Daniel Bryan Misses WWE Live Event, Unlikely For The Royal Rumble

Daniel Bryan did not appear at Saturday night’s WWE live event from Hammond, Indiana, despite being advertised. It was announced at the beginning of the show that Bryan would be not be able to appear and refunds were offered to fans who wanted to leave.

Big Show replaced Daniel Bryan in a match against Bray Wyatt in one of the top matches on the card.

SEScoops.com was the first site to break the news that Bryan suffered a concussion during the steel cage main event of last week’s RAW.

WWE has confirmed the news of Bryan’s concussion to multiple independent wrestling news sites, but has yet to make an announcement of the concussion on the company website.

Bryan is still advertised for Sunday’s live event from Kalamazoo, Michigan, but will not appear.

There are reports that the concussion he suffered on RAW was so bad that he will not be competing at the Royal Rumble.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Walter White

    Was kinda looking 4ward 2 DBry winning the rumble & his match vs Wyatt.Hope he gets better.Such bad timing.Hopefully he will still main event Mania.

    • Jamie

      like that would ever of happened

  • Ares


    Pretty much sums it up ^

  • Umeer Ahmad Cheema

    Why.. Why.. Why.. First Ziggler got a concussion on the worst timing and now Bryan.. Was really hoping to see him possibly win the rumble and headline WM :( Hopefully he gets well in time for the Rumble.

    • Desmond

      They are both small puny wrestlers that’s why. We need more big guys like cent and Big E who never get hurt and can wrestle properly. Thank god batista is back

      • Desmond

        Cena **

        • Joshi Danger

          Every wrestler today gets injured. EVERYONE. It’s sucks but it’s true. Even back in the day. Look at what happened to HBK when he first had to retire. Not sure if you are old enough Desmond to remember it. But he was force to retire early in his career due to an botched move during a Casket Match with Undertaker. Hell even Vince has injured him self in the ring. (Torn quad anyone(yeah I am looking at you Kevin Nash). So do some homework before you talk. The Bigger they are The Harder they fall. And big guys get injured too. As Owen used to say, “I Just Broke Your Neck.”

      • Orestis

        Man…You don’t have to comment stupid stuff…

        • Desmond

          It is not stupid ? It’s true. They need to bulk the hell up because they’re so fragile.

          • thaShowstoppa

            Yeah man cause HGH fuelled bodies somehow protect your head from concussions.

            2/10 at best.

          • desmond

            has cena ever got injured ? Big E ? Randy ? Brock ? Thought so. Face the facts.

          • thaShowstoppa

            Lol, okay I’ll bite, Desmond.

            Cena’s been injured 3 times in the past 7 years, neck, elbow and baseball in arm injury (tricep injury actually).
            Randy Orton not only concussion prone, broke his foot in 03, herniated a disc in 2012 and has had two major surgeries on his shoulder.

            Brock, well I’m sure you can remember his WM 19 injury, on top of that he also had an almost life ending case of diverticulitis.
            Big E has barely started so we’ll see how he goes, he’s only had to deal with that nasty cut from Ambrose.
            Other ‘big guys’ like Ryback broke his ankle and was out for almost 2 years.

            There ya go, have a nice day.

  • E.J. Willis

    Damnit I was looking forward to seeing him in the cage tonight too! At least I can still see Punk vs. Shield

  • Donny Octave

    Damn… Enough said.

  • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

    I can only hope WWE not making it public is a good sign. Like they know something we don’t. I hope he will be able to make it to the Rumble and I hope he will win.

  • Fabian

    Any possibility this is a work to swerve us at the rumble? :(

    • Jamie

      Nah, Tripple nose buried him

  • x-man

    Will there be any heat on whoever gave Daniel Bryan the concussion ?

    • GN-0015

      The cage will.

  • Scott Kinnard

    I know for a fact that he’s one of the reasons Raw is sold out in Dayton tomorrow. That’s the reason my son is wanting to go.

    • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

      I feel sorry for the poor kid, Daniel Bryan has been one of the hottest things on Raw alongside the Shield.

    • pwnez

      You guys will still most likely see Bryan tomorrow night, he just won’t be wrestling is all.

  • Marvin B.

    *kicks telephone booth Robert DeNiro style in Goodfellas* damn damn damn f*ck

  • superturbo

    I hope he’s alright!

  • Alan Lopez

    No no no no no no ????

  • scott

    I really hope this is a lie. I want this guy to win the rumble so bad. There isn’t a more deserving dude than him. He busts his butt harder than anyone on a nightly basis puts the best matches on if he can’t make the rumble I couldn’t even begin to predict who would win

  • NewsPeruse

    Hopefully they can have him in the Rumble but protect him … come in last and hit the flying knee on someone to knock them out, for the win

  • Anonymous18

    I was hoping we’d get to see something between Batista and Bryan after they’d clean house closing the go-home show to hype the rumble. Them being the last two at RR and Bryan winning it to main-event WM was something I wanted to happen but wow talk about the worst timing for bad luck. Get well soon Daniel!

  • LightningX32

    It all just seems a little weird that it’s been a week tomorrow and WWE has still not reported anything on DB having a concussion.

    • http://www.sescoops.com/ Mr 561

      A lot of people are doubting the validity of the news. WWE.com does not report all concussions. Bryan didn’t appear at Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings. He didn’t appear at WWE live events he was advertised for this week. He’s advertised for today’s WWE live event from Michigan and I’ll bet you $2.37 that he doesn’t appear there.

      • Just Sayin’

        I’m going to be at the live event, I can supply the results of the show if you’d like

        • http://www.sescoops.com/ Mr 561

          Please do

          • Just Sayin’

            Kofi Kingston d. The Miz
            Bray Wyatt d. Big Show in a steel cage via escape cage door
            Natalya d. Aj Lee in a non title match
            Mae Young Tribute Video
            Tyler Breeze d. Justin Gabriel via dirty pin (used the tights)
            Big E Langston d. Damien Sandow to retain I.C. Title
            Bad News Barrett d. Tyson Kidd
            R-Truth d. Fandango in fans choice match (was between match and dance off, match won 52% to 48%)
            Cm Punk d. The Shield CLEAN in a 3 on 1 handicap match
            All in all it was a pretty great show!

          • http://www.sescoops.com/ Mr 561

            any mention of Refunds re: Daniel Bryan?

          • Just Sayin’

            Full refunds were offered if fans visited the box office before the end of the second match

  • Connors

    Now everyone will cry and say “he’s not gonna win the RR now”

  • Cena Swallows

    Why couldn’t Cena have been in that cage ?!?

  • bambam

    No Bueno!!!

  • $42863687

    Oh sh*t, there was a live event in Hammond? I have family up there, I wonder if they went. Anyway, it really sucks that Bryan might miss the Rumble, that’s just good old fashioned bad timing for ya.

  • brad

    Batista for the rumble 2014.

  • Reality

    “SEScoops.com was the first site to break the news that Bryan suffered a concussion”,
    try not putting things like that in the article, makes you look desperate

  • A Realist

    Or maybe they’re just keeping him off live events so he IS ready to go for the RR.

    We’ve seen it enough times: if he wasn’t going to be able to compete at RR, they would have made an official announcement by now.

  • Bryan

    Ok it has been confirmed that Batista is winning.

  • d1l2g3

    Yes Yes Yes

  • Davey

    I hate to ruin it all for you guys, but this is obviously a work. DB will return at the RR to one of the loudest pops ever, win it and go on to Wrestlemania, simple as that.

  • JustAFan

    Lol can everyone just realize he is not main eventing WM he’s not winning the RR even if he wasn’t hurt we all know either PUNK or BATISTA is winning we’ve heard for months that PUNK is prob gonna fight for the belt if not him then Batista this not a work for DB to come back and the “BIG ONE” he’s hurt plain and simple as much as people wanna see Bryan on top its not gonna happen if you think cause the crowd goes crazy he’s gonna win you’re wrong their just gonna continue selling him as the guy who always has to fight and that’s it sadly maybe around summerslam he will get the title but right now he’s just gonna be used to sellout arena’s sadly

    • Davey

      Batista is not going to immediately challenge for the WWE Heavyweight Championship, and Punk, though one of the greatest WWE stars of the last few years, doesn’t have any momentum to speak of. Heck, he’s been pinned several times by Roman Reigns in recent weeks! DB is winning the Rumble, case closed.

      • JustAFan

        LOL its nice to dream isn’t it

        • Davey

          If I were WWE and trying to work the IWC I’d totally have some staffer visit the biggest prowrestling news sites and post the kind of stuff you posted so as to swerve the audience. DB returning to win the RR is probably considered to obvious at this point, so they will do anything to make us believe otherwise, hence vague talk about him having suffered a concussion.

          • Davey

            *too obvious*

  • captaindaddy72

    Aw poor bryan :(. I’m not a fan but I feel bad because he had an opportunity 2 win the rumble now that’s unlikely at best. I feel bad 4 the man

  • Buzzard Follower

    not going to lie the only reason i was gong to buy the rumble was to hope for a bryan victory. but no bryan no order from me

  • satishwarne708

    Why not just enter him at 30 with a huge pop and eliminate the last two guys dangling at the top rope?I know too much to ask for?Well hope he can make it to WM in a huge style regardless!