Details On A Hardy Boyz vs. Young Bucks Match

Matt Hardy made a surprise appearance at Friday night’s ROH Final Battle PPV and issued a challenge to The Young Bucks. With help from his aerial assault robot Vanguard 1, Hardy delivered a message to the ROH tag team champions and invited them to participate in the upcoming tag team Apocalypto match at TNA’s upcoming Total Nonstop Deletion special.

The description of Matt’s Youtube states that WWE RAW tag team champions The New Day are also invited.

Myself and Brother Nero have been mandated by the 7 Deities to prove we are The Greatest Team in all of Space and Time. That means we eventually must face The Bucks of Youth and The Day of New, the other tag team champions. Both these teams, as well as all notable teams, are invited to Total Nonstop DELETION on 12/15/16 to compete in Apocalypto.. A match that will determine the greatest tag team of all time. 

While a match against the New Day won’t be happening any time soon, there are plans for a Young Bucks vs. Hardy Boyz match. The nature of ROH and TNA’s working relationship is unclear at this point, but we’ve heard the Bucks and Hardy’s showdown is expected to take place during WrestleMania weekend in Orlando at ROH’s Supercard Of Honor show.

Update: Broken Matt says he plans to call out the Young Bucks this Thursday on Impact.