Triple H Wants To Rebuild WWE’s Tag Team Division

As the head of WWE’s revamped talent development program, Triple H has a lot of influence over which talents are signed and featured on WWE television. It’s been reported that Triple H is serious about introducing new talents through ‘coming soon’ vignettes, as we saw with the first two people signed under Triple H – Sin Cara and Karma.

Now -Triple H is said to have his sights set on a new objective – rebuilding WWE’s  tag team division.

WWE is looking to recruit tag teams from other promotions, including Ring of Honor’s Kings of Wrestling & Brisco Brothers as well as TNA tag team Beer Money, when they become free agents.

Regarding the recent WWE tryouts for the Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli), the latest word is that the KoW will be introduced as a tag team, not singles wrestlers.


Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • TotalNonstopAddict

    F**k yes! The tag division used to be great, at one point they were my favourite titles. Instead of letting DH Smith go they should’ve kept him because Tyson isn’t doing anything so they could’ve just remade the Hart Dynasty, they weren’t bad.

    I hope this actually happens, it would be great for the tag belts to mean something again :)

  • BayArea08

    Wooooo, Beer Money Inc. in WWE? I am definitely watching. =)

  • Frank The Tank

    I would like to see KoW vs. Beer Money Inc.

  • AngelFlow

    Kings Of Wrestling, Beer Money Inc., The Usos, McGillicuty & Otunga (I hate them but they are the champions)

    They need more tag teams because with 4(if the sign KoW and Beer Money) they are making not making a solid tag team division and I have a few others teams to form:
    – John Morrison & The Miz (turn Miz face or Morrison heel)
    – Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins (Ryder turn heel or Curt face)
    – Cryme Tyme (re-sign Shad)
    – Kane & Big Show
    – Legacy
    – and a good high-flier team (Evan Bourne and Justin Gabriel for example)
    – A dominant stable

  • Forceton_Banfodder

    Good. I thought so, being that they’re now giving the Uso’s much more of a push then previously; I was like Totalnonstopaddict, I used to love the tag team division. Back in the day when it mattered just as much as the WWF title and Intercontinental titles.

  • Xeno

    I like how you all have no problem with mentioning TNA tag teams names to WWE but if a WWE team came to TNA they will be called rejects and with the “TNA steals WWE Talent”

  • super-silo

    @AngelFlow: Miz and Morrison as heels. they were great heels.

    and i think people are forgetting the Motor City Machine Guns

  • killahink

    It will be nice to see Beer money in WWE,but the problem is WWE is too PG those days..Beer money are free to do what they want in Impact wrestling that why they are great,In WWE they will end up being control,how to walk,how to talk…just like Mr Anderaon said

  • super-silo

    @Xeno TNA -> WWE upgrade. WWE -> TNA downgrade

  • SkytheDincht

    You wanna rebuild the tag team division? Get rid of pokemon Otunga first. That will be a great start.

  • AngelFlow

    @super-silo: they were awesome as heels but I want to see how Miz works as a face to.

  • Forceton_Banfodder

    I wouldn’t be surprised if WWE brings in the Young Bucks as a “replacement” for the Hardy’s or London and Kendrick. It would be a smart move by Triple H considering they’re young, have loads of experience in the tag team division and fill a niche that hasn’t been filled for a few years now.

  • MizfitZer0

    Enough said :)

  • MizfitZer0

    1 person mentions Beer Money and that somehow means we want every tag team in TNA?

  • 10132002


    I agree with everything you said about Beer Money. While I would love to see Beer Money in the WWE, I hate to think of what the WWE would do to them.

  • DatUsed2BWWEFAN

    Get rid of the PG network, HHH.

  • let it be known

    Things are going to get exciting, I see.

  • let it be known


    Yeah. Why don’t they just get rid of all their sponserships too, while they’re at it. And then, just maybe, they can be TNA 2.0. You people don’t think before you type or talk. I think SEScoops needs to offer “Business 101” classes to people around here.

  • DatUsed2BWWEFAN

    @Let it be known: I don’t know if you’ve been watching Wrestling longer than any of us. WWE was not on PG rating before 2008.

  • Forceton_Banfodder

    @ DatUsed2BWWEFAN,

    So you’re saying that the Hulkmania era wasn’t PG? lol, really? WWF was PG till the late 90’s when Vince was grasping at straws to keep his company competitive. Your beloved “attitude era” was a blip on the timeline that is the WWE.

  • blan21sebas

    @skythedincht: agree 100 % wwe needs to know that tag teams should look original. Not just guy who has big muscles to show they need to have talent than just big muscles. Fire Otunga whatever his name is and his partner (curt hennings son) right? Curt hawkins and Zach Ryder should reunite and agreed they should of kept the hart dynasty. It would be really cool if evan bourne were to tag with someone. Hopefully the Usos could have chance of being tag champions. I hope that it will become good the tag team division because that was my favorite thing to watch back then with the edge and christian, the hardys, and the dudley boys.

  • DatUsed2BWWEFAN

    @Forceton_Banfodder: When WWF was not PG anymore as soon as they ran into competition with WCW, that is when WWF/E started become entertaining to watch. Because that was when all the legends were willing to do anything in their hands to make one company dominant over another. Rock, Austin, Taker, and HBK were the guys who took control of WWF and were allowed to anything they want, make storylines interesting, and attract older fans into their characters and become the fan of the product. Mainly, not everything they did was PG otherwise they would just receive the same reputation today like these new superstars are. The only reason WCW and WWF before 1995 was still watchable in PG era is because they had interesting gimmicks and was about Wrestling.

    Wrestling transcended into a global entertainment industry. So whatever Rock and Austin were the guys who revolutionized Wrestling against WCW & Hulk Hogan became the inspirational factors of garnering the fans into what wrestling is supposed to be today, that is including gimmick matches. Sex, blood, and curses should be legally considered on WWE’s policy because those are aspects that can only excite other side of the fans (which the numbers are still as big as the new fans & kids) in the crowd… IWC is also an example. If you want to make something unique, believable, and popular, reality can definitely draw WWE to become the number 1 promotion today.

    I am just not a fan of this PG thing because it’s only doing so little that I can just tune in the next day. It’s gotten stale, and I don’t know much longer it’ll go before they reverse the “ratings” decision to either PG 13 or TV-14. If you still want to keep the youth audiences and kids here, fine, but just at least broaden the ideas a little bit more.

  • DatUsed2BWWEFAN

    When I said reality in the last sentence of my 2nd paragraph, I mean promos can be a fuel when you make each superstars who are verbally speaking against each other on the mic or on a backstage segment, at least be able to use dirty languages, it can show how far they can go at each other.

    Another example is elimination chamber matches and street fight, how does it seem realistic when there are no blood? There are no rules in those type of matches.. wrestlers are free to do whatever the they want and beat the heck out of each other until there is one winner. Just so you know.. things like chain walls and steel chairs, and cameras are actually pretty heavy, and risky, and can be “blood” sheds if not cautioned and get busted by them.

  • Forceton_Banfodder


    Speak for yourself, I thought WWF was entertaining the whole time. I’ve been watching since 1983/84 and didn’t need the attitude gimmick to please me. And don’t delude yourself, the names you mentioned never “took control” of anything. The final say on what goes on the air has always been Vince McMahon’s, always.

    Apparently you have no memory of the 80’s because wrestling had already transcended into global entertainment. Do you not remember Lou Albino and Cyndi Lauper? Too long ago for you? Hulk Hogan had his own cartoon show! And you’re trying to tell me they didn’t become a global phenomenon till Rock and Austin? LMAO. Sure kid. Whatever. The 80’s were one of the highest points of the WWF/E’s life and they were fully PG friendly with Ice Cream bars and Cartoons to boot.

    Obviously that TV-14 rating his helping TNA’s ratings, right? Oh, no, its not actually. You haven’t any idea or understanding about marketing, marketability or any understanding what a broader audience even means. What is happening right now is better than anything put out in the last 3 years, and yet its still PG. Imagine that.

  • ravvicounty1902


  • Forceton_Banfodder


    So because you’re not getting your fill of blood, its PG and therefore not as good? You got issues kid.

    And again, Promos in the 80’s kicked ass and didn’t need swearing to put anyone over. Fact is, you don’t need to swear if you’re good at what you do. Look at Punk.

  • guns


  • catweasle

    This after they release one-half of two of their most recent tag-teams in DH Smith and Koslov…

  • Forceton_Banfodder

    @ catweasle

    Currently, I’m taking everything I hear out of the WWE with a grain of salt. They’ve been pretty successful at working the IWC with false information. Also, It sounded like Harry Smith wanted out anyway, I’ve been hearing for months that he’s more interested in MMA and now it sounds like he’s probing Strikeforce for a contract. Go figure.

  • DatUsed2BWWEFAN

    Sorry to burst your bubbles boy, but I was not born at the time Hogan was in his prime. So I cannot evaluate or judge the way Wrestling was back in those days.

    From what I know, I believe, from my perspective, that I can understand why Wrestling was still watchable before the Attitude Era.. and I already explained that.. perhaps you’re not reading my comments carefully before responding and pressing “submit.”

    Tell me who didn’t control what or who? Without those guys, WWF would’ve never became big as it is today and would’ve just end up being a rust and just progressed like WCW and TNA. Unless, you had someone like Rock/Austin/Taker going to WCW like Hogan did. Now, that would’ve been questionable. (Doesn’t matter because Rock won WCW championship and still stayed in WWE at one time). WCW only had guys like Hogan, Nash, Double A. and Bret before two of them decided to come into WWE. These guys LEAD Wrestling, but maybe NOT controlled them.. you’re right.. it’s my wrong usage of word.

    The only reason why TV-14 can’t save TNA from being so watered down is because barely anyone cares about them and WWE’s fanbase exceeds their’s by miles. It’s not that popular, and was never that great to begin with. WWE has adapted to a TV-14 environment and being that it’s a bigger organization, I don’t see how much it would hurt for them to just go back to the ratings that are directed at older demographics.

    As for marketability: Supply & Demand = Equilibrium . When the fan’s demand are considered, the money will be supplied to the business. And when it reaches to the center of that point, there is competition. And when there is competition, business will sell well. The PG era’s gotten quite stale so I don’t see them keeping it constantly forever. Have you ever heard of “As investments continue to rise, the economy will fall?” Or maybe I’m just not clearly understanding you.

  • Forceton_Banfodder

    @ DatUsed2BWWEFAN

    Hate to burst your bubble, but you’re still young and your perspective means little. You’re basing all your opinions on what you saw when you were old enough to remember and I’m telling you, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    TV-14 can’t save TNA because who wants to advertise for a show that specifically goes after a demographic (males 18-25) that is known not to have any money or buy anything. Ask anybody in the advertising industry what the best demographic to aim for is. They’re tell you women, especially mom’s.

    As far as your lame attempt to understand economics, you can’t supply something no one is demanding, and no one but a small select few (18-25 yr old men with no money) are demanding graphic violence.

  • dean hydra


  • Forceton_Banfodder

    Hence the reason SpikeTV is changing its demographic. Young Men are pretty much poor.

  • Nefarious

    Rebuilding the Tag team decision is a great for a few reasons.
    1) You are able to evaluate more talent at one time.
    2) It allows talent to work a match without the pressure of it being entirely on one individual
    3) You can find yourself that diamond in the ruff that will be the next big superstar. Ex HBK, Bret Hart, Undertaker (for those who don’t know was part of the Sky scrapers replacing Sid) Austin (Part of the Hollywood Blondes with Brian Pillman in WCW) Just to name a few I know some of these guys did not start in tag teams but sometimes it’s that experience that carries over into a Hall of Fame career.
    4) It also allows these guys to develop a persona early on. I think Chris Masters could of benefited if he found a partner to gel with.

    One thing I think they should try to avoid is forcing to guys into a tag team. There needs to be sometimes of bond or glue between the tag team. It should not be like you and you team up and have a tag match. I hate tag teams like the New Rockers, The new Foundation, more recently Koslov and Santino. Tag teams like those are almost a slap in the face to legendary tag teams out there.

    As for Beer Money in WWE I would love that I think Storm and Roode though both have the ablity to go out and be great singles wrestlers and top champs in any company they are in. Both of those guys have the it factor, but I do love beer money. I hope they get to showcase their talents more often. Also bring in Animal to help Triple H rebuild the tag division.

  • Proxzyn

    DatUsed2BWWEFAN: “WCW only had guys like Hogan, Nash, Double A. and Bret”
    A Miz quote seems appropriate here: Really? Really?! REALLY?!
    Maybe you should check up on WCW’s roster before making comments on it.

    “Doesn’t matter because Rock won WCW championship and still stayed in WWE at one time”
    You mean during the Invasion angle? Yeah…lol

  • J4Y5ON

    I agree, some of the biggest names, made their names heard as part of a tag team

  • Hart26

    I think if wwe goes back to TV-14, the Briscoes would be tremendous in WWE along with the KOW and even the All Night Express.

  • 91nos331gt

    i think it would be difficult for wwe to sign beer money, i see them as being pretty loyal to the company and not tempted by the fame and money of wwe. mcmg and other young teams wouldnt be able to pass that up i dont think. however this will be great for beer money, with wwe interest that means dixie will offer more money during contract negotiations, but knowing jeff jarrett, hogan, bischoff, and russo they if beer money re-sign with the company, they will probably have beer money go out and cut a promo on how wwe made them an offer and they declined it and crap like that.

  • benjmann25

    @ Forceton…yeah an what were the ratings that WWE was pulling before they became PG and again after they went PG\. Hmmm, seems like going PG has only hurt them in the ratings, so please stop doing the stupid WWE lover trying to compare WWE to TNA when the only fair and good comparison is comparing WWE to itself. Try again you moron. FAIL!

  • Forceton_Banfodder


    What, you mean the ratings they were pulling 10 years ago when there was a smaller market? You do realize that the number of cable channels since then has increased 10 fold, right?

    K, thanks for playing.

  • BrahmaBullRKO

    Oh boy, an internet argument.

    Anyway, I pretty much already saw the tag team division being beefed up as soon as I saw that match with Morrison and Rey vs Miz and Truth. That was a great match, and Miz/Truth would make a pretty damn entertaining duo if they were together permanently.

  • DatUsed2BWWEFAN

    @Forceton_Banfodder: How many times do I have to repeat myself that I was not a 1980 smark? I refuse to make any further insolent comebacks against you.

    TNA is only a small majority of the show compared to WWE. Nothing that TNA do will be able to sell unless they get rid of the management people who are running the show like Hogan, Russo, and Dixie Carter. TNA has been taking released WWE talents so it’s not something new. When WWE was TV-14 back in the day, WWE was still in competition, and was way over than any other wrestling shows. You still had kids and all youth audiences buy into John Cena, Undertaker, and Rey Mysterio merchandises. If it had failed, WWE would not have kept it TV-14 for those last 6 years from 02-08.

    I seem to not be awake today for some reason.. should’ve said “stock market” instead of “economics” because when you keep on continuing something in the same time period, it will eventually cease based on how people treat and utilize their product. If we don’t like the direction of where WWE is going, we have the right to do something similarly to speaking up. WWE will still be making money regardless whether it’s PG or non-PG.

    I’m sorry, but TNA have tried to be like WWE and is failing for a reason. WWE can only pick up their scrap and promote themselves back in 1st place.

  • DatUsed2BWWEFAN

    @Proxyzn: Why is it so hard to believe that is the WCW roster? Hogan betrayed his fans in 1996 at Beach of Bash PPV and propelled the NWO storyline in WCW to compete with WWF. Kevin Nash was always with WCW at that time.. google it up if you have to. Arn Anderson was on the WCW roster. Bret Hart left WWF to WCW from 1997 to 2000 after the Montreal Screwjob. He had to retire because he had a stroke after he faced Goldberg in a match.

  • DatUsed2BWWEFAN

    My point of supporting an addition of graphic violence to the show is to help make the product more entertaining, and believable. You must be another Warrior fanboy who is very used to the current environment that it is only complacent when it becomes outdated. I think it’s slowly becoming outdated already.

  • Guyzilla

    Yes! This is great news!

    While I’d obviously love to see teams like Beer Money/KOW/Briscoes come in – I think that there is enough talent on the WWE roster to put together teams in the meantime. Some ideas:

    ‘Future Shock’ – Trent Barretta/Evan Bourne – cool young guys ala MCMG

    ‘The Long Islanders’ – Hawkins/Ryder

    ‘Southern Justice’ – Skip Sheffield/Husky Harris – Rough southern guys

    ‘Ivy League’ – Ziggler/Swagger – arrogant college graduates

  • guns

    There’s somethin wrong with his medulla oblongata.

  • wwetnadudez

    whoa beer money on WWE?! that sounds awesome they could take over as the big tag team sense the brothas of distruction are practially almost done and old now, but idk who the other teams from ROH are cuz i’ve never seen ROH but @@@Guyzilla had some really neat ideas there! but i’d rather not see “southern justice..”

  • guns

    @ wwetnadudez – Really? You don’t think Harris and Sheffield would make a good team?

  • Guyzilla

    I think Sheffield.Harris could be a great hoss team. Give them a heel mouthpiece (maybe Cole to play up his Texas roots?) and let them tear through the roster.

    They’d have a built in story that they were both overlooked/sent back to FCW and could just take out their hate of WWE/northern state management on the roster.

  • DatUsed2BWWEFAN

    @Guyzilla: Hell yeah!! And I’d like to see Beer Money vs Skip Sheffield and Husky Harris.. Now with all these talk & ideas on here, it makes me become interested in the tag team division again.

  • guns

    @ Guyzilla – That works. But now that someone else thought of it, sadly, we’ll never see it.

  • pwnez

    Awesome news! Did they finally get the hint that the fans want to and like to see tag team wrestling? I’m sure this idea didn’t come to HHH/Vince overnight, and with that being said, WHY DID YOU RELEASE D.H. SMITH!?!? Beer Money vs Hart Dynasty, KoW vs Hart Dynasty, Hart Dynasty vs Briscoe Brothers, Hart Dynasty vs The Usos…what good matches that could have came if you just put Kidd and Smith back together. Eh, either way i’m glad this is or hopefully will happen. No more 3 minute tag teams with random guys teaming up. A tag team name, matching trunks = best.

  • DatUsed2BWWEFAN

    WWE should try bringing back Shelton Benjamin too. I would like to see him and Kofi become tag teams.

  • rated_maxx

    Both members of Beer Money had signed 5 yr contracts not to long ago. It’s funny how marks say it’s ok for wwe to take roh and tna talent but tna can’t. Thank god nobody cares what the iwc think.

  • pwnez

    Shelton and Haas >>> Kofi. From interviews i’ve read, Haas doesn’t want back in WWE. Shelton would probably say yes though.

    @Rated_Maxx. I’ve never heard that one before.

  • benjmann25

    @ Forecton…hey dumbass, that point is irrelevant. When you are no longer relevant “must see TV” your numbers go down. PS I was NOT comparing WWE to 10 years ago you pathetic moron. I was comparing it to just a few years ago right before WWE went PG. The numbers have only gone down for WWE since they have gone PG in the last few years, so thanks for playing you waste of space. EPIC FAIL!

  • A-Train-FutureLegend

    As much as it kills me to say, for WWE, all PG does is get them more viewers. As much as most of us dislike PG, most of us still watch it, and WWE still gets money

  • JDS205

    Yet they just released Harry Smith who, yes, while he’s not the best on the mic, is better than anyone on the roster in that ring. Face it, HHH never liked Harry’s dad and it’s no secret that HHH was against Bret Hart returning. Heck Smith and Masters could have made a good tag team since Master’s had worked him butt off to improve. Personally, I think the more power HHH gets the deeper in the craper the product is going to go. The problem is, 85-90 percent of the new talent don’t have a respect for the history of the business- it’s about getting on TV- guarantee that 10-15 percent of new talent have ties to some of the old timers ie Richie Steamboat, The Briscoes, Tyson Kidd, Danielson, Husky Harris.

  • Guyzilla

    @ rated_maxx

    1. You read wrestling news/results online.
    2. You comment on wrestling news/results online.
    3. You (passionately) post suggestions on how wrestling companies could be better, online.

    Please then explain how you are not an internet wrestling fan?

  • westvikings2010

    bring back haas and benjamin

  • Proxzyn

    I didn’t say they didn’t have those guys. What I said was, that they had many, many more big stars than just those…
    And Kevin Nash was with WWF before the invasion thing on WCW that started the NWO era. “google it up if you have to”

  • l3gitjok3r

    I watched WWF/E since I was about 2-3 years old, and things were in my eyes “awesome”, and I learned many things off of it i.e bigger words, insults, and even profane things. So I grew up being used to WWE as something that include profanity and blood and things like that. So the PG thing kind of sucked for me, but the Tag Division was something that had me excited but when it died down it sucked for me. The tag division needs to rebuild asap

  • DatUsed2BWWEFAN

    @Proxyzn: Alright, but that wasn’t the topic of our argument between me and forceton. We have a disagreement over whether WWE should stay PG or not. He’s against any ideas of dropping the PG rating, but I’m for it… so I provided to him my reasons exactly why it should be contrary to keeping it.

  • Proxzyn

    I don’t like this whole PG thing, but I don’t dislike it either. It does get really annoying when Cena starts saying weird stuff like fudgestickle etc though. I’d rather have people talk “normal”. It’s not like kids don’t know any bad words… Hell, they probably know more than most adults lol

    I don’t think we can blame the PG thing on the ratings entirely though. There’s a rather huge shift right now in talent. All the good old great ones are leaving, and new talent is coming in to take over, but that will take time.

  • tnawwefan4life


    WWE back in the 70’s and 80’s was PG,It was catching on probably more in the 80’s nevertheless,There was a reason Vince went extreme in the late nineties,WCW was a huge threat kicking the Sh$t out of the WWE in the ratings for many weeks so Vince turned his empire upside down and took a chance at a more vulger attempt to win back the ratings “The Attitude Era”which earned him top dog in the wrestling business.PPV Buys were soaring,Stocks were rising etc….look at the WWE since the start of the PG Era,PPV buys are down,Stocks are down and WWE are limiting themselves to what they can do and say based off of the PG Era,Wrestling today(sorry…entertainment) is hollow and unbelievable,Show a little blood,use a little foul language,TV shows do it,Movies do it and I am sure the same “PG” people that watch these tv shows and movies watch wrestling so what the hell is the difference.You can use “Demographic” if you like but the fact is that numbers do not lie.I can almost guarantee that if WWE went back to the “Attitude Era”the proof would be in the numbers and numbers do not lie

  • DatUsed2BWWEFAN

    @Proxzyn: Yeah, old great ones are leaving WWE, but that doesn’t mean they have left completely. They are on good terms with WWE and will agree to show up once/twice a year. Look at The Rock, Undertaker, Bret Hart, Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels, and whoever else you can think of.

  • knight02

    Vince should try and play hardball w/ Mattel, since I believe they’re the driving force behind this whole PG thing, they just lost a massive lawsuit on their Bratz line and I lolz’d at it.

  • Forceton_Banfodder

    @ benjmann25

    Oh gee, you’re right, there have been no other factors in the last few years that have helped drive the ratings down… it obviously couldn’t be a lot of the top tier talent retiring or leaving. No. It must be the PG era. Sometimes when I read your posts I feel like I’m getting dumber.

    @ tnawwefan4life

    I don’t doubt that if the WWE brought back the Attitude era the numbers might go up, a little bit. And that might be all well in good for someone who thinks ratings mean something outside the advertising world, but the ad dollars would still get harder to find. In the end of the day, if you aren’t getting decent money through advertising, what good is it? Back when WWE left TNN(SpikeTV) and came back to USA, USA put the screws to the WWE and took a good chunk of their advertising dollars as part of the new deal, hence the reason you now see ads for Just For Men beard coloring on the WWE and not during a commercial break. These deals with Mattel have become a huge revenue maker and you people just want them to dump that because their ratings aren’t as high as they were 5 years ago? What do you care, those ratings aren’t for you, THEY ARE FOR ADVERTISERS. Advertisers are looking for specific age demographics to peddle their wares. And the young male demographic, as I say again, isn’t worth sh!t. .

    I won’t disagree that ratings have been going down, and its obvious that its because of the stale nature of the beast. John Cena and Randy Orton alone cannot not hold viewer numbers. Back 4 years ago they weren’t alone, they had Triple H and Shawn Michaels and Batista and a number of big draws keeping the viewers watching. Until the WWE produces a few new big names or brings a few new big names back, WWE will be struggling at the low 3.1 mark in ratings. Which I will add is still very high compared to the rest of the ever growing market of tv options out there. The only show that stomps all over WWE happens to be seasonal, Monday Night Football.

  • DatUsed2BWWEFAN

    So are you saying that before WWE went PG on USA network, they were TV-14 and on SpikeTV before the new deal was reached?

    And your point is that if graphic violence or curses were added into WWE’s current image, it would hurt the young age demographics mentally?

  • DatUsed2BWWEFAN

    (And that when they went to a new direction after being TV-14 and on Spike-TV network for all that time, they’ve discovered that revenues were higher in the latter and all of sudden built the WWE a market?)

  • tnawwefan4life

    @Forceton_Banfodder…lol…I happen to know something about advertising and I believe if any successful company or new company for that fact wants to advertise their product… ESPECIALLY WWE where they are making money as well as the Company advertising WWE product like Mattel whether they are PG or not,if there is money to be made then both would be crazy not to jump on it,what I was mainly stating was that WWE did much better PPV and event wise by going with the Attitude Era.Revenue is Revenue and getting more viewers watching and interested in the product itself will benefit everything overall,WWE can cheive all of this without dumping anything

  • DatUsed2BWWEFAN

    Hold on tnawwefan4life, can you take a step back in the line? I appreciate your thoughts, but I’m trying to get my questions answered from him first. What he was basically saying is that even though the current WWE events cannot potentially outdraw anything of those in the past, the shift has set them a new perspective, which allows to aim at a more different group of viewers, and by doing so, they’ve proven that they’ve generated more revenues in a “stretched-out” environment. So then from there, it might have been obvious that if they were going to make more money from everyone watching the show, they were indeed going to set themselves in that direction.

    Now if the PG era couldn’t allow anything with an “attitude era” like style of promos and wrestling matches (with the factors that are aimed at older audience) into it because of how much kids has dominated the demographics, then I could understand.

  • Forceton_Banfodder

    Kids aren’t the demographic being sought out. Mothers are. How many kids do you know go out and buy their own sh!t?

  • DatUsed2BWWEFAN

    ^ I mean if PG is really taking away the opportunity of blood, curses, and sex in the ring, then it’s going to a wonder if it’s simple to just sit back on the long term run without complaining about any deceptions. Like I said, we all have our reasons for why things cannot reach a certain quality of status without any creative ideas included. They might as well just minus the meaning of having certain gimmick matches.

  • DatUsed2BWWEFAN

    _included –> considered**

  • benjmann25

    @ Forceton, gee getting dumber is when I read your posts you idiot cause you always deflect blame off of WWE when they make stupid business moves. While stars retiring might have a slight chance of the ratings dropping, being PG after coming off of the Attitude Era hurts them. Yeah they were successful in the 80s being PG, then fans got sick of the cartoonish product being shown them and their business suffered a lot until Vince did a more realism based show (partially done in competition to WCW doing a more realism based product). Trying to tone down the product back to a PG after the intensity that was the late 90s and early 2000s has shown that it is not working or at least the type of PG product they have been presenting. You can do a decent PG product and still be relevant, but so far that has not happened until slight glimmers of it as of late. In regards to “older stars retiring” then that is still WWEs fault by not pushing any new stars that anyone cares about. Either way you spin it, it is WWEs fault for not changing with the times and growing the business and make stars that people can get invested in. And before you tell me that it is the star’s job to get over, how is that suppose to happen when they keep scripting everything and not giving any chance of their stars to be creative and creating their characters. When they keep scripting everything to fault, you have to blame creative and management for not creating a character that either works with the star or does mesh with the audience. Choke on that!

  • rated_maxx

    @guyzilla, I’ll say this again I only came on this site cuz I was sick of the tna bashing

  • tnawwefan4life

    benjmann25…Man….THANK YOU!!!!!! My Views exactly

    @DatUsed2BWWEFAN…I understood totally what he was saying and i was replying to what forceton wrote in response to my “opinion”.

    It takes many creative ways to advertise and different ways too put your product out there,As for the Demographic part,the last time I checked at a live event it is the “WHOLE”Demographic of young and old,If the adults want to buy something they do….We live in a society where if kids(the Majority) bitch and cry they will get it as well from their parents.

  • wwetnadudez

    @Guns well they could become a good team its just that from what I saw on NXT Harris doesnt really have the..Charisma to become a decent tag team main eventer, Shepfeild sure he has Charisma, isnt horrid on the mic, and the fans are pretty over with him i just feel it could be Shep and another southerner rather then Husky..

  • Mci254

    I agree with benjamin. If the superstars arent pushed, they will tend to leave to another company so they may be used right for their talent. Shelton Benjamin, John Morrison, Chavo Guerrero, Tyler Reks, Zach Ryder arent getting the push they need. Ryder recently got his push, but time will tell to say goodbye, you got your shot no?.. whatever.. no comment on rest

  • diva girl

    I am an old time fan of wrestling. And I have to say, I’ve always preferred WCW, NWA, AWA, ECW, and even TNA,(Impact Wrestling), to the WWE/F.  They tend to be more creative, their tag teams are better, some of the best stars start with these organizations. For instance, Ric Flair, Sting, Road Warriors, Lex Luger, The Four Horsemen, Dusty Rhodes, Von Erichs, etc…Vince is a smart man, and goes after this talent.  But look back at some of the best matches ever, Starcade, etc. 

    These men were the best of the best.  If there were a problem, it was settled like men, and there was never even thought of a story line or even reality, of someone walking out cuz they felt “unsafe” due to the management.  What a crock of sh*t!!  I have never seen such a laughable incident in my life.  I am sorry, but after that, then replacing HHH with Laurinitis, I just can’t even watch WWE anymore.  And they have the whole “Be a STAR” campaign, and yet they hire 3 people back who do nothing but bully everyone around them, and are allowed, and encouraged to do so.  That’s sending a good message to kids…..

    They are hypocrites, and not original anymore.  They steal ideas from Impact Wrestling all the time.  Very frequently you will see something on WWE similar to what’s been going on Impact for a few months.  WWE has lost it’s edge.  And the proof is when a bunch of “tough guys” walk out cuz they are scared of getting hurt….all I can say is what a bunch of pussy’s!!!!