Dean Ambrose Gets Stitches After RAW (Photo), Ambrose-Renee Young Dating?

– As seen on Monday night’s edition of RAW, Dean Ambrose suffered a pretty bad cut under his chin during the main event of the show. According to the official WWE website, Ambrose required nine stitches to close the wound. You can check out a photo of Ambrose getting stitched up below.

– Speaking of Ambrose, according to a recent article in the UK-wrestling magazine “Power Slam,” Ambrose and WWE interviewer Renee Young may be dating. The publication wrote the following:

“One of our spies spotted Renee ‘Young’ Paquette and Jonathan ‘Dean Ambrose’ Good “looking very chummy together” on King Street in Toronto on the afternoon of May 8.”

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  • Matt Boone

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    • Rape Sloth

      Seemed a bit like that in the post show interview, this Sloth is jealous of that…

    • kevg365

      And wrestling is fake

      • Aperture

        Dear Douchebag,

        Shut up

        Sincerely, Aperture.

        • A Realist

          I think he meant that in a facetious way, my man.

          • Michael Carter

            Eh, the guy deserves it for using improper sentence structure. People say nitpicking at grammar is petty, but you can see here how it causes confusion. I have no idea what kevg is trying to say. We can only assume.

            Kids, clean up your grammar lest you look like a dummy. If you’re going to take the time to type it, at least make sure everyone can understand you.

            • Undertaker316

              not everyone is from the us or uk and speak english as their first language for many people english is their second language, also i think you look more stupid by not easily recognizing that they meant that comment in a facetious way

            • Michael Carter

              Naw, it was an ambiguous statement. The first two people that replied to him could not understand what he was trying to put across. Ambiguous

      • Stay Phokus

        so is 95% of things in television and movies

    • Reality

      If it’s true, it just has to be the coolest couple in WWE right now

    • Stay Phokus

      way to go titty master

    • omega riddler

      OUCH. That makes shaving tough i guess

    • 9 year old boy

      Who cares if he has stitches, at the end of the day he gets to bang Renee you lucky son of a gun!

    • terrence ryan

      These two have been dating for a while. It’s common knowledge.

      • Paul Kersey

        Yeah, we already knew Renee was a rat.

      • Ouch

        I read that Renne got married before she ever came to WWE (and is still married) so not sure about this one.

        • krakeon

          No. That name change thing was for her WWE stage name. She’s not married. Source: RL friend.

        • GN-0015

          What I heard was she was actually Nick Carter’s girlfriend before joining WWE.

          • Rasslinfan

            Nick carter from the backstreet boys ?

            • GN-0015

              Yep. Some wrestling site wrote it.

    • Dixie Carter

      Damn, they’ll be canned if they have anymore blood or any cuts. I’m sure they’ll have Barney come back and Homer Simpson be the guest GM to get the ratings up at this rate.

    • insomniacreviewer


    • Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

      Doesn’t matter I am always going to be a fan of Ambrose.

    • Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

      Bad cut.

    • valo

      what caused the guessing harper throwing his leg down into a facebuster on the mat

    • Kranney48

      They rode into Buffalo May 6th together also

    • GN-0015

      It’s always awkward to remember Ambrose’s real name. Hello Mr. Good!!

    • Oliver_Twisted

      I want to smell his fingers.

    • PacKimblee

      Welp, the TItty Master strikes again.

    • Tna_sucks

      wrestler is real and fake sadly somtimes u can spot how fake things are when a wrestler like the usos as they kick the person in the face they slap there leggs powwwww lol

    • Kayfaber

      I’ve had worse paper cuts

    • brad

      Who cares about the stitches he’s a lucky duck.

    • Hershey Maxwell Barber

      She’s a keeper.

    • raVen

      eww eww eww fatty tissue makes me cringe. No, I’m saying Ambrose has a fat neck/chin, ambrose fangirl