Details On WWE Changing Direction With Randy Orton & Sheamus

WWE has changed some of their originally intended plans for the future. Originally, Randy Orton was going to switch to a baby face, as the company had even informed their merchandise department to work on some baby face items for Orton for down the line. That appears to be off the table at this point, with the current plan having Orton staying heel for the time being.

WWE is looking at the following four stars — in order — to be the top four singles baby faces for down the line: John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro and Sheamus.

As far as Sheamus is concerned, while the original plan was to push him as one of the top baby faces in the company, it appears that they are starting a slow build towards an eventual heel turn for him.

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    (Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Matt Boone

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    • pwnez

      They should have turned Sheamus heel after he won the US title. This guy will never be a top babyface; at least as a heel he was more entertaining.

      • mrchopper

        I swear after his win he gave a heel backstage interview.

        • Tyrant

          I really thought that promo was the beginning of his heel turn as well. If not, it certainly came off that way.

        • Your Future Baby’s Daddy

          all he said was no hard feelings….but it did seem kind of arrogant..its just hard to take as a heel turn thing when Ambrose is already a heelish guy

      • bambam’s ghost

        stop talking sh*t fella lol

      • gdaddy1971

        The problem is I really think WWE was looking at him Broque Kicking Ambrose as a heel turn. Of course, it really didn’t come out looking that way because it was a battle royal everybody-against-everybody type scenario. Also, The Shield has just turned face recently and Ambrose is probably the least popular member of the group. And who could really blame Sheamus for kicking him in the face after everything The Shield did to him in the past. It just didn’t come off as a good heel turn. Badly booked in my opinion.

    • youngrob2121

      Please wwe keep Orton heel until his final yr or two in the company if not the rest of his career… I’m an Orton fan and he is the only reason I still watch wrestling, but he is just not a face… Even Orton himself hates being a face, some wrestlers were just born to be a heel and Orton is one of them.

      • pwnez

        I swear I’m the only one who can’t tell a difference between face Orton and heel Orton; he acts the same regardless.

        • Al Oli


        • MachoViper

          The same boring Orton. It’s always his opponents that bring interest to the character.

        • Coach

          Yeah, I don’t like his a$$ either way.

        • bambam’s ghost

          He is the Derek Zoolander of wrestling. One look!!!

          • pwnez

            More like the Kristen Stewart/Keanu Reeves of the WWE.

        • I’ve Lost My Smile

          Here is a perfect example how to tell the difference between Face and Heel Orton. (pic)

          • pwnez

            Lol @ answer: In the left picture he’s a face, in the right picture he’s a heel. He has a HHH nose goin’ on here.

          • SOBI

            IMO actually Heel Orton is better cause he’s Naturally arrogant so he does it better and his promos are good
            and he doesn’t forget his lines

        • gdaddy1971

          That’s the thing these days. Most guys that do heel/face turns are the same either way. Look at The Shield for example. They still act the same way they always have. They are just facing different people. The only real way to tell most heels or faces these days is who their opponents are.

      • mrdsweet

        im not a orton fan but he plays the heel much better

    • Cena Swallows

      WWE needs to give up on Sheamus straight up boring … We all hate on Cenas 5 moves Sheamus is stuck on 3…

      • scott

        I’d hate to see what you think of Reigns and Ambrose then

        • Cena Swallows

          Wow there goes your credibility , those two guys do something new almost every match ! Plus you see the growth of their skill every PPV … Sheamus has done the same dumb kick that he misses half the time and his opponents have to sell

          • Cena Swallows

            I’m sorry “Special Event” not PPV

          • scott

            Hes supposed to miss idiot, if he kicked the guy in the face everytime no one in WWE would have teeth. And it’s funny you say that because I can name all of Ambrose’ and Reigns’ moves right now
            Ambrose-retarded elbow drop
            -Half-DDT-Half Skull crushing finale
            -Punch to the face, does stupid bounce off ropes into a strong clothesline
            A bunch of punches and elbow rubs
            Reigns-Superman punch
            -jumping clothesline
            jumping dropkick
            And there you have it we have the two 3 moves of doom in the SHield guys

            • Your Future Baby’s Daddy

              I upvoted though I like the shield

            • scott

              The guy knows I have a point. I cant stand when people say Cena and Orton 5 moves of doom then turn around and say they love people like the Shield. Cena and Sheamus and Orton at this point have way more moves in their moveset than Reigns and Ambrose. Now if he woulda said well they are still young they have time to add to it then I would have been okay with it.

            • Cena Swallows

              Your the idiot if you take me saying he misses them literally Big Show punches guys in the face and it doesn’t look half as bad as his lame kick … Your taking this a little to serious go play with your Pokemon cards seeing as you seem to have nothing better to do

            • scott

              Did you really just compare the Knockout punch to the Brogue Kick? Big Show punches at like 1 mile an hour really dude. That stupid punch hasn’t looked legit since he started using the thing. Get outa here. Thanks for proving my point about their moveset by the way. Feel free to add to the list if you can find anything but I watch Raw and Smackdown every week so i’m pretty sure I got all of it. But Yes ill go back to playing with my Pokémon cards that actually sounds fun

          • fuzzy

            Yea, no they don’t

    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      Orton needs to be heel, 2007-2009 type heel. I miss THIS Randy Orton This current heel run of his is just a joke. He blows as a babyface too. He needs his old school type heel style back.

      • I’ve Lost My Smile

        Thank you we def need him as a old school heel.

      • Stijnosb

        And Shane was also a cool guy. He needs to stop golfing and start wrestling again :)

    • Hershey Maxwell Barber

      Orton does not need to change to face again, for a very long time. And Sheamus just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Rather see Roman above him.

    • rashad jackson

      of course john cena is number 1…smh.

    • Guest

      Sheamus, or as @pwnez:disqus would say, Shitmus, is a terrible face. The guy, when heel, may be the best in the company. His hard hitting, powerful in ring style is perfectly conducive to a heel.

    • FlawlessRKO

      WWE just needs to be smart and keep Randy as a Heel until his contract expires, sometime in 2020.

    • Zoran T

      If Orton is going to remain heel fine, but make him the heel we all want, not some suck up lackey to Triple H. Orton should be the top heel and be dominant, RKO’ing and Punt kicking people left right and centre!

      • I’ve Lost My Smile


    • G.I.R.L.

      Oh no! What will happen to the company when Cena is forced to retire by his doctor? :-O

    • bri

      Never Believe anything Meltzer says.

    • Leather Face

      How can SHAMEmus be a top babyface when low midcarders keep putting bruises on his face hahaha. SHAMEmus is lame

    • Tyson Black

      This article just made no since at all

      • Sigma ?


        • Tyson Black

          In the second paragraph, it stated that WWE wants to keep Sheamus as one of the top babyfaces. Then in the last paragraph, it says they are considering turning him heel

    • Hanscyde

      You could possibly switch Sheamus with Roman Reigns(Not that big of a fan of him) since he’s been getting a big push by WWE.

    • Stephen

      Sheamus as a heel US champion, and Jack Swagger as a face to bring the title back home?

    • jc

      Can they push my boy dolph ziggler I mean what they hell happend.i heard he said something backstage that pissed off hhh

      • raVen

        Orton not hhh. But same diff…

    • Bryan

      I’m shocked that Roman Regns wasn’t one of those four as my impressions from how they have booked him WWE want him to take over from Cena if and when he retires. But yeah Sheamus should be heel as he’s an awful face as Cena [stale as hell though], Bryan, Reigns and Cesaro are the perfect 4 faces and Bray, Orton, Barrett and Sheamus could be the perfect 4 heels.

      • I’ve Lost My Smile

        Hopefully they don’t have Reigns there is because they plan on keeping The Shield together.

      • Padres4life

        Reigns take over from Cena? laughable! have you heard that guy in interviews? he’s too quiet and he’s not a pandering face type….people will get sick of him

        • Bryan

          He can easily get lessons from his cousin on how to be charismatic hell when The Rock aka Rocky Maivia at the time started he was green on the mic but he quickly became the most charismatic star at the time.

    • Progressed_Now

      lol what’s so complicated about Sheamus? they can either do this or this

    • I’ve Lost My Smile

      Jebus please do NOT turn Orton face he is not as good as he is as a heel why don’t they know this already?

    • yrabadi

      Sheamus has always been a heel. How anyone could see him as a babyface is beyond me. His character is that of a d!ck.

    • Buzzard Follower

      so they want randy to have big show syndrome. Sheamus cant stay atop as a babyface the crowd just doesnt like him enough to be a top guy as heel maybe it can work but it will all come down to booking. Sheamus is good friends with hhh though so he might have nothing to worry about

    • Padres4life

      soooo if Sheamus is turning heel, why is he on the future babyface list? this report was already contradicted LOL and so much for the Reigns experiment, they don’t have faith in him.

    • Danny Morgan

      Ambrose, Sheamus, Wyatt, Orton and maybe cody Rhodes and sandow have got to be the heels of the show later in the year leading to interesting feuds for next year’s mania