DDP Gives Update On Jake Roberts Being Hospitalized In Las Vegas

As we reported earlier today, WWE Hall Of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts was hospitalized in Las Vegas this week after going unconscious during an airplane flight to a wrestling appearance.

Roberts’ good friend — Diamond Dallas Page — took to Twitter on Thursday evening to provide an update on Roberts’ condition.

DDP tweeted the following:

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for MMANews.com and 24Wrestling.com

    • Guest

      It will be ironic if he and Joan Rivers passed away on the same day. They both made their careers based off their ability to handle big snakes.

      • WarPigsLukesWall

        Dude that’s a terrible joke, lol

        • Guest

          Yeah, but it’s a joke Joan would make in a heartbeat. She’d probably laugh about it.

          • Aperture

            Joan is a prime example of a douchebag. Leave the tasteless jokes to her.

            • Guest

              But Jake’s a saint, right?

            • WarPigsLukesWall

              At least he’s man enough to admit that he was wrong and change his ways.

            • Guest

              Yeah, I really meant no disrespect to Jake, it was just a quick reaction to Aperture’s comment. The original comment was a joke in light of the terrible news. Some people like to mourn publicly for celebrities and other people they don’t know because that’s how they cope. To go with the cliche, laughter is the best medicine and I thought a joke would suit. Didn’t take in account for the people that feel they need to feel disrespected and appalled on the behalf of people they don’t even know.

            • Aperture

              Laughter is the best medicine…that is pure crap. Some people actually have a connection with their idols. I haven’t met Jake but I had a past drug problem. I admire that man’s courage and strength during his fight to recover (Pretty sure that you will make a joke about that too). People have grown up watching this man and that connection irreplaceable. There is a huge difference between a stranger and Idol. I would have like to have thought that people would be considerate enough to wish him a healthy recovery, but I guess not. There is always that one person who has to make a joke after something awful has happened.

            • Guest

              Convenient to label what I said as pure crap and then follow it with that drivel. Being someone who idolized him so much, I would think you would remember how he had to use humor at times to get through the emotions of his HOF induction speech.

              I’d rather be the one person to make a joke (which wasn’t even out of disrespect) than one of the many people that feel bad for themselves and need everyone to know.

            • Aperture

              Is it that hard to understand that not everyone will be as tolerant as you in some areas? People have differences about everything, and humor is no different. I don’t feel sorry for myself and just because I mention my past problems with addiction doesn’t mean I want to let the whole world know. I am telling you I respect the man and connect with him because of my struggles.

            • Guest

              I honestly wish you (and Jake) the best of luck in the matter. Trust me, I am not without my own demons. I’ve always used humor and always will. To each, his own.

            • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

              I’m happy that you moved past your previous drug addiction and I would tell my friends about this, Mr. Aperture. Believe it or not, I have a serious food addiction that is taking over my life right now.

              My family is having a little gathering at Olive Garden, but I’m banned from eating at restaurants with my family due to ALWAYS eating all the breadsticks and making a “scene” when someone asks me to “share the breadsticks”!!!!!!!! My family should have my back, but those fu**ers need to realized that food addiction is real and would make you go insane without treatment.

              It has gotten so bad to the point that I have to change channels when a “Ruby Tuesdays” commercials comes on or any other restaurants that makes me HAPPY!

              Please pray for me, Mr. Aperture :(

            • Don mansfield

              Aperture is a dirty junkie

            • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

              The old Aperture WAS a dirty and filthy junkie, but the new one has likely found Jesus and is a new man. He is what I strive to be like within the next 12 months!

      • R-blaze

        very disrespectful.

        • Guest

          Cry me a river, Be A Star.

          • R-blaze

            your parent must be so proud of their basement dwelling offspring.

            • Guest

              You’re confusing me with your average wrestling fan. Nice to jump to conclusions though, we’re actually thinking for ourselves now, aren’t we? Couldn’t tell from your first comment.

            • R-blaze

              Good on you guest

      • We’re Here

        Man don’t listen to the people saying this is disrespectful. Laughter and humor is what gets us through hard times and if people wanna be miserable and grieve then have at it, but I’m gonna laugh it up and remember the great things about these two people (should they pass). While it may not be appropriate for Jake because he wasn’t a comedian, often the best way to remember people is to emulate the emotions they made us feel, so a Joan Rivers-esque joke is perfect. If the other people in the board feel it’s distasteful, that’s their opinion, but I wanna feel joy not sorrow. That’s what I did with Robin William’s death, I laughed and joked the way he would.

    • ffa

      hang in jake.

    • https://twitter.com/THEREALBIGMAC THEREALBIGMAC

      Even in that photo with DDP you can see how much of a great impact he has had on helping Jake the snake get clean. How happy he is. Keep fighting Jake.

    • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316

      glad to hear he is starting to get better, jake can pull through!

    • brad

      Man I hope he’s alright a true legend in Jake The Snake man. It seems like we’ve been losing wrestlers left and right between the last couple of years.

      • Dajoosesloos

        The man upstairs is calling all the 80s wrestlers to that big squared circle in the sky. Go to the light jake… Warrior is waiting to powerslam your ass!

    • Louis Salera

      Damn it :'(

    • Sigma ?

      Please pull through this.

    • Shades

      We should all say a little prayer for Jake. He’s had his problems but he’s really tried to better himself over the years. Jake ‘The Snake” is a great wrestler and an iconic piece of some our childhoods. I would hate to see anything happen to him, especially so soon after Robin Williams’ passing.

    • Bam Bam

      Well at least he is conscious even tho fading in and out seems as tho he is getting better. Hope he pulls through and makes a full recovery.

    • QuiteFrankly2k

      Slowly we will lose all our idols..its sad but it is true.

    • http://twitter.com/JamieEvsxx JamieEvsxx

      Get well soon Jake!…????