Details On Paul Heyman’s New Role With UFC

In the days following the announcement that UFC heavyweight figher Brock Lesnar has been forced to pull out of his upcoming fight, Lesnar’s close friend Paul Heyman will be working with UFC to promote the upcoming pay-per-view that Lesnar was previously scheduled to headline .

Paul Heyman will be working on the new UFC Countdown series to promote the next month’s UFC 131 show, which will now feature a #1 contenders fight between Junior Dos Santos and Brock Lesnar’s replacement, Shane Carwin.

Heyman, who previously worked with the Strikeforce MMA promotion (now owned by UFC) to promote last year’s EA: MMA video game release, will be working hands on with Shane Carwin to help Carwin’s mic skills.

As much as UFC tries to distance itself from the theatrics of pro wrestling, it is impossible to deny the marketability of a top fighter who can supplement his fight game with effective verbal skills.

At this point, this is just a one-time gig and there are no reports of Paul Heyman working with the UFC on a full-time basis, but this is interesting news nonetheless.

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