Details On NXT’s Next Live Special, More WWE Cutbacks, Recent WWE Attendance

– El Torito was kept off of WWE’s recent Australian tour due to the many budget cutbacks the company has been making.

– Following the third NXT live special on the WWE Network, “NXT Takeover 2,” which takes place on September 11th, the next live NXT special isn’t expected until early January 2015 or later.

– Below are some recent WWE attendance figures:

August 7th in Melbourne, Australia drew 12,000 fans
August 8th in Sydney, Australia drew 15,000 fans
August 9th in Perth, Western Australia drew 9,000 fans
August 9th in Abbotsford, British Columbia drew 4,000 fans
August 10th in Yakima, Washington drew 3,000 fans
August 11th in Portland, Oregon for RAW drew 9,500 fans

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    (Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Matt Boone

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    • mac888

      They cut El Torito?!!!! That’s a bloody outrage I tells ya!!! I mean what is that Mexican midget gonna do all day if he cant gore people in the crotch dressed in a mini bull costume cmon

      • Dajoosesloos

        Not a big demand for Mexican midgets in Australia. Hornswoggle did appear dressed as a kangaroo though so the midget population was well represented lol

      • The Real Fan

        They didn’t cut him he just wasn’t on the travel squad

        • mac888

          Ah thanks for the update, what would we do without El Torito? Nah I meant they cut him from THAT show lol

          • Andres0082

            TNFail would make him world champion if they cut him.

        • Kevin G. Wolfe

          Thank God if I don’t get WeeLC II I don’t know if my life could be complete.