Diamond Dallas Page Thinks He Should Go In WWE Hall of Fame

Speaking to SportsTownChicago.com, Diamond Dallas Page addressed his yoga program, assisting Chris Jericho’s comeback from injury, WrestleMania and more. Highlights are as follows:

Not being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame: “I think eventually it’s got to happen. Nobody did what I did. Nobody was as over in the 90’s. I was in the top five guys according to Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Nobody came from being a manager to being a color commentator. I think I earned that spot and eventually, I think I’ll get it. I hope it’s not 30 years from now, but until Randy Savage is in there, until Jake Roberts, until Rick Rude, I’m not in yet. I would think Randy’s going to be in next year. I’d be surprised if he wasn’t. But it would be the greatest bill ever to be inducted because it’s in Jersey. It is what it is and when it happens it happens.”

Scott Hall’s life problems: “I love Scott. He’s one of my very good friends…Today, we talk once in a blue moon, but the last time he called me, he was just looking for some positive energy. I gave him a lot, I gave him everything I could and I asked him to come and stay with me. I just couldn’t get him to call me back after that. He’s a good guy. He’s just a lost soul right now.”

The interview is available here.

Daniel Pena

Daniel Pena is a longtime wrestling news reporter and the webmaster of PWPix.net

  • MrJimmy

    I like that he softened the aura of arrogance around that comment by recognizing that there are people not in the HoF that deserve to go in before he does. I can see DDP in the HoF sooner or later, even if his WWF career was a flop.

  • pwnez

    I agree, DDP should be in the HOF. I don’t see him being inducted anytime in the near future but he’s right it will happen eventually. Obviously the main reason for him going into the HOF if/when it happens would be because of his accomplishments in WCW and not the WWE.

  • CleverNameTaken

    He’s definitely going to find his way in there eventually, but it will probably be a few years before it happens. He really does have a pretty incredible success story, and was one of WCW’s top guys at one point.

    Also, respect to him for his kind treatment of Scott.

  • GreatRedBeard

    DDP is one of those cases where the rampant crony-ism of WCW was a success. He got his shot because he was friends with Bishoff, but he really took that shot and made something special with it. I think that he will get his deserved spot in the HOF eventually.

  • Drpepper

    There are a lot of people that need to go in before this guy…oooooh yeah!

    • Jljerovaz

      For example, Taker´s 2nd former wife (Sara)

      • DHInc

        I think Sara should induct DDP for the Hall of Fame since they have history.

        • Jmc60

          WWE aint gonna do that I agree but they aint gonna do it

    • butterpecs

      That’s what he said.

  • Harvey

    It makes sense: Vince’s limo driver is in the “WWE HOF” and DDP drove Rhythm & Blues to the ring at WM6 so why not?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001177411091 Seth Bob

    I somewhat like DDP and don’t think he’s HOF material.

    • Black_chain_gang4cd

      who in the blue hell are you to decide who is HOF worthy or who is not worthy hah? didya effin watch all his matches in wcw? do ya know how many others are in there who deserve less than him hah? ya think ya can judge him by seeing him on tv or sth?

    • butterpecs

      The WWE HOF is a joke anyway when practically everybody is eligible. There’s no such thing as “Not HOF material.” in WWE unless someone murdered their family or pissed off Vince McMahon.

  • Tiran66

    Nobody was more over in the 90’s?  WTF?  I really hope he was kidding there cause if he’s not he’s either got a severe god complex or he’s just a moron.  I could name 5 guys off the top of my head but I won’t bother because they’d be the same guys all of you are thinking right now.  Nobody did what I did.  What?  Sucked enough dick to finally get into the WCW spotlight then get exposed as the mediocre worker you actually were when you were forced to sink or swim in WWE?  Nobody came from being a manager to a color commentator?  Is this a typo?  Does this guy even know who Bobby Heenan is?  I’m so shocked at the utter stupidity in that first paragraph I’ve already forgotten what this article is about.  Kinda like I forget who this guy is until someone mentions yoga.

    • Mr_DJ

      pour some water on your ass to cool off those flames

  • Jakynth

    DDP was an innovator, he’s the guy that made moves come out of no where. The master of the Diamond Cutter the King of the Badda-Bing for sure deserves to be in the HOF. Love this guy and all the work he’s done. Had an amazing WCW career forged from hard work, talent, and charisma. Unfortunately WWE didn’t have the right character idea for him otherwise could have had a great WWE run. Either way its true there are others who should go in before him but he was a sensation in the 90’s he’ll get there for sure.

  • Abazaba75

    Completely agree with every word  DDP said, Savage is in next year 4 sure, Jake could go in anytime now and DDP definitely should go in. Though Rude is very deserving the reason he is not in yet is because Vince is still bitter he left for WCW and appeared on Nitro live the exact same time he was appearing on a pre taped Raw. If Vince can forgive Savage then hopefully he will do the same for Rude eventually.

  • http://twitter.com/TalkToHeaney John Enuch Heaney

    “Nobody came from being a manager to being a color commentator.” Did he seriously say this?

  • Dpsrkpguy

    The Rock is gonna go in next year for sure.

    • fatneal

       lol no way in hell

  • butterpecs

    If he ever did get inducted, it would be hilarious if his acceptance speech was a DDP Yoga training routine.

  • TheGreatestOne

    Self High Five !

  • fatneal

    @5f9ef5e0b61006ea78487802341c6b7f:disqus  hes not lying tho…DDP was the most over until the the aftermath of the whole mike tyson thing with austin

    • Tiran66

      In WCW terms then maybe yes DDP was over.  But he said the most over as in the most popular.  DDP has never and will never be more over then Bret Hart was before Austin took over.  I don’t recall ever seeing a DDP fan crying in joy because DDP acknowledged their existence.  Fact is the only fans who liked and knew about DDP were WCW fans.  Every wrestling fan knew who Bret Hart, Hogan, Flair, Savage, the list goes on, were.

  • fatneal

    @5f9ef5e0b61006ea78487802341c6b7f:disqus also ddp was behind the NWO…he got hall and nash in wcw….the malone rodman angle was one of the biggest wrestling matches of the 90s only topped by the mike tyson austin fiasco…he was constantly coming up with variations of his finisher…give ddp his respect he earned…maybe he meant manager to champ/face of the company to color commentator because I’m sure he knows who bobby henan is and respects him like the rest if us do

  • [email protected]

    ddp please…your not even on the long list

    • Kaylyn Owens

      That list is way too long. I think Taker should go in before DDP. He sure deserves it more. He’s HOF material, but he’s still wrestling. It’s too bad.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    Nobody was as over in the 90’s? LOL. 

  • Kaylyn Owens

    Oh please. There are so many more that deserve a HOF induction before DDP. Either he’s on drugs, or really full of himself.

  • fatneal

    @5f9ef5e0b61006ea78487802341c6b7f:disqus  dude bret hart was over, most support came from canada…the numbers of viewership and merchandise sold when bret hart reigned compared to 97-99 wcw/wwf are not even close….DDP was the most over it wasnt until the media jumped all over the mike tyson thing that austin was the most over…vince was scared having bret as the face of the company dude at the time there was nobody else who could carry wwf because wcw was usurping all their talent… bret wasnt bringing in the numbers bro your misinformed….im not taking anything from bret but ddp was the most over….after the screwjob bret wasnt even around for him to be compared to ddp….your wrong about ddp only being known by wcw fans thats insane bro….the malone/rodman tag match with hogan was legend and even the dreaded arquette title reign and leno tag match had mega press….the only person i can say that probably was more over than ddp at the time was goldberg…yeah i say that goldberg was most over…ddp needs his respect….the diamond cuter> stone cold stunner>rko