we get that cena/Bryan match at summer slam with Bryan winning it

  • TheGreenMan

    That poor hobbit :(

  • Mitch Cote

    If they do this right, they will keep it with Daniel Bryan for now. Payback is a bad PPV to debut a new champion/championship. Instead if DBry will need to be off for longer (which as a fan I would prefer if it means he doesn’t kill him self to come back too soon), set up beat the clock or other type of qualifer for a 6 man ladder match for the title. Leaves them with the most options if DBry is going to be gone for a long time, and also goes along nicely with the theme of the event.

  • Buzzard Follower

    Im sorry but thats 2 months in a best case scenario for his return they have to strip him give it to hhh or kane it has to be a heel in my opinion. I just hope bryan can get back on top and not suffer like ziggler did last year post injury

  • Ice

    They should either let Daniel Bryan stay with the title or make a tournament out of it, because all the other ideas as stripping it and handing to Kane is not best for Buisness. Watching WWE without seeing the WWE World Heavyweight Belt isn’t going to do harm, it’ll just anticipate the fans, waiting for the champion to return. They can do many great ideas to keep fans distracted from the WWE World Heavyweight title, just look how entertaining Bray Wyatt Vs Cena feud is going, and Evolution Vs. The Shield. Plus this can be a great way to bring a bigger meaning to the Intercontinental Title and U.S. Title, as it has lost value.

  • Mike Hillyard

    It sucks that he has to leave but I’m fine with them stripping him of the titles. It gives someone else the possibility of a push and he can get a title shot right when he comes back. He would be defending it at each ppv anyway so what does it matter if he goes in champion or challenger.

  • Reality

    I like the contradictions in the ideas. Give it to the authority, to Kane, to HHH… will allow for some fresh faces to get the title with the tournament… It’s good to explore the different possibilities, but here’s my say on it:

    Ppvs are now special events also, therefore it’s not that bad not to have the title there.
    It’s also an unfortunate opportunity to elevate your secondary titles. Having a unification match between Sheamus and Barrett (with a feud) can be constructed as a solid third main event in the absence of Daniel Bryan.
    And just look at how world champs were treated decades ago, they wouldn’t appear every week, they were special attractions that people would see only once a month or every three weeks. That’s why I had no problems with Rock being the world champ last year. It felt special (I just didn’t like having twice in a row the same main event at mania).

    You just don’t have to strip Bryan. Would just be a bad move. Having him chasing after the authority just a few months after the perfect ending at Mania of that same storyline is simply not a good idea.

  • bambam’s ghost

    It would be perfect timing for CM Punk to come back..


    Bryan got more attention when Punk left… I think it’s time to push Cesaro into the title scene with Bryan out.

    • Ice

      Cesaro has to detached from Paul Heyman first. Since Heyman isn’t helping him as he only speaks about Brock Lesnar and the Streak.

  • Tom Wing

    So……we are taking SESCOOPS articles…..re-wording them and calling them editorals?

  • Padres4life

    the guys career is over..I love the guy but his career is over! he’ll be forgotten and they’ll move on…..Life is cruel, he doesn’t deserve this .He worked so hard. Its just so sad and depressing.

    • mac888

      I think he just has to tone down the high flying moves when he returns, focus more on technique and mat based wrestling like he wrestled in his independent days and he should be able to resume his career

  • Johnny B Bad

    Keeping the belt on Bryan is stupid, give a heel the title and have Bryan fight whoever when he’s ready to come back. Problem is all of the top heels are in other storylines, and even Sheamus they just gave him the US title. I’m guessing this will put a hold on the heel change for Sheamus, because if not you’ll have heels holding all the singles titles.

  • satishwarne708

    I think the Cesaro should win the tile at MITB but this time it will actually be for the title itself.Bryan and Cesaro can feud from Sumer Slam and beyond.The next PPV should not have a WWE WHC title match,they were planing a DB vs Kane rematch any way so not much of a loss.Get well soon Bryan,YES YES YES!

  • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

    I would be very surprised to see WWE not strip the titles from Bryan. It would garner the top heels more heat in the storylines, get a fresh face in there while Bryan is out, and you’d have a guaranteed-to-pass storyline when Bryan returns. It’s all wins.

    WWE TV is going to be a bit less compelling without Bryan on it, but to take away the world champ too? I don’t know. I feel like they should take it off him… they did the same with Ziggler, pretty much. Just don’t drop the ball when Bryan makes his full-time comeback.

  • Bring Back Blood

    Punk is gone, Cesaro is running out of steam fast, Lesner beats the streak and doesnt even show up on TV, midget wrestling gets more time than Ziggler or Sandow, Evolution reforms and nobody gives a damn and now Bryan gets sidelined after one horribly lame ‘feud’ with the Big Red Old and Tired Gimmick masked Kane. I’ve never been less interested in the WWE, I PVR and fast forward 90% of the show. Lame Lame Lame.

    • Grumbles

      The Shield and the Wyatt family are the only positive points in the wwe right now. and whats with the wig on kane? Good god they are trying to bury Bryan with that feud and I bet they are happy he is injured. HHH needs to stay in the back and have a real GM on camera. Who care sir its pg or not, wrestling sucks for all ages right now.

      • Boo the Heels

        Lets not even start on the string of horrible new gimmicks that go nowhere fast. Fandango, Rusev, Big E, and now the unbelievably annoying Adam Rose. Add in the insanely lame “comedy” segments with Santino and whatshername…. Who is thinking this garbage up.

  • Bring Back Blood

    Horrible promo/angle to write him off of tv. Just brutal.
    Dragging his bella bride around with him plus feuding with suddenly evil Kane is ruining his character.

    • Mr_DJ

      Indeed, Evil Kane would make more sense if he would have been under Wyatt’s control after losing to him at SummerSlam…

  • Eskylee

    I see Brock finally getting the title out of this. Hold a tournament that’s what the fans want!

  • Some_Random_Guy

    Now, Batista will get his movie promo contract working and win the title in a battle vs one of The Shield (Reigns?)

  • FlawlessRKO

    It’s called the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

  • FlawlessRKO

    There is going to be no tournament, so why don’t you just shut your mouth and keep your lame ideas to yourself. There only needs to be one match to decide the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

  • brad

    Tournament time, come on wwe bring back the gold rush or maybe king of the ring or atleast some kind of tournament where there competing for the title.