Details On What Dixie Carter’s Major Announcement Will Be On Impact

As noted earlier, TNA Dixie Carter tweeted this afternoon that a “major announcement will be made on Thursday’s episode of Impact wrestling that will “change everything for our wrestlers, company & YOU our audience!”

The announcement will be that TNA will be taking Impact Wrestling on the road in 2013. TNA will still run occasional tapings from the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL.

When Impact goes on the road, TNA will air a live episode of Impact and then tape the following week’s show right afterwards. This is a similar format to the early days of WWE Monday Night RAW.

The first taping on the road will be Thursday March 14th from Hoffman Estates, IL at the Sears Centre Arena, a venue that TNA has held live events at before.

Thursday’s Impact episode was taped last week in Manchester, England and there were no reports of an announcement made for the live crowd, so the announcement will be edited into the show.

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Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Doug Pendleton

    They need to go on the road more often. The impact zone is holding them back.

  • Rhawk

    Excuse my french, but about, fcuking time! That Impact Zone is one of the worst arenas and has some of the worst ‘fans/tourists’ I’ve ever seen on a wrestling show. Hopefully going on the road works better for them.

  • yes

    tna sucks anyway.

  • case of fire use stairs

    I hope they “up” the show’s appearance a little, but doubt it. Nitpick here, but get some non-see-thru-guard-railings. The ones they use look like straight from the 70’s or 80’s or an indie show. I don’t want to see peoples toes…lol. The only thing I like about these rails is when AJ slides underneath them to do the flying forearm. Anyways, good news. I hope it goes well for them. It will be interesting to see how/where they start (city/avenue/market) and what if they dont sell enough. I hope they don’t start taping in Theatre “Arenas” like when they come to Jacksonville for non-tv shows…granted they always get about 2,000 people and it looks full.

    • Steve

      wwe padded guard rails sux more – how can a wrestler sell that he is hurt, when pushed in a guard rail, when all fans see, that it is padded?

  • former diehard fan

    i think its a ruse. im sure shes just going to announce the newest and greatest superstar sighing in company history and a guaranteed tna champ HORNSWOGGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then hornswoggle squashes aj styles to end the show

  • wwetnadudez

    This is good, the step might not be the biggest they need to take but it sure as hell is in the right direction.

  • RKOViper2600

    Exciting, but hold up…what about those wrestlers with traveling issues?
    Didn’t Jeff Hardy said that the reason he stayed with TNA was because of WWE’s traveling terms. With TNA and the Impact Zone he doesn’t have to do too much travel…ing…UH OH! :(

    • MayhemRUs

      If you’re thinking he’s gonna jump ship just because of this news, better check twice on that bro.

      It’s a sacrifice to make the first step of recovery for everyone and TNA.

      He’ll just have to deal with the new terms. Besides, he’s getting paid pretty big for every time he steps into that wrestling ring.

    • Lefty McRighty

      Not that I really care too much for Hardy or TNA, trust me this is a non-issue. With the E he was on the road for 5 days a week and traveling from home the other two if he wanted to go home on days off. With TNA he will have to travel to one town once every two weeks unless he wants to do house shows (he wont).

  • CultpersonnaCM

    I wonder how many of you guys are Willing to give TNA the benefit of the doubt, for ONCE with this step forward in the right direction?

  • Mr. Honesty

    If this is true, this is TRULY major news from Dixie Carter. I’m happy to hear it. This can only benefit TNA. And as soon as Impact hits Chicago, I’ll definitely be there.

  • dae

    Live show one week, taped the next… Hopefully, they’ll be able to transition to going live after a short while. It’s better than being in the same building every week.

    • Max Da Boss Patterson

      I like this, being on the road live is expensive. I would rather see them live every 2 weeks on the road than live every week at the impact zone.

  • fireworks Ts

    OMFG YES!!!!! Now TNA will show all of you that they are a trillion times better then WWE. TNA gonna be hitting 3.0 ratings while WWE drops to 1.0 because their product blows. All you WWE fanboys gonna cry and whine when TNA trashes them. #alluwwefanssuck

  • M-Rods

    They still need a good product though? This will be the beginning of their financial death.

    • Kris Mystery

      They have a fine product.

  • moody1

    The big announcement is that the Hulkster will be debuting his new weekly documentary series during Impact. Each week a different part of daughter Brooke’s body will be the subject matter.

  • odinthetroll

    Hogan is too old to travel around and the whole tour thing will never prosper as long as he’s in TNA or either alive

  • theEDGE

    You can hate the Impact Zone all you want, but the Disney Studio’s that WCW used was way worse.

  • Trevor

    good for them