Dave Meltzer Says Baron Corbin Is Not Ready To Be WWE Champion, Corbin Responds

Photo Credit: WWE.com

Dave Meltzer noted on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that he believes that Baron Corbin is not ready to become WWE Champion. Meltzer stated that Corbin was getting a push because of WWE’s “fetish with tall guys” and that Corbin needed to improve his promos.

Here is what Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio:

“I’m not saying Baron Corbin should never get pushed down the line or anything like that if he improves, that is fine. But him as World Champion now, at least with Jinder there’s an excuse but Baron Corbin it’s just like it’s their freaking fetish with tall guys. It is like, what has he done? What great matches has Baron Corbin had with anybody? You know, nothing. What great promos has he done?

His promos suck. Has he improved? Yes, he’s improved a lot. Yes, he can be in a tag team main event when he’s in there with AJ Styles and Sami Zayn and do his part? Yes, yes he’s okay there with Kevin Owens as a partner. Can he be a bully to Sami Zayn in an undercard match and have an average undercard match? Yes, he can. That’s not a World Champion”

Corbin reacted to a tweet by WrestlingNews.co that quoted Meltzer:


Meltzer and Corbin then had the following exchange on Twitter: