Daniel Bryan Takes Down Criminal Robbing His Home

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan interrupted a burglary at his home on Thursday night, chased down one of the thieves and subdued him until police arrived.

According to Phoenix police,, the incident occurred when Bryan and his wife Brie were returning home to their home in Phoenix, Arizona. Upon pulling into their driveway, they saw their front door open and realized they were being robbed. Two men ran out of the house and Bryan was able to catch one of them, 22-year-old Cesar Sosa. They got into a struggle and Bryan was able to wrestle him down and keep him tied up until police arrived. The second suspect was not located.

Sosa was booked into Maricopa County Jail and charged with burglary.


Bryan and his wife Brie spoke about the incident during a press conference, with Bryan saying he jumped into action because he was worried about their dog, Josie, who was in the house. He also got emotional when he revealed that the burglars attempted to steal a bracelet his father gave to him.

Here’s video of the press conference:

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • ibeBrave

    Damn… Hopefully most of their stuff is still there and their dog is OK.

    • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316

      their dog is fine they did an interview talking about the event and they had the dog was there with them

      • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316

        looks like sescoops added the interview right after i posted this reply :s

        • http://youjizz.com/ Jomo

          did they give you credit lol typical sescoop stealing info from others

          • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316

            probably just weren’t done editing the article

  • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316

    the fact that he was able to chase a criminal 400 meters and held him down until the cops came i think it means that his recovery is going good and should be able to get back in the ring

    The knee that stopped crime.


    • Guest

      here is the full press conference if anyone is interested


    • Leather Face

      Lmao sir, your pics are always awesome. Keep up the great work. My hat is off


      Daniel Bryan is seriously the best, but who has a press conference for a burglary?

      • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

        Dunno if it is what they do within small communities for America to raise local awareness.. At first I thought it was a topic he just touched upon lol.

    • pwnez

      I love how he gave credit to his neighbors and community. Bryan is a class act and I’m glad neither one of them got hurt. So much for the people who said he isn’t a legit tough guy.

      I’m sure those who say that wouldn’t have been able to do what Bryan did.

      • QuiteFrankly2k

        He isn’t someone who came from a rich background, he isn’t someone who has been lingering in fame for years. He knows how to still act like a human being. I respect the way he lives as well as his ideals. Knowing that his life was turned upside down only after a few days everything was seeming amazing and we still got to see him on RAW because it shows he cares.

        Bryan has my respect for the way he acts. Hopefully he stays the way he is.

    • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316
    • mac888

      chasing scumbag wetbacks around the neighbourhood and taking bumps in a wrestling ring are two different things I’m afraid. Bryan won’t be wrestling before Christmas if he’s smart, he should take the time to recover properly

  • DimTooC

    He Yes! Locked the man till cops got there

  • Frank

    Is his neck heath? As he was not wearing it in the inveiw?

    • K Dot

      Well damn if he’s not wearing his neck he must be dead

  • K Dot

    Took down a criminal with a broken freakin’ neck!

  • Guest

    Emma’s cousin



  • Shawn Olmstead

    Am glad all is well. That could have ended as horribly as this.

  • http://youjizz.com/ Jomo

    Typical Mexican stealing -.-

    • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316
    • jls203


      I’m Mexican and found dat racist comment funny lol… Still not mad as that joke, was great but dude did say Hispanic, not Mexican. Either way in the words of Eddie Guerrero “we lie, cheat, Steal”. So Viva la raza!!!

      • http://youjizz.com/ Jomo

        tambien soy raza loco lol es puro pedo

    • Steve Williams

      Sosa could have talked his way out of this…
      Bryan: WTF are you doing in my House??
      Sosa: I saw your garden little messed up so my ancestral hormones kicked in and I came to fix it.

  • insomniacreviewer

    I’m glad Bryan and Brie weren’t hurt.

  • Danny Morgan

    lie, cheat we steal

  • FTV

    A Mexican in Arizona? O_o

    • Flyin Brian

      One less illegal immigrant off the streets YES! YES! YES! Now if he can control our borders and keep all the illegals from hanging out at our Home Depots

  • B. T.

    So, Vince what was that about Bryan being a little guy that isn’t believable as a touch guy?

    • Gotstodobetter

      If he didn’t think he was tough he wouldn’t let him bet Kane for the thousandth time.

      • B. T.

        Vince said Bryan was to small and no one would take him as a touch guy. His words.

  • Curt Baboon

    I’m not sure I understand…

    Who held this press conference, and why? Is it common to hold a press conference when something like this happens to someone famous? Was this held by FOX News?

    I’m not from the States, so I’m finding all of this pretty bizarre.

    Regardless, good for D-Bry. Dude’s a badass.

    • MrKTE

      It’s kinda normal here whenever a “high-profile” case or crime happens, whether it involves someone famous or something heroic, the police will hold a press conference to inform the public and allow all the media groups to get all their questions answered at once.

      Its kinda stupid, but as someone who worked in media, it happens all the time.

  • http://www.Twitter.com/Daniell02242471 Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

    Daniel Bryan should’ve kicked his behind.

  • Fantasma Del Guapo


    • memoryman00

      When i read the name in the article, this is exactly what popped in my head. Good work !!

  • Bro88

    I really hope he put him in the Labelle Lock and made him suffer til the cops showed. Would have been appropriate.

    • Donny Octave

      Nah, would’ve been better if he locked in Cattle Mutilation.

  • CSSA

    impressive that he was able to do that post surgery. Hope he comes back with a new gimmick because that YES thing is starting to get old.

  • John

    Can anyone imagine if this was Cena’s house oh the agony those criminals would go through nonstop, uncensored agony of watching Cena’s 15 championship wins.

    • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316

      cena would bury them :D

    • B. T.

      Cena would hide behind Nikki saying “you can’t see me” as she called Bryan.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    Sosa Vs Bryan at Mania. BOOK IT!

  • Herald

    Bryan bif he sued you counter sue for Contributory negligence that’s the defendant’s weakness because mo matter what percentage of negligent they are they end up getting nothing

  • MB

    Bryan’s broken neck story > Kurt Angles broken neck story

  • abinniss


  • Glybirdy

    How did this interview manage to make me like Bryan more?

  • Mr. Beardsly

    How does this guy still manage to have a d-baggy expression on his face after being caught, chased downed, and completely owned by a guy 11 years older than him who just got out of neck surgery? What a POS.

  • Tattooed

    Typical B+ player only caught one thief an a+ player would of got both of them

    • a black guy

      L.O F**king L,comment of the day IDGAF

  • Buzzard Follower

    That is awesome and he did it WITH A BROKEN FREAKING NECK

  • brad

    I’m glad he’s ok and at the same time nice work Bryan.

  • JDS3105

    No surprise here. Daniel is a legit trained fighter. I’d rather get in a fist fight with HHH any day over fighting Bryan. Glad they’re okay. Literally the only thing that could make a laid back guy like Bryan get pissed.

    • memoryman00

      Or maybe tea bagging his wife. I’m sure that might get him a tad angry lol

    • Cujo999

      HHH is no punk. He currently trains boxing and MMA now, and in the past, he was widely said to have broken up the fight between Brock Lesnar and Curt Hennig on the infamous “plane ride from hell.” Anybody who will jump in between those two isn’t a guy I’m going to mess with.

  • FilipinoBroskie

    Watch WWE use this as Heat for Stephanie… lol

  • Progressed_Now

    Kurt Angle won an olympic gold medal with a broken frikkin neck! surely stopping a burglar is child’s play

  • theEDGE

    Sosa and Bryan are both 5’7 so it would have been a bigger struglle if the guy was 6’8.

    • B. T.

      Bryan is 5’10”

      • Daniel cryin

        Nice try he’s 5’5

        • B. T.

          no Rey mysterio is 5’5″ Bryan is 5’10”.

    • Seth Rollins: Blacked Out!

      If the guy was 6ft8, then he would get tired within 10 seconds

  • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed


  • Chris23

    I can easily see WWE using this in the Brie and Stephanie story line.

  • John Cena’s Golden Shovel™

    How DB takes down a robber with a weak arm and broken neck…

  • Deleted_Account

    Brie is gorgeous outside of WWE cameras.

  • satishwarne708

    and the whole neighborhood went YES YES YES YES

  • Danny Morgan

    its a work

  • mzibreg1005

    He was able to maintain control of the suspect until police got there!!!!!! You know who else needs to be able to control grown men for an extended period of time? Referees! He’ll be a great one.

  • Shades

    Just read this story and I can’t believe nobody made a comment about the thieves looking to steal Brie’s panties…oh wait damn I just did.

  • Dixie Carter

    Good guy. Yes yes yes…TNA TNA TNA. Always thought Bryan was a B-list garbage…and this just proves it.

  • MajorHeel

    If Cena did the same thing, you all would get mad at him for not putting the robber over

    • Iwc_sucks

      Yes yes yes best comment ever

  • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

    I expected the burglar to look different, but it’s great for Daniel Bryan to rescue his house!

    It”s cute that Bryan really wanted to make sure he’s dog was safe, so I’ll give him my heart, in terms of friendship, for that!

  • Lone Wolf

    Daniel Bryan a beast and did that with no fear! good on him, glad everyone is good. Now can’t wait till he returns!

  • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

    Speaking as someone who was robbed recently, it sucks that it has to happen at all. Freakin cowards.