DirecTV Hints That They Might Stop Carrying WWE PPV Events

With the official announcement of the WWE Network and the news that all 12 of WWE’s monthly pay-per-view events will be included in the streaming service, one of the big topics of discussion has been the future of PPV events for fans who do not subscribe.

WWE stated that fans who do not get the WWE Network can still order their pay-per-views through traditional means (cable/satellite providers). However, knowing that the WWE Network might cause some pushback from cable/satellite providers, WWE filed a document with the SEC on Thursday saying that some of the providers might decide to stop carrying their PPV’s.

Now, DirecTV is the first company to publicly acknowledge the situation. In a statement made to the Los Angeles Times, a DirecTV spokesperson said,

“Clearly we need to quickly re-evaluate the economics and viability of their business with us, as it now appears the WWE feels they do not need their PPV distributors.”

They added that sales WWE PPV events “have been steadily declining, and this new low-cost competitive offering will only accelerate this trend.”

Make no mistake about it – cable providers are not happy about the WWE Network, which was, in part, a power play by WWE to cut them out of millions of dollars in PPV revenue. Rightfully so – why use a ‘middle man’ and give them upto 60% of PPV sales when you don’t have to?

During the ‘groundbreaking announcement’ from Las Vegas, Vince McMahon “I think it’d be foolish for them not to want to carry the pay-per-view anymore. It’s found money for them.”


Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • God’s Diamond

    There’s still going to be people who want to pay $120+ yearly, so like vmac said it’s found money.

  • CitySaint12

    Fine with me, I normally stream WWE PPV’s for free anyway :)

    • SomeInternetGuy

      I understand the temptation to pirate media, but do you really need to brag about it?

      • CitySaint12

        Not bragging at all and pirate media? I didnt burn anything to a disk nor did I download anything… Some smart guy decides to stream it online, so I view it. It’s pretty much a no brainer, especially when saving yourself $$$ $120 can buy a ticket to a Live WWE Event, so why waste it on 1 PPV that’s probably going to suck?

      • G.I.R.L.

        It isn’t taboo anymore. We’ve all done it at some point or another. I plan on doing it with X-MenDOFP to protest the removal of Rogue ;-p

        • yrabadi

          Nawwwwww. Pay money to see DOFP, G. You gotsta support them comicbook films. I freaking dropped cash on Ghost Rider 2… GHOST. RIDER. F’IN. 2.

          Gotta support them heroes.

          • Orestis

            Agreed.Being a huge marvel comics fan,I know I just have to go buy it.

  • Adam-Michael

    Why not just make it so if people DON’T subscribe to the netowrk, have them pay for the PPV’s still but through them? say like $20 per PPV?
    So someone who has the network is getting the better deal at just $10, thus making fans more likely to subscribe as it works out cheaper in the long run and as soon as the PPV is finished to those who are not subscribed, it cuts to a still screen after with the WWE network logo?

    • Mr 561

      Adam – not a bad idea. WWE takes about 40% of what pay-per-views cost, so that’s around $25. WWE could offer their PPV’s via the Network ala carte for $20-25 each – but that might be the nail in the coffin that leads PPV providers to completely drop WWE show. The WWE Network is a new technology and they do not want to alienate people who aren’t ready to adopt yet and want to order PPV’s and watch it on their TVs in the traditional way.

      • Adam-Michael

        Yeah, but with technology today…. despite it being “online only” TV’s today can get internet on them. If you have a XBOX of PlayStation or a Wii U you can just watch through that device….. this is WWE we are talking about, you know they will have an APP on all these games consoles as well as a network APP on itunes for all apple devices as well…. give it time friend, it will be a huge thing once it gets off the ground

        • Mr 561

          I’m being very patient with the WWE Network. I know it will be a huge success – and my feelings won’t change if they don’t get 500,000 subscribers off the bat.

          I’m very tech savvy, as many WWE fans are. I’ve been streaming stuff from my laptop/iPhone to my TV for years – but 100% of WWE’s potential audience doesn’t yet – and many people will take time to get with the program

          • Timothy Billups

            That’s what I do as well, generally I watch Raw from my phone because I’m at work until 7pm on Monday Nights. I have nothing but high expectations for the Network, with it being available on almost every mobile/gaming platform out right now, the potential is limitless. Do I see them doing PPV one off’s? Yes and No. I don’t see them charging $20 for them, I see $10 and at most $20 for Wrestlemania, but again with a mere 6 month committment, thats only $60 and that is less than 2 normal PPVs. I see them possibly shortening the commitment to 3 months for enticement moreso than anything else.

  • Norman Osborne

    I would have sympathy for directv
    but I still can’t watch tv when it rains

  • Max Da Boss Patterson

    What if all the ppv providers drop all we ppvs and the network flops, then what.

    • Pozessed

      There is a pretty small chance of the network flopping to be honest when you look at it.

  • MrSplakaveli

    so… DirecTV doesn’t want to make the money off the remaining PPV customers who are hesitant to make the switch?? You’d think they’d want to bleed every last dollar out of it while they can. Shots fired for sure, but I call bullshit and I think Vince will too.

  • Dixie Carter

    And wwe expect everyone to watch it on there app instead of TV. Believe me when USA Network drop WWE Raw and they have to move it over to the app, they will not have a TV channel to broadcast the shows, leaving them expecting everyone to flock over to the app which won’t happen.

    WWE your last few years are upon us.

    • Timothy Billups

      I get it you’re a troll who pretends to be Dixie Carter…but you are by far the dumbest and blatently wrong person to post on these boards. How many people stream PPVs? Far more than actually watch them on PPV TV. How many people use their laptop and/or iPad to watch TV in general? Millions I assure you. Netflix and Hulu are just two big names that come to mind that have millions of subscribers who not only use their computers but mobile devices, dvd players and TV’s to watch those services. Personally, I have an Xbox 360, and guess what, millions of other people do too. And where exactly does the 360 get plugged into to play? That’s right little troll, the TV!
      Let NBC Universal drop them, and watch the WWE make even more money by having EVERYTHING be on the WWE Network. If the Network becomes the SOLE source of WWE, their number of subscribers will increase, and in doing so profits will as well. Why? Because they can keep the price where it is, and be the sole earner with advertising profits, rather than just rights fees from NBC Universal.

      • Dixie Carter

        No brains Timothy for business. Once every major TV channel drops WWE they’re over. This is WWEs NFL all over again and soon will be abandoned to save the company. You think that the 3million raw audience is all gonna jump onto the WWE Network? It is WWEs own service, not partnered with Netflix which shows almost EVERY type of program much like a cable network.

        I honestly believe no one understands how this actually works minus WWE getting full profits. Sorry boy, but u need to learn and not be reading some Grade 6 losers report on here and then try to PRETEND you understand the business.

        • Timothy Billups

          Don’t feed the trolls, don’t feed the trolls, don’t feed the trolls!
          You say the 3 million raw viewers like “your company” garners that many, when getting 1 million viewers for TNA is a stretch. More people watch streaming media than ever before, and with cable and satelite companies charging more and more for their services, more and more people are moving away from them. Enjoy the D leagues chump, AM Raw is a better watch than TNA, and that is solely repeat of what already has been seen.
          You say you broker a new TV deal, yet can’t sell out a HIGH SCHOOL GYM! Keep talking little troll, you only make a larger fool of yourself.

          • Dixie Carter

            What GYM? What was the GYM location? Facts Mr Timothy Mc NoBrains! And sure 3million people will jump on the WWE Network once USA Network cancels RAW…SURE!!! If that happens they’ll be lucky to get 40k viewers for the wwe network raw and it won’t even be broadcast on TV, hahaha.

          • Timothy Billups
  • snoobdude

    Eventually Raw and Smackdown will be exclusive to WWE Network too. Watch and see.

  • captaindaddy72

    Direct tv aint a big deal anyway it’s all about Verizon lol

  • pharmxy

    i live in a rural area………in other words no cable. i looked at how much data usage streaming online would use and its ridiculous on satelite internet (hughesnet) or if you used your cell phone as a hot spot for an internet connected tv. if wwe moved all their programming to the online network, they are gonna lose a significant segment of the population becuase its cost prohibitive to stream on satelite internet and tv.