Detailed Backstage Update On CM Punk’s WWE Departure

Despite the fact that CM Punk is still included in the advertisements for WWE’s “Elimination Chamber” pay-per-view, and may continue to appear on some official WWE advertisements for upcoming live events in the future, the word within the company is that those will eventually be pulled.

In the past week, two different key people within WWE with knowledge of Punk’s situation, have noted that he was “as good as gone” from the company once his WWE deal expired in July. One person even claimed that Punk wouldn’t even last until the duration of his contract.

As far as the meeting between Punk and Vince McMahon backstage at RAW on Monday before he ultimately left and went home, one source noted that the meeting didn’t even take place until approximately 7:30pm.

The reason the Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio match went so long this past Monday night on RAW was because it took place during the period that Punk was originally scheduled to have a segment, and because he left, the two had to have their match go a second segment to cover the time.

Apparently there has been a working assumption within WWE creative for multiple weeks now that Punk was going to be leaving when his contract expired in July, and that he would not be signing a new deal at that time.

As things stand right now, Sheamus is scheduled to replace Punk on the bookings he had advertised for the SmackDown television tapings.

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    (Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Matt Boone

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    • 9 year old boy

      I really wanted Punk vs Bryan main event for Wrestlemania. I guess that ain’t happening now :'(

      • Nickc_

        It was NEVER happening at this years mania

        • 9 year old boy

          I know but there was still some small hope that it could happen. But now it NEVER will happen. Goodnight, I can’t take this insufferable pain anymore :'(

          • Nickcswerve

            i feel you pain :(

      • Aperture

        Are you still interested in the podcast. It would really help if you could reply in the next day so I can get everything together. I need to make sure who is staying or going.

        Give me an update.

        • 9 year old boy

          Yea let me just ask permission from mommy.

          • Aperture


            • 9 year old boy


            • Aperture

              Is good for you?

        • ibeBrave

          how do i view this podcast? ive seen your comments on the sight and i agree with alot of things you say…and ill think it will be fun to listen to???

          • Aperture

            It will be here on February 13th. I will do a broadcast on Smackdown as my first podcast. If you follow me, I will give you the link when everything is finished.

      • TheFaceOfSeScoops

        Yeah, an internet fan’s dream right there, isnt it. We already saw punk and bryan for the title at over the limit 2012. Go watch it. Wish granted.

        • 9 year old boy

          I watched it 100s of time and I want more!

    • Nightmare

      Its ironic that this is happening in July again. WWE has messed up big time, why must they always tick off there main stars? Hopefully this is a work from Heyman and Punk himself? who the heck am i kidding the guys gone. i actually think he planned on leaving before he learned of the wrestlemania card, because lets face it ever since he came back at payback the guy has acted like he is out of heart or don’t care. I don’t know what happened but ever since then he went downhill, and got pushed down to mid-card because of poor booking. and what happened to the pipebombs? If its 100 percent legit i think he was well aware a good some time ago he was leaving.

      • bambam

        He was aware when he took a 15 minute nap during the Royal Rumble match.

        • pwnez

          Exactly. He took that 15 minute break in the rumble because he knew what he was going to end up doing the next night.

          Could you imagine if he pulled a Gail Kim and eliminated himself from the rumble match?

          • bambam

            I just wished he came out Monday and really dropped an epic “pipe bomb” and told us that he was told to sell a concussion story line. A 5 minute rant on just all the BS backstage and tell Vince and HHH to fuuck off!!! That would have made my year. I just cant believe they actually wanted him to feud with Kane?? Who would want to see that??

            • Donny Octave

              We both know they’d just cut him off..

            • Dunlap Gabriel

              Who would want to see anything involving Kane?

            • Matt Zardoz

              The monster Kane maybe. But not this corporate cupcake Kane. Monster Kane vs Punk actually might have been good. But I agree this corporate cupcake Kane blows.

            • Brandon Burton

              I would.

        • Nightmare

          Half of me says this is legit and the other half does not want to believe it. I mean for god’s sake it’s Cm Punk, if anything he would have took the concussion Segment but would have gone out there, gone off script, Cut a hell of a promo and got fired on national television at least that’s how the Punk before Payback would have done it.

    • Aperture


    • partci

      Punk will be replaced by Sheamus, or like we say here “horse for a chicken trade”.

    • ibeBrave

      theres just dissapointment lingering in the air now :( I Truly Believe some of the commenters here would run wwe better than wwe Officials…..

      • Donny Octave

        I dont know if that’d be a good idea.. Punk has said it himself. Put a fan in charge of the company, and they’d just melt

    • bambam

      Great Punk leaves and you give us Sheamus. Why don’t you just beat my dog while your at it!!! Thanks WWE.

      • Aperture

        This is how my day went after the news…

        • John Laurinaitis

          We lose Punk, we gain Boring Sheamus. Just what we needed.

          • Aperture

            Even John Laurinaitis got the feels…

          • Andrew Campbell

            Punk was becoming boring aswell to be honest. Time away will be good for both him and the fans.

            • just saying

              how can he when he is being controlled by a company, the only reason you like cena, orton, bastista, and brock is because they’re ass kissers to vince and hhh.

            • Brett

              The company was making him boring so you can’t blame on that.

            • Cujo999

              There’s plenty of blame to go on Punk for his performance. They set him up to steal the show in his return match against Jericho, and he looked like crap. His in-ring work and promo’s were not as good as in the past. Many of the angles he was put into had potential, like Jericho, Heyman, Brock, and The Shield, and he just really failed to deliver. I like Punk, but he just wasn’t the same performer, and it certainly wasn’t just the booking.

            • SwindleFox69

              The thing is, no they didn’t. They had him portray a black and white good guy, who miraculously found his white hat during his two months off. And that character has NEVER been on that Punk liked or wanted to portray. As for the feuds, yeah the blame can fall on the booking. Mostly because there was no pay off for them. No one was better off because those feuds happened. The Jericho feud was stupid, we didn’t need another match to settle who was the best in the world when we had seen the exact same thing the year before (and got the same results), the Heyman feud was barely a feud. You’re probably talking about when he feuded with Curtis Axel and Heyman just did all the talking. That feud was a waste of everyone’s time because literally NO ONE believed the heat between Punk and Heyman. Then his rivalry with The Shield was pointless, they never worked it to where Punk would potentially benefit from taking on The Shield. They never booked it to where The Shield would benefit from taking on Punk. Punk’s biggest problem was that he wasn’t allowed to have fun anymore. The only matches where Punk was enjoying himself and you could tell was when He and Lesnar stole the show at Summerslam and when He and Bryan took on the Wyatts at Survivor Series.

              TL;DR: The creative team couldn’t think of anything creative for Punk and stuck him in boring feuds that didn’t mean anything.

            • Josh Knepshield

              The Brock match was great. Match of the year IMO.

        • CSSA

          meh, I don’t even watch WWE for Punk anymore. His popularity is declining and it’s about time for the next guy to get the spotlight, Bryan has earned it. CM Punk complained until WWE gave it to him.

          • nadeem

            CM PUNK complained?? your choice of words is wrong buddy. He earned everything. And as far as Daniel Bryan is concerned, he is not so good. He kicked his mentor. talk about respect. And for the royal rumble, punk was srewed and the public there ruined the PPV just because Bryan was not in there. Think well before you post dude.

            • honest

              Dude ur an idiot. The only reason punk “earned” being in the main event was bc wwe was gracious enough to give him the title and he walked away anyway. Remember…. money in the bank… u don’t earn things by holding a company hostage like that. Im sick of his crying and hitching backstage. I get it… u don’t like the way things are going, but how much change will he make from the outside? Dumb ass. Now he can sit at home and watch… i think he’s weak for not taking the segment and going all true pipe bomb… in the end wwe won and they won bc punk let them win.

            • CrazySeanDX

              Actually, he re-signed the same day as that MitB PPV. On July 17th, 2011. So him “leaving” ended up being nothing but storyline kayfabe in the end.

            • Keith D. Walker

              i would have left too vince is a ass hole

            • Michael Carter

              Oh my god, is this an actual mark here?

        • Michael Carter

          Ok, so the guy is crying while lifting weights? What’s up with that?

          • Aperture

            His stress was carrying a lot of weight….

      • pwnez


        • Pozessed

          Thought he was your favourite?

      • Jeremy-County Roberts

        this is my bromance song to CM Punk my feels right now as a wrestling fan

        • Jeremy-County Roberts

          lol god this site is full of haters.

      • Dunlap Gabriel

        Of course Sheamus would step in and the company guy…..isn’t he blowing triple H?

      • chris

        Sheamus isnt bad, how about we beat your ass

        • bambam

          Thats a good one. Why dont you beat your d i c k in your moms basement u troll

    • Aperture

      Time to back your bags and go to Feeladelphia…lik dis if u cry errytiem.

    • TheFaceOfSeScoops

      I understand Punks frustration, but he is kind of a damn crybaby, lets be honest. Hes done way more than a lot of other guys in the company. Money in the bank twice, multiple time wwe and world champion, longest reigning champ of the modern era, ic champ, tag champ, ecw champ, main events with chris jericho and undertaker at wrestlemania. And yet, still not good enough. Punk feels if hes not “the man” 100% of the time then its not worth it to be there. Unfortunate because he forgets how many fans he has. Hell, Im a Punk fan myself and I want him to be there but if hes going to act like this then fine. The least he could have done was finish his contract out. He wants to pull a Steve Austin and quit because he didnt like how things were going. Well SCSA said its the biggest regret he has. Im sure Punks pride will keep that at bay, at least for awhile.

      • bambam

        All great points. I just think he was tired and he quit on behalf of a lot of wrestlers in the locker room. They work their a$$es off all year and get bumped by part timers. I think Batista headlining Wrestlemania instead of Bryan and being put in a lame storyline with Kane was enough to say fuuck it im out.

        • TheFaceOfSeScoops

          Yeah the storyline with Kane isnt that interesting. It would all eventually lead to a match with hhh at wrestlemania which is not a mid card match by any means. Punk should realize he has ahieved more than a lot of the locker room ever will.

          • Chris Roy

            He’s has a great career no doubt, but does that then mean he just sits back and does whatever storylines WWE gives to him no matter how bad? I actually respect him more because he refuses to sit back being content and collect a pay check like many others, he actually does want to be the Best in the World all the time.

            I mean we get Orton at the top of the card as Champion, I don’t think there is anybody more boring on the roster than Randy, yet he is thrown down our throats as Champion. Punk would have made a much much more interesting Heel champ than Orton.

            And now we might have to actually sit through Orton vs Batista at WM30?

            What if guys like Steve Austin just collected a paycheck as the Ringmaster and never created Stone Cold?

            Austin said how he handled the situation was his biggest regret, but he still never said he would have went with the original plans. There’s a difference.

            • Orestis


            • TheFaceOfSeScoops

              I dont think his story with Kane is THAT bad. Its not that interesting. Then again it just started. The storyline itself is Punk vs The Authority. Very true to life scenario seeing as how he doesnt do well with authority. I would think it would heat up more, the closer we got to wrestlemania. Guess now we will never know. And how is Randy Orton boring? In what way is he boring? And we have never seen orton and batista for the title, ever. Why not at wrestlemania? Seems like a main event calibur match to me. And yes, stone cold does regret walking out and quitting (i.e. the way he handled it.) Its the same thing. Who do you want as champ? Daniel Bryan?

            • Chris Roy

              Orton is boring for a couple of main reasons. 1- his promos. They are so monotone and seem so forced and lifeless. He messes up his lines a lot and nothing he says ever sticks in my head. None of his promos are memorable. I honestly can’t remember one that has stayed with me. 2 – His character is very stale, he’s been doing the same thing for years now and not changed it up. in fact the best he got was the Legend Killer. 3 – People talk about Cena’s 5 moves of Doom, well Orton is right up there with that. Basically Orton is a very boring and generic version of John Cena.

              I can’t be the only one finding him boring either, since the crowd are shitting all over his matches.

              Emm we’ve seen Orton vs Batista for the World Title many many times.

              It’s not the same thing. He said he still wouldn’t have done the job to coach/brock.

              Yeah, I’d take Daniel Bryan over Orton or Batista any day of the week.

            • TheFaceOfSeScoops

              Okay now I do remember orton vs batista before batista left for the title. But that match was garbage and it was in a cage. Secondly everyone in the IWC says the same thing about Orton. Hes monotone. No he just has a deep voice, something that the little girls on the internet no nothing about. I dont hear him messing up his lines. Hes not the first person in history to trip over his words in a promo if thats what you mean. His character is emotionless and twisted. What else do you want him to do? And you’re mad because he has a moveset and he doesnt do what you want him to do? You want him to throw on some kickpads and do suplexes and bridges? Yeah Daniel Bryan seems to be the first guy on everyones list nowadays to be champion. IWC sounds like a bunch of little kids, “put the title on Bryan NOW NOW NOW!!!” Im sure you all will get what you want soon enough. Im hoping Bryan gets his big push soon to get all of you to stop crying about it. Then pretty soon you will be sick of DB and want someone new.

            • Chris Roy

              So what would you do then? Keep the belt floating between Orton, Cena and Batista for the foreseeable future? and keep it away from a guy that is white hot with the audience?

              You asked me why Orton is boring and I gave you the reasons why I think he’s boring. It’s fine if you don’t agree with it. Jake Roberts was also emotionless and twisted and had the Snake character like Orton’s Viper, yet he was 10x more interesting than Randy as a character.

              Daniel Bryan is first on the list because he’s over with the audience and can put on a great match with just about anybody. It’s not rocket science to see why people want him as Champ. People just want something new! It’s nearly a decade with Orton, Cena and (minus the 4 years off) Batista as the main event.

    • Ol’School

      Hey HHH………Well done!! Let’s see……..HBK and Flair were on the pre show panel. Road Dog and What’s his face won the straps. Orton went over and Batista wins the Rumble…….lqtm. Sounds like a good night to be a friend of HHH.


        Don’t forget about Nash being in the rumble.

        • raVen

          and sheamus being in the final 3

    • Zack Stinson

      Punk wanna know how to main event Wrestlemania? Leave WWE for 5 years, and come back as a part timer.

      • Kevin G. Wolfe

        You also need to do at least one main stream movie.

      • Jay Strongbow

        You also should wait for WWE to get bad again, then good again so that you can *REALLY* steal the shirts off of the backs of the people that made it good.

      • Henry

        Hate to say it but it’s true. Punks gonna do what he wants to do now which is MMA, and then a few years from now he’ll return back to wwe.

      • bearone7777

        ZACK—Your comment is right on the money. HHH giving into pressure from someone that has not a clue!!!!!

    • Cena Swallows

      Punk walked out like ….

    • Bullrogg

      Ok…now I will probably get a lot of hate for this, but I LOVE CM Punk…but I think he’s wrong here. He’s under contract…you honor the contract. He was the longest reigning champion of the last 25 years and still in tons of Raw and Smackdown main events. He wasn’t the man right now, but its not always about that. Chris Jericho wrestled freakin Fandango last year. Sometimes you just have to take a backseat for awhile and realize it’s not real. He needs to get over himself just a little. I still love him and wish he wouldn’t leave but that doesn’t make him right here.

      • Orestis

        To be honest I thought his reign was bad.Realy bad booking and storylines….

      • Jamie

        I’m sure he explained it all to Vince before he left, people aren’t robots that have to stick out a contract or else, if they have personal issues I’m sure WWE would be chill with him taking time off.

      • CSSA

        Punk screwed Punk. He’s being completely selfish just because he doesn’t get to main event the Show. His match with Jericho at WMXXVII was my main event, so i don’t know what the hell he’s talking about. Even if Batista or Brock main event Wrestlemania, they’re just gonna leave in two weeks anyway.

        • ihatemondays

          How’s it selfish? He deserved to main event it 2011, 2012, 2013, and if it weren’t for DB, 2014 as well. Instead they gave it to the 44 year old that hadn’t been in a WWE ring in 4 years. Talk about slap in the face to Punk. He had every right to leave.

      • Matt Zardoz

        Dude I love Y2J but he doesn’t even care about his own career. He would job to Curt Hawkins at summerslam if he got a paycheck out of it. So Y2J isnt a good example. That and Y2J had his time in the spotlight. Punk has every right to be upset. He’s been used piss poorly since jobbing to Rock 2 ppvs in a row. WWE is a job yes. But it’s also just like any other job, if an employee is unhappy they have every right to be disgruntled. Punk is obviously disgruntled and has the right to be. More superstars should be more like Punk and less like “yes man” jellyfish.

      • Matt Zardoz

        And honestly Y2J jobbing to Fandango was a horrible idea. If they gave Fandango a monster push I’d be like ok Fandango is da man. Maybe win a mid card title and run with it. But since Wrestlemania what has Fandango done? Absolutely nothing. The guy is a jobber almost on par with Justin Gabriel. Fandango is a joke. So what does that say about Y2J? 1 HHH and Vince have ZERO respect for the guy and 2 Jericho loses to guys he has NO business losing to. Part time or not. Ask Batista or RVD to lose to Fandango. Oh yeah, that would never happen lol. And this Fandango is the guy they wanted Jericho to job to huh?

        • El Torito

          To be fair, Fandango was supposed to win the IC belt at Payback before suffering a concussion.

    • Ares

      It’s going to be so weird watching WWE without Punk. Noooooooo!!!!

    • Bullrogg

      Talent roster is loaded right now. Punk leaving won’t be that big of a deal. He gets to rest up and return later when he feels better. You can tell he was just going through the motions the past six months or so. He was just falling off the ropes on that elbow drop.

    • smjames

      Wwe rating are really flushed down the toilet now…..

      • BasedWorld

        Sure it is lol

    • swanton141

      i would have liked to see Ryback get Punk’s spot, with the way Creative handled his first push and the bully character (during the B.A. Star campaign no less), but with Twitter thing he’s been doing he ruined himself.

    • Donny Octave

      Honestly, i like Punk, but he’s a damn crybaby. He moans and wines when he doesn’t get the main event spot although he’s accomplished so many main-event caliber things in his career…

      Longest Reigning WWE Champion
      2 Time World Heavyweight Champion
      Tag Team Champion
      Intercontinental Champion
      2 Time Money In The Bank Winner
      Fought Undertaker at Wrestlemania
      Cut one of the most talked about promos in pro wrestling history
      Tore the house down with multiple talented wrestlers
      ECW Champion

      But even through all that, he still complains. During his run, he achieved things in 6 years that it would take 10 for a average superstar to achieve. If this is it for him, and he goes out this way, good riddance, because it just proves that through it all, did he ever truly care? Or did he just lose hope? People say that Punk was the next Stone Cold, and this sounds alot like how Austin left that one time, just up and walked out when things didn’t go in his favor, without a real warning, and left. I don’t think that’s a good comparison to make between the two. It’s not a one man show, and he’s gotta realize that what he thinks could be a good thing, might end up being a big mistake, because he knows that if he goes out on WWE’s sh*tlist, they’ll make sure everyone forgets the name of CM Punk. Not anywhere near the level of Benoit (i.e. silhouetting his matches on DVD’s.) But still. If he would just wait his contract out, and leave on good terms, then he might still have a chance for that HOF induction when the time comes, but if it comes down to it, i dont see him doing that, and he’ll sneak away when the guns open fire… And Sheamus? Really? That’s the best you all can do? Sheesh, no wonder people hate that company!

      • Progressed_Now

        the next Stone Cold…… he couldn’t lace Austin’s boots if his life depended on it

        • Peer Pressure

          Punk marks are idiots, bro. The next Stone Cold? Can you believe how delusional these fools are?

        • Donny Octave

          My thoughts exactly

      • comic_book_fan

        he will sill go into the hall of fame look at Bruno and warrior and bret they are all init.

        • Donny Octave

          Yeah, but look at how long that took.

    • satishwarne708

      Sheamus to replace Punk I almost died laughing!

    • Porst

      Haha, Matt Boone is still around? This is the guy who used to end his copy/paste “news” reports with things like “REAL HOT PICS OF LITA NUDE CLICK HERE” or “JEFF HARDY GAY THE SHOCKING PROOF” and then it would just link to the front page of whatever newsboards paid him for generating hits.

    • Pfc Mark Kevin Apalisok

      CM Punk ways look similar to Bill Goldberg left WWE Because of the creative way! Because Daniel Bryan opportunity should win the royal rumble 2014! batista already won at 2005!

    • Bulgarian

      Ziggler in the EC, not Sheamus

    • nadeem

      A punk vs Bryan match would have been great….

    • Mic Wazowski

      You guys keep saying he’s selfish and childish for leaving for not being in the title picture or main event WE THE PEOPLE don’t know anything official yet all WE THE PEOPLE know is he left WE THE PEOPLE don’t know the reason.

    • Shockmaster

      WWE sure knoes hoe to screw up a good thing. They always have a wrestler get hot and then they don’t know how to handle it and keep it going. Watch the same thing will happen with Bryan. WWE only knows how to deal with generic, boring wrestlers like Cena and Shaemus.

    • BBWlover1969

      Who does wwe have to replace Punk’s mic skills? Daniel Bryan ain’t bad but take the word yes away and their average. And Brock Lesnar sucks so bad they need Heyman to speak for him.

    • theEDGE

      When i read this one name comes to mind, Steve Austin.
      Austin also walked out on WWE for the same lack of vision and not doing best for business.

    • Justin Davenport

      From what I read, he didn’t quit or complain for selfish reasons or motive. Punk quit because of how himself as well as a number of hard-working superstars in the locker room are taking a backseat to the over-payed “Part-Timers”.

      • Justin Davenport

        And I honestly feel that he can sky-rocket TNA if he were to go that route…I see a lot of WWE talent that could potentially follow suit and bring the WAR back to WWE’s front door. Not from a financial stand-point…but easily ratings/viewership.


      Punk is so overrated …. he had his run at the top and it was nothing special …. he is too “small” and his moves get old … his rants on the mic got old after a while too …his character has played out ….. time for new blood and to give other people a chance

    • ali loves natalya

      Honestly Iv been watching wwe religiously for decades and now ithe way things arnt going, its pushing me away. Like punk said in 2011 “the wheels are going to keep turning” people will still watch no matter what we do whether its boycotting wwe or have a million ppl chant nothings going to change. But im slowly moving away, Possibility of lesnar vs batista or even Lesnar orton batista bores the hell out of me.

    • SBG

      Ok guys check this logic out…

      What if CM Punk really didn’t quit?

      What if this all part of the lead up and storyline with his potential feud / match with Triple H at WM30?

      Think about it, it is the perfect lead in to a feud like that with Triple H. CM Punk being unhappy, Triple H not doing what’s right for the fans and company.

      It makes good sense but who knows…wishful thanking!

    • kimbroughs

      This is what the wwe is all about. They are racist and they are biased.

    • Ken Kuhlman

      this makes me so happy

    • disqus

      CM punk leaving will be costing money. Punk is indeed the best wrestler. I HAVE SEEN HIM WINNING all of them. He could nail all of the shields and has time left over. Punk please come back.

    • Samuel

      No no no. CM Punk shouldn’t leave. He is an asset. He is good for business. Sheamus is fantastic. Sheamus and CM Punk should form a tag team. That will be good for business.

    • GurlRocker

      Is there any chance they can get Daft Punk to take his place?

    • Paul Jones

      Without CM Punk (Phillip), the WWE wont be the same…I, for one, will miss CM Punk tremendously…Whether he was a fan favorite or a heel, he always gave us the fans, 110%, all the time!!!…:)

    • Mike

      Some thoughts on CM Punk:

      It’s too bad CM Punk is not really that big of a star. Beating him doesn’t really mean much. With WWE’s pecking order…. they’ve made it out to be where the only guy you can beat to make a name for yourself is John Cena. CM Punk would have gotten made after beating John Cena, problem is he was never passed that torch legitimately. He was still playing second no matter what. Defending the title in the middle of the card on PPV and continuously took a back seat to Cena in terms of matches and storylines.

      So beating John Cena never made Punk…when it should have. That is why I say Punk didn’t become a big star from it. The rub did nothing. So now, anybody that beats Punk… in turn.. will not become a big star because Punk isn’t one to begin with. This is why a lot of his matches look like common exhibition matches and don’t really feel that big. Upper management see it too which is why they were probably never going to have him main event a Wrestle Mania. He should already be on John Cena’s actual level in order for them to feel confident in him. I believe that the debacle embarrassment of a main event that was WM 27 between Cena and Miz is what got Vince and company nervous. Miz wasn’t ready and they let him actually take the last match at the biggest show of the year. It was so bad, (and dead silent in the audience) that they had to change it up mid match and have them get counted out, so the Rock can make it a no DQ match and interfere. That’s why they’ve been putting nothing but established big name stars in the event , since WM 27. They don’t want a repeat of that awful main event EVER again.

      It’s too late for Punk. The only guy in WWE that has a torch to pass is Cena. And by the looks of it, he still has that torch. Some people say he passed it to Daniel Bryan. Nope. John Cena is still on top. I honestly believe the only way anybody will ever be “the guy” is when John Cena actually steps down

    • max

      PUNK knows whats good for the WWE…He and Bryant both should leave,its not worth fighting 3 on 1 all the time….Just not worth getting injured for life..

    • Buzzard Follower

      cm punk at the meeting

    • Guy

      I really never liked CM Punk only when he was a heel the last time around. And you could clearly by his actions and how he performed that he was getting burned out.. That’s exactly what happened

    • Ilovecmpunk

      Why did CM Punk have to leave I spent this whole week crying! And I mean Sheamus for real!! GREAT job WWE! Until Punk comes back they’ve definitely lost a viewer. Al I can say I’d they dropped the ball. SEVERELY DISSAPOINTED ????????

      Legit me this whole week…

    • Sam Ring Huang

      So I agree that the WWE management is not giving the Fans what they want. In order for the Fans to convince them to do what is right for business. At every live-event or Paper-view broadcast; half way through the show or etc. leave the arena and get your Refund; When WWE wants their fans back and improve their rating; they will do better! Like the Refunds that millions of Fans asked for from the last PPV Royal Rumble

    • niko68

      Another main guy gone on bad terms…..when will the rest of us learn to STOP giving the WWE the ratings and money! They don’t care that Punk is gone as long as we keep feeding them $$$. Just as they didn’t care when Austin or Hogan left….there are people DUMB enough to keep watching, attending the events and buying the merchandise! It’s time to take a stand, even if it’s just for a while and show them that we deserve better! This is a CRUSHING loss for the WWE Universe! The bottom line is anyone employed by the WWE is nothing more than a puppet! Punk did everything that was asked of him by the WWE and more and look how he gets treated…same goes for zoo many other past and current wrestlers! It’s complete BS!

    • Alvin

      They need to do,
      Cm Punk vs Daniel Bryan
      Undertaker vs Cena
      Batista vs Brock Lesanar
      Shield vs Wyatt family
      for WM30!!!!!!!!!

    • Ivan Tufa Knezevic

      yeah so let him be…then sit down and have a chat in around the mid july august area, 6 months break would be very handy with his work schedule!!