Details On Fans Being Kicked Out Of Monday’s RAW For Holding Up Signs

Apparently WWE kicked two fans out of Monday’s RAW in Green Bay, Wisconsin for holding up what were deemed inappropriate signs. One fan noted that he gave his “Randy Savage for WWE Hall Of Fame” sign to the person sitting next to him and felt bad when that person was kicked out with him.

Other signs that were reportedly deemed a problem by security were ones that read, “Ronda Rousey can armbar John Cena and make him tap” and “Less Talk, More Wrestling.” One of the fans also had a sign that said CM Punk was right when he said the UFC is better than WWE.

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    (Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

    • pwnez

      “Less talk, more wrestling” and “Randy Savage for WWE HOF” is deemed as inappropriate? Not inappropriate, just truthful.

      • Y2J

        They can’t handle the truth.

      • Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

        You’re the only one who can get so many upvotes :).

      • brad

        Yeah I mean I can kind of understand the ufc one but those other two are pretty good if you ask me.

    • ballz

      well fans have to be tamed. lol

    • ruletheworl

      Go check out bruce blitz raw review 2 24 14 on youtube. the man who got kick out is on the show

    • JC

      Raw in Chicago next week will be an empty show considering all the punk chants and signs…

    • ApexPredator

      Articles like these are always misleading. These people that were kicked for holding up these signs were most likely being drunk and belligerent. Or they were asked to not hold up the sign anymore and continued to do so. They probably deserved to be removed from the arena.

      • Nick Bergmann

        Dude wasn’t beligerent at all. Was just a regular dude like all of us who want the WWE to push the right people. Check out Bruce blitz on YouTube. He interviewed the guy right after it happened.

        • Joe Playswithmatches K

          Bruce blitz was ready to interview someone right after it happen. Like they knew he would get kicked out. Hmmmm.

          • Nick Bergmann

            Watch the video. You’ll understand the circumstances. It’s a live YouTube round table on Google hangouts and the guy is a weekly viewer who was invited on the show.

            • Joe Playswithmatches K

              so because a dude says he was kicked out for a sign (which is the new cool thing to happen) it must of happen. SMH

            • Nick Bergmann

              Gotta watch the vid, bro. That’s all I can say

            • Jamie

              How about the fact that he was on TV during the first hour, then he vanished.

            • Justin Stever

              or you can ask me yourself. Im right here!

    • Juan Gutierrez

      If wwe keep kicking people out of shows, its time to boycott wwe. Chicago should be interresting. First amendment

      • BrettHD

        That’s what I’ve been saying all along. It’s time for fans to come together and put our foot down to an extent where they have to start listening to the fans.

        If we’d organize and refuse to watch raw for a week or two to the extent their ratings plummeted down to the 1.00’s or if we could get half the people with tickets to boycott an episode or two of raw so wwe would be humiliated by having to go on live tv with an arena that’s half empty… Then Daniel Bryan would be champ and Punk would be challenging him for the belts in the main event at wm so fast our heads would spin.

        The reason they do this crap an ignore us is because no matter what they do everybody keeps buying the product like good little sheep, and the only way that’ll ever change is if we say ENOUGH and make them change.

        • Some_Random_Guy


    • NXTAmbrose

      I don’t understand the value behind ‘WWE’ being the great company they say they are. During the monday night Wars vs WCW. You can bring any sign you want, trashing WCW. Now here in 2014, fans are simply holding up signs speaking out their minds and they get kicked out for it? Geez, …. I do not blame CM Punk for leaving and selling out to a storyline he didn’t believe in. Look at your hero Daniel Bryan, he’s not even in the main event at Wrestlemania, yet he’s going to fight someone who only wrestle’s once a year, twice a year if you’re lucky, and he only wrestles at Wrestlemania for the big payday, the sellout himself, Triple H. All of this is why I DID NOT SUBSCRIBE TO WWE NETWORK. XD

      • Joe Playswithmatches K

        Dude, you really can’t determine storyline from reality. If he beats Triple H at mania he goes way over. He can win the belt at summer slam…. one year later. Hell he most likely will win money in bank. CMPunk is a work, that’s why you don’t hear anything from him. Do you really think Vince McMahon would allow the Most important Mania get all f**ked up. Stop being a tool

        • NXTAmbrose

          CM Punk is absolutely 100% not a work That I guarantee. You’re dead wrong on this one. :)

          • [S]a[R]a[H]

            Lol wcwpunk vince McMahon said in a break with pay plus a wee talent ad said punks considering returning next week in Chicago.So yes it does point to a work duh

      • Noah

        During the Attitude Era,Fans could do whatever they wanted.Can’t now cause it’s PG.For little kiddies and little teenie boppers.Nobody really knows why Punk left.My opinion about it is that I think he was being a baby and didn’t get what he wanted.If Bryan beats HHH at WM,Which I think he will,That will Bryan way over cause he beat a big name in HHH.

        • Don E

          hhh will go over bryan like he did punk during the summer of punk

        • BrettHD

          No, he didn’t get what he earned. Not what he wanted.
          Nobody can honestly say that anyone on the roster deserves to main event wm more than CM Punk. I love Daniel Bryan but after two years of punk taking a backseat to rock vs cena matches this was rightfully punks year. It doesn’t matter if you like him or not, he still earned it

    • bri

      Guess WWE doesn’t believe in freedom of speech. Obama must love them.

      • WWESucks

        Freedom of speech only applies against government prosecution not wwe but yeah its stupid that they kicked someone out for that. The only reason i watch wwe is to watch Randy orton

        • bri

          freedom of speech applies to everyone. I never said you could prosecute them.

          • WWESucks

            I know it applies to everyone but I’m saying it protects you from the government not from a business

            • bri

              I never said it did. I said apparently WWE doesn’t believe in it.

          • Bully FU

            Get a clue…

            • Scott Hall’s Razor

              Still, WWE could’ve taken the initiative and had these signs taken at the door, or just take them away from the holder. It’s not like there was a sign (at least there wasn’t at the Rumble) indicating a bad sign can you get you tossed. Furthermore, even signs with a negative message shows that fans care enough to make them. They aren’t going to make people stop watching.

            • Pentoth

              People today forget that freedom of speech means defending and allowing speach that you don’t like. It’s not meant to be say something and get dumped on because special interests groups who don’t like it.

          • BrettHD

            He was right, it only applies where the government is concerned. It prevents persecution for speaking out against the government and doesn’t apply in any other areas of daily life

      • Some_Random_Guy

        Nothing to do with Obama, maybe they’re just “misplaced” like those WMDs, fool… -_-

      • Brian Buckley

        Leave President Obama out of it. you know it is not true..

      • Jimmy

        Not too sure what the president has to do with this…..

    • Jaaa

      Well if they would’ve cooperated maybe they would’ve let them stay. One security guard and one cop went over by them. Then when they wouldn’t get up the cop called for a second one. Then they got up.

      • Justin Stever

        Um you are crazy if you think that is what happen…

    • Dan Shamblin

      Adolf McMahon herman helmsley stephine mengle the third Reich of the wwe

      • tommyboy44

        Hey, leave my first name out of this, but i know where you’re going with that.LOL

    • payton

      I Want A ”Less Talk More Wrestling” T- Shirt

      • Killthecrown

        Sign me up for one of those.

    • Buzzard Follower

      wow petty aint it

    • Mike

      CM Punk said that?! That MMA shiit is boring as hell. For something called “mixed martial arts” 95% of their fights are exactly this: Generic Punch/Generic kick/mount position/tie ups/submission.
      I don’t see an expanded variety of Muay Thai , Jiu jitsu, or Kick Boxing. What I see for the most part are two dudes all tied up on the ground all tangled up instead of going toe to toe showcasing a variety of their so called talent. “Mixed” martial arts bullshiit. I expect to see some hot fights, and all I end up seeing ground and pound garbage.. some of the most untalented ghetto looking fights similar to what you’d come across on the streets.
      I’m not saying these cats aren’t talented.. but that MMA garbage is watered down nonsense, and they’re not showcasing everything. Robbing people cheap asss entertainment , flash in the pan nonsense on their timed shows. Yeah.. you heard me. White gets a lot of tips from master promoter Vinny Mac. You best believe that.
      Filling up the whole show with garbage ADs all over the ring, commentators and interviewers hyping this crap like it’s hot shiit when it’s not. Joe Rogan talking out of his asss about how hot it is. Please… that shiit isn’t hot, but it could be. ADs, ring girls, BS hype, and a bunch of inked up fellas that can’t be told apart unless they stand out like Brock Lesnar or Anderson Silva. But don’t get it twisted… that’s not the problem with MMA. The problem is no variety and the same ol’ shiit style that’s not entertaining in the least. Punk is just drunk with stupid right now. So I’ll give him a pass.

      In reference to “less talk and more wrestling”. Yeah…. go say that back in the attitude era. Talk actually makes the wrestling more enjoyable and it actually creates emotional investment.
      And the other sign “Ronda Rousey can arm bar John Cena and make him tap” Who really cares? She’s so damn cute if it were me… I’d pick her up and carry her in my arms and she’d love it. And John Cena would probably do the same thing with her too. These neck beards need to quit trying to be rebels. They don’t do it correctly anyway, and it’s getting corny.

      • j l

        You are obviously not watching the same MMA as the rest of us are then. Some of the best jiu-jitsu practicers in the world do MMA. Damien maia, jacare souza, etc.

        You talk about kick boxing, ever heard of steven wonderboy thompson? watch his last fight in the UFC. Hook kicks, axe kicks, round kicks, etc. Not even close to “generic punch kick” as you state.

        Probably another “just bleed” fan who dosent understand whats really going on.

        • Mike

          “You talk about kick boxing, ever heard of steven wonderboy thompson? watch his last fight in the UFC. Hook kicks, axe kicks, round kicks, etc. Not even close to “generic punch kick” as you state.”
          Well I did say 95%. …. that leaves 5% now doesn’t it? So where is the mix up?

          “Some of the best jiu-jitsu practicers in the world do MMA. Damien maia, jacare souza, etc.” <<< So what? I never said they didn't.

          You're not telling me anything here man… And I believe I was only talking about talent and skill, so where you getting this 'just bleed fan' shiit from?
          I don't understand what's going on? Yeah sure…
          You're not even telling me anything. Look man, if you're going to try to deconstruct my argument, you can't get confused on things I was already clear about. Spit out an actual argument related to what I actually wrote, otherwise… forget it.

          • j l

            You gripe about guys being on the ground, instead of “toe to toe showcasing a variety of their so called talent”. Ground skills are part of MMA dude.

            Thats why i called you a just bleed fan. You want to see knockouts, you dont care about the technicality of ground games.

            You talk about wanting to see an expanded variety of BJJ, then I name several of the best BJJ practioners in the world, who have taken their expertise in BJJ, and morphed it into an MMA arsenal, and you scoff at the argument.

            How much more “expanded” can you get, then watching world champions take their game, and expand into a different sport.

            If you dont want to see good ground battles, stick with kickboxing or boxing.

            if you think MMA is boring, clearly you dont actually comprehend whats going on.

            • Mike

              “You gripe about guys being on the ground, instead of “toe to toe showcasing a variety of their so called talent”. Ground skills are part of MMA dude.”
              I never said ground skills weren’t a part of MMA. So you’re not telling me anything. I believe I mentioned the word variety. I was very clear.

              “Thats why i called you a just bleed fan. You want to see knockouts, you dont care about the technicality of ground games.”
              No, that’s you telling me I want to see knockouts. There was no mention of knockouts anywhere in my original comment.
              I challenge you to quote me word for word where I claim to want to see knockouts. You seem to be making a lot of shiit up. I’m talking about talent and skill only and the fact that they leave a lot to be desired in terms of skill.

              “You talk about wanting to see an expanded variety of BJJ, then I name several of the best BJJ practioners in the world, who have taken their expertise in BJJ, and morphed it into an MMA arsenal, and you scoff at the argument.”

              Yes, you named some guys that use jiu-jitsu and bring it to MMA. And as I stated before, I never said that they didn’t. Where the hell do you get this scoffing BS from? You need to stop making shiit up.

              ” How much more “expanded” can you get, then watching world champions take their game, and expand into a different sport.”
              A lot more. I was clear since my first post that a good 95% showcase the exact same shiit. They leave a lot to be desired. Figure it out.

              “If you dont want to see good ground battles, stick with kickboxing or boxing.” Why even tell me this? It’s pretty obvious I would stick to something else…

              “if you think MMA is boring, clearly you dont actually comprehend whats going on.”
              It doesn’t work that way son. Saying I don’t comprehend what’s going on because I find it boring is like saying I don’t comprehend what’s going on because I don’t like a certain film or tv show. It’s called preference. Why do I even need to explain this common shiit?

              Anyway to sum it up, your problem is that you don’t like my opinion on MMA being boring. It offends you. And you want me to see MMA the way you see it. To that I say, tough shiit. I don’t care. You’re not going to change my mind… and I’m not going to explain to you jack about how I feel on it any further. I suggest you move on. Case closed on the subject.

            • j l

              ya, case closed is right, you are obviously too dim to comprehend any of my arguments.

        • Jimmy

          Better than a fan who doesn’t know how to spell the word “doesn’t”.

          • j l

            Bite me grammar police. Forgetting a comma does not invalidate my argument. If you aren’t going to actually contribute to the conversation, keep your mouth shut kid.

            • Jimmy

              Haha it’s actually really funny that you think you forgot a comma. It’s called an apostrophe. A comma goes on the bottom like this, and an apostrophe goes on top. Aside from that, I was telling you that you spelled the word wrong. Grammar and spelling are two separate things. So I guess I contributed to the conversation by pointing out the fact that you’re stupid. Don’t get mad at me just because you don’t have a reasonable command of the English language. Have a nice day!

            • j l

              Meant apostrophe, wrote comma, oh well. By the way dosent is spelled correctly, its just a less formal version. Seriously how pathetic is your life you come on wrestling articles to correct people? You calling me stupid is hilarious, you don’t want to compare brain pans kid I promise. Now why don’t you get out your red pen and grade the guy I was replying to, since his posts are riddled with inaccuracies. How is the weather in your moms basement today?

            • Jimmy

              What’s a brain pan?

            • j l

              It means you dont want to try and compare intelligence with me. You have honestly never heard that reference before? I guess you are young.

              Ill happily post my IQ and test scores, if you want to compare.

            • Jimmy

              Haha dude you’re absolutely hilarious. I was making fun of you because you separated it. It’s not brain pan, it’s brainpan. It’s just one word. Also, it has nothing to do with intelligence at all, but it’s cute that you think that. It’s actually just the skull. That’s it. If you consider 32 to be young, then I guess I’m young. No, I don’t need you to post your IQ and test scores (not too sure what tests you’re referring to?) I just think it’s fun to ruffle some feathers on the internet when I have a day off from work. Clearly I’ve succeeded here. No more arguing is necessary, it’s just nice to know how sensitive some people are. Have fun getting angry at people on message boards the rest of the day.

            • j l

              The word brainpain refers to the skull, yes. Thats not how I used it however. I guess you havent heard that phrase before.

              I didnt think you would want to compare, dont want to get embarrassed. Did you go to college? What test scores would you think im referring to? ACT/SAT, and ASVAB(if your school let the military in like mine did), come on dude, theres not that many tests out there i could have been referring to.

              You do this on your day off? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. Im getting paid to do this.

              Dont get it twisted, im not angry. I just dislike trolls like yourself who add no intelligent debate whatsoever to the conversation.

              I enjoy MMA, and I dont want brain dead morons like mike, who dont understand the nuances of the sport, badmouthing it.

            • Jimmy

              Yes, I went to college. (Despite my troll status, I actually graduated!) Yes, I was in the military as well. No, there is no reason to compare our scores because either of us could easily lie and say we scored a 36 on the ACT or a 99 on the ASVAB (or a perfect on basically any type of aptitude test). Neither of those is true for me, and I doubt either is true for you. And yes, a few hours out of my day to piss off people on the internet is actually fun. Maybe that means I’m a troll, and if I am then so be it. So like I said, no more arguing is necessary. If you need an intelligent contribution to the conversation, then here it is: you’re 100% spot on when it comes to your evaluation of MMA. MMA fighters are some of the best athletes in the world, and they might actually be the best. I was in pretty decent shape when I was in the military, and I took a couple BJJ classes. It was without a doubt the hardest physical test I’ve ever had in my life. While a great deal of it is laying on the ground and grappling, most people don’t realize that it’s when you’re on the ground that all of the psychology of the sport comes in to play. Just knowing that if you move the wrong way for just a second, or if your hand slips out of position, then you’re done and the other guy is going to win. It’s a difficult sport, and I have nothing but respect for the guys and girls that do it.

            • j l

              Actually I did score a 99 on my asvab(missed 1 question, so not quite perfect), was offered a spot on a nuclear sub as an engineer, but i failed my physical(had my jaw broken when i was younger, and they failed me for all the wires still entwined in my jawbone) =/ Only a 31 on my ACT though.

              Thank you for at least having a knowledgeable opinion on MMA. I too did some MMA classes, but I wont lie, I couldn’t hack it physically. I made it about a month and a half, and my body just couldn’t take it. It was a lot of fun though, and gave me a little bit more knowledge about the sport than I had before. The guys who do it for 10-12 hours a day, 7 days a week, are absolutely studs, and deserve respect.

              Personally I dont care if everyone likes it, I just hate when people bash it because they think ground battles are boring.

              This is what had me frustrated earlier. You are perfectly capable of intelligent conversation, and instead we get into debates about the english language.

              I apologize for my childish retorts.

            • Jimmy

              Yeah, I really hate it when I type the word apostrophe and stupid spell check changes it to the word comma. It’s a pain in the ass. I also love the fact that you keeping calling me kid. Also, I didn’t realize that being smarter than someone else meant that I had to live in my mom’s basement. If I had known that, I would have moved back in with her a long time ago.

            • j l

              i didnt blame it on autocorrect like a lot of people would, now did I? I admitted my mistake. I call you kid, because I shudder to think anyone but a teen would take the time to go correcting people on a random internet article.

      • Progressed_Now

        indeed, Bully Beatdown is funnier

      • Mr_DJ

        Today’s era could stand less talk and more wrestling.

      • Guest

        you had me at “That MMA shiit is boring as hell.”

    • Steve Williams

      Hmm you are kicked out of the show for the expression of an opinion….which has no offensive language AT ALL….Is it WWE Universe or North Korea? I hope if others don’t at least those who got kicked will boycott WWE for life

    • ??WhySoSerious?? ^S^

      Am i the only one who thinks it would be a perfect time to bring up the Ascension group and pair them with taker that way he could be on tv more and not have to move around as much and obviously be the mouthpeace.

      • David Morell

        I read somewhere that it would be interesting to have them debut and Taker be their manager or backstage coach or something.


      Bruce Blitz on youtube! had the guy on the panel, who got kicked out , the Raw Review

    • Justin Stever

      @justinstever for the whole story. Im the one who made the signs


      I miss punk SO much it’s not raw without him. Having the deadman back helps though

    • Daniel Breslow

      Randy Savage SHOULD BE in the HOF!!!!

    • captaindaddy72

      The less talk more wrestling sign and the randy savage sign seems like wwe is being 2 controlling. But the other signs? Yea I see y wwe confiscated them



    • Bong_Hit

      I guess this time it’s true, well that sucks. Hey thanks for buying a super expensive front row seat. You got signs that are not actually offensive but our feelings get hurt when we read them…………OUT YOU GO!

    • Sigma ?

      Way to disrespect the fans WWE. Disgusting really.

    • Bam Bam

      Again Vince stop with this PG crap. As long as the WWE is not gonna allow ppl to use their first amendment right is one of many reasons Linda is not gonna win political office. They payed for their ticket and they can’t even express themselves freely is one reason I won’t go to anymore WWE events.

    • Shockmaster

      WWE is going to have a fan revolt on their hands if they keep this up.

    • Louis Salera

      Chicago Chicago. Please be on your worst behavior for Raw. Randy Savage for Hall of Fame is inappropriate? Huh? The Rousey comment too? WTF??? Wtf happened to freedom of speech?

    • nickgrasso

      What happened to freedom of speech. It seems to me that this company is looking to go to war with their fans and thats a war they can’t win.

    • Jason Kaetzel

      here is a thought.. if everyone seems to be pissed about the WWE product why are you still watching?

    • Marshall Mathers

      wtf and then they say the fans have a voice, yeah right.

    • raVen

      I remember seeing the Savage sign early in the show. it had his sunglasses and said HoF at the bottom then suddenly it was gone. With wwe network launching you would think Savage would be a great marketing tool to bring old school fans in. I didn’t think that wwe was so sour on the savage/poffo family still.

    • Luke Moore

      The first part of the Raw review interviews one of the guys who was ejected from the crowd:

    • Comedian Kelly Doane

      Again COO HHH and fam holding people down…..notice C.O.O. IS A COO?

    • Eric Zeigher

      I guess Vince doesn’t want people at wwe shows. Ok, I’ll just keep my money.

    • Christopher Miles

      You know I was in to it till it turned in to a soap opera anymore

    • C. Krug

      personally i found those signs just fine..if that were me,id stop watching WWE altogether after that incident….fuck security ,there idiots

    • bootista

      That’s bs. The “punk was right” sign was visible throughout the entire night. So was the macho man sign.

    • Brian Buckley

      I would support Randy Savage for WWE Hall of Fame(HOF). Less Talk, More Wrestling, I dont see anything wrong with that signs. Both should not be kicking out. if this has nothing to do with signs, two guy must be out of Control or something that I have not seen it. Unless it has Video to prove it.

    • chris

      Wtf vince you should get sued for trying to take away the right to freedom of speech

    • tnicols

      boycott WWE; they will get the message. we vote with our wallets.

    • Muggy C

      They should never have taken away their signs, that is outrageous, but even if the WWE did take away their signs, to then kick those fans out of the show, that is just absolutely ridiculous. As long as they got the fans money for the tickets though, right? So glad I don’t watch the WWE anymore. It’s a joke. Just goes to show you what a lack of competition will do to the WWE.