John Cena’s Ex-Wife Not Happy About Ryback Tweeting About Her

Ryback has been embroiled in a televised feud with WWE Champion John Cena over the past few weeks – and took their feud to the next level when he tweeted the following about Cena’s ex-wife:

“Watching the pain on Cena’s face was worth standing back for. Funny the two things he says I lack, his ex-wife seems to love.”

The tweet (as well as every single tweet Ryback had made before it) were quickly deleted.

According to a source close to the situation, we can report that John Cena’s ex-wife Elizabeth was very upset that she was mentioned by Ryback and is unwillingly being made part of a WWE storyline.

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  • Feelmemore

    It’s not like he flat out said her name, she had married a well known guy she can deal with the baggage that comes with it.

  • pwnez

    This would explain why Ryback’s tweets got deleted. Now everyone can stop saying Cena “buried” Ryback. Not his fault.

  • Deante320

    Could’ve been worse….lil’ Wayne would’ve done worse with that tweet.

  • Joe Rogan

    Lol – they didn’t say her name. Here’s a tweet for you – John Cena’s ex wife is a gold digging whore

    • Joe Rogan

      I’m a twit who likes to tweet. Maybe one day I’ll get some twat.

      • Progress_Now

        and you like to have conversations with yourself. go back to Fear Factor and eating Madagascar hissing cockroaches lol

    • Stratojacker

      Here’s a tweet for you; not every woman who marries a man with a high salary is a god digging whore, and she has every right to a good settlement when divorcing a man who cheated on her.

  • Dave Smith

    Being used as part of a storyline? All he did was tweet somthing and didn’t even mention her name

  • Steve Williams

    Lol Ryback even botched on twitter

  • raven

    you’z a ho…HO!

  • Jayden53092

    god ryback looks like a pedophile in that pic