Divas Considered Safe From Expected Firings, Maxine Comments

— The current Diva-exclusive season of NXT — coupled with an ongoing recruitment drive by WWE officials to hire more models, which it can train as professional wrestlers — indicate that cuts will be made to the female roster in due time.

According to the UK based wrestling magazine, Power Slam, the list of females whose jobs are considered safe in the company is limited to Michelle McCool, Layla, Beth Phoenix, Maryse, Kelly Kelly, Melina, and “possibly” Natalya and Eve Torres.

Those not listed are considered expendable by officials.

— Maxine, who was eliminated from NXT on Tuesday’s show, commented on why she believes she was expelled from the contest in an interview with nxt.wwe.com.

“The WWE Universe doesn’t always warm up to the bad girl. I think it’s much easier to really like somebody that’s overly perky and nice,” she stated. “I feel like I’m more of a leader, I’m not a follower. I make my own path and I think that’s the way to go.”

— Besides a few people who viewed the script for Monday’s Raw, former talent Lita’s surprise appearance was kept a secret until she walked into the Nassau Coliseum. (source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Daniel Pena

Daniel Pena is a longtime wrestling news reporter and the webmaster of PWPix.net

  • stylepoints

    You know, if WWE wants to replace it’s Divas every few years, that’s fine. The only problem I have is they keep releasing the ones that can actually wrestle.

  • ralu

    @stylepoints I concur. To not see Gail Kim on that list is unthinkable. Sure, she’s never cut that many promos, but come on. Next to Eve Torres? Sucks on the mic and the ring. I might be solo on this, but they should totally let go of Kelly. Yeah, she’s super cute, but I’m really surprised at how far that’s taken her. Can’t wrestle for beans, man.

  • 91nos331gt

    possibly natalya? they better not fire her that would really piss me off! so from that list they had the only ones i can think of that arent on there are the bellas, rosa mendez, tamina, alicia fox, and gail kim. keep gail and tamina and maybe alicia but i wouldnt miss the bellas or rosa lol. wtf wwe why even fire any of them? its not like you use them anyway. if anything just fire all the models and bring in wrestlers and let them wrestle i bet alot of fans would be happy if you did that.

  • 91nos331gt

    i just dont get it. what does the wwe gain from hiring more models to have more 2 min matches? does it help ratings? no! merchandise sales? no! ticket sales? no! so how does the wwe profit from it? we all know the wwe is all about money. if they made their divas division more competitve and had actual wrestling matches maybe they could get alot more young girls to look up to them like the young boys look up to cena and theyd start buying their t-shirts or something lol idk

  • mas72478

    Lets put this in perspective. WWE’s Divas division needs some major tweeking. The Bella Twins are just eye candy for the Raw guest celebrity, so get rid of them. They have no future in WWE.
    Rosa Mendez, Kelly Kelly, Tiffany, and Eve also need to go.
    The fact that they haven’t gave Gail Kim a push is just a crime. It’s almost like since she returned to WWE from TNA she’s been cast to the wayside. Gail Kim is probly the best Diva wrestler WWE has.

  • Lanshire

    I forgot to add: We’ve been going over this for years on end now, constantly saying the diva’s division should be better, etc. Of course it needs to be tweaked or made better, but is it actually happening? Nothing’s going to happen if we just keep sitting here and especially the four of us that actually still care about actual females wrestling properly are just shrouded by this false hope that WWE will actually garner a proper women’s wrestling division someday…


  • edgeNvickiefan316

    that “expendable” list BETTER NOT include Vickie Guerrero otherwise I will go to CT drag Mr McMahon by the trousers (pants) into New York pull said pants down to his ankles and beat his ass with a steel chair!

  • edgeNvickiefan316

    Vickie’s match was brilliant!

  • elsexy1224

    Why do they want to hire models with their PG rating, did anyone see the last swimsuit contest they had the week before summerslam, that was ridiculous, 1 piece bathing suits? that night made me hate the pg rating even more, I don’t like TNA that much but their women division right now is way better than WWEs , Velvel sky is super HOT, one bad b!tch

  • 09Shan

    and i suppose being untalented and showing hardly when it comes to personality had a little thing to do with it to!!

  • ThePrestige

    Its like whatever WWE is lacking…. TNA is providing that… like with the Tag Team and Divas err KNockout Division…

    Gail Kim / Christian/ and now Kaval are cursed to fall into that “former” catagory in VKM’s eyes and unless I start to see a Kaval ” NEXT breakout jobber (star)” push I am going to stop caring about anyone who comes from another organization because they wont get any sort of push in WWE

  • LupineMP3j

    Sometimes I wonder why these Divas wanna be part of WWE to begin with. They can’t shine in WWE, they can’t wrestle like they’re meant to, because WWE won’t let them. What’s the point of being a part of the Giant’s army if they don’t let you hold a gun?

    It’s the same for the male wrestlers. Daniel Bryan and Kaval both have a lot in their arsenal. I’ve seen them wrestle each other in FCW. Let me tell you, that’s real wrestling. Since they got to WWE, it’s like their fire’s been put out. All Daniel Bryan does is his LaBell lock and Kaval stomps on people and BARELY EVEN GETS USED in the first place, something that makes me very mad.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big WWE fan. But the more I think of how WWE’s operating nowadays, the more I find myself wanting to encourage TNA to get it together so I can like them more too….

  • Wrstlefan88

    just when I thought the division had some light in the future…….you know, it really sticks a knife to my gut when i have to read about them being interested more in models than women with wrestling experience and/or background. Gail Kim should never be considered expendable, because thats just a huge slap in the face of wrestling fans everywhere. especially Natalya, of all people. Eve, idk, she can get some good help from Lita. no, the ones that should be considered expendable are Kelly Kelly, Bella Twins, Tiffany, Rosa Mendes, and Tamina, although she souldn’t be expendable either, but since WWE refuses to recognize talent more, I just dont see any hope for WWE’s women’s division. Im telling you, ever since the Women’s Championship was retired (worst business move ever), the whole section has been knee-deeper in the danger zone more than ever by wwe officials. I wanna see them mount a protest against them and end this disgusting display of “pandering to the WWE universe”. for once, Im gonna go out on a limb here and agree with Maxine, although her tweet should’ve been directed at officials. she, along with every professional lady wrestler should either protest or quit, and they can see just why fans willl never watch a model wrestle in the ring. just like why I wont watch TNA “knockouts”, I wont watch a model try to fight in the ring. if they start releasing the good talent, little by little even, then little by little, im just gonna stop watching women wrestle altogether, and the same goes for the male talent. any good athlete released, just to hire an idiot who cant wrestle to save his life (The Great Khali is beyond sucking, he should never be allowed anywhere near a ring), a midget mascot (Fartknocker should kiss VKM’s royal and stank rear more than be on camera or in the ring), an elderly shrieker (I like Vickie from time to time, but enough with that GOD-AWFUL SHRIEKING), and the so-called “Voice of WWE” Michael GDYCole (need I say more about the REAL butt-kissing nerd?) i’ll just say it like this: real and creative talent equals quality entertainment, excellent PPV buys, and high-soaring business. Vince, for once, do what the Rock and Stone Cold have been telling you for years, stop talking out of your 150 year old rump, put away those ungodly sight of grapefruits (arrogance), and start listening to your people, and fans. SIMPLE AS THAT, REAL TALK!

  • edgeNvickiefan316

    If Vickie Guerrero gets fired I will QUIT watching wrestling altogether I mean it
    wrstlefan88 since when is forty-two years old “elderly” that has to be the most sexist thing I ever did read! 42 is young these days and besides which after EVERYTHING Vickie Guerrero has endured in the past 5 years (ok 5 years as of this coming Saturday) I think she is aging well

  • JamieEvsxx

    @edgeNvickiefan316…not being funny…but why would you quit watching wrestling coz some old hag who does nothing but shriek and make fans cringe with her Cougar gimmick ?…yeah I mean…shes over with the crowd and everything…but I think its a bit extreme to stop watching wrestling coz Vickie Guererro got fired

    ok…if I were to decide who to keep or fire…heres who it’d be…
    Beth Phoenix
    Gail Kim
    Tamina (if she weren’t to go to waste like Katie Lea Burchill)
    maybe Maryse
    maybe Alicia Fox
    maybe Eve Torres
    Tiffany (you’ve gotta admit…she isn’t really that bad in the ring…shes better than a lot of the Divas)
    I can’t believe I’m saying this…Michelle McCool (only coz theres no point in saying she could get fired when shes Takers wife)
    Kelly Kelly (only because theres quite a lot of fans that like her and if she were to get fired the WWE would probably be in the Mickie James situation…loads of people complaining and bitching…probably a terrorist threat…well maybe they won’t go that far…but I have a feeling that they’d get loads of complaints)

    Bella Twins (for obvious reasons)
    Rosa Mendes (again…for obvious reasons)
    maybe Vickie Guererro (only because she doesn’t actually do anything except shriek and making fans cringe with her Cougar gimmick…but she does get a lot of heat from the crowd and does kinda help some of the heels to get more heat…so I’m not sure on that one)

  • edgeNvickiefan316

    EXCUSE ME! I will have you know that MY MOTHER BROUGHT ME UP ALONE therefore I CAN RELATE to Vickie :) stop insulting her and for god’s sakes grow up JamieEvsxx its called R.E.S.P.E.C.T. ok?

  • stylepoints

    @ Wrstlefan88

    Real talk? Lol, what is this, 2006?

  • RadicalRhys297

    My List of Keeps: Beth Phoenix, Melina, Michelle McCool, Layla, Gail Kim, Natalya, Alicia Fox, Maryse, Jillian (well she is staying, just as a trainer down at FCW), Eve Torres, AJ, Naomi, Askana, Maxine, Kaitlyn, Tamina (The later 4 as managers thou)
    My List of Cuts: KELLY KELLY!!! Rosa Mendes, Bellas,

  • JamieEvsxx

    @edgeNvickiefan316…grow up ?…urm…okayy…all I basically said was Vickie isn’t anything special and not really a reason to stop watching wrestling if she ever got fired…and that she doesn’t actually do much except for shriek and make people cringe with her cougar gimmick…and yeah I get the fact that you respect her…but I’m just saying that not watching wrestling anymore over someone who doesn’t actually wrestle is a little OTT isn’t it ?…jeez no need to stress

  • edgeNvickiefan316

    JamieEvsxx when you are labelled as “challenged” like i have been for most of my life it’s kind of hard to have a “life” so that’s why I take it so damned seriously ok
    I have every right to stress since every time WWE disrespects Vickie Guerrero its like a slap in the face to single parents everywhere
    and don’t even consider disputing the “challenged” thing i was mainstreamed but i had a record of special needs the doctors don’t exactly know what it is but I’d say it’s Asperger’s
    just filling you in s that you understand that i am a sad lonely scottish waste of space ok?

  • stratojaxter

    lol, no need for all the drama. Quit watching because Vickie gets fired? They’d probably gain 10 viewers for every fan they’d lose. She’s part of the reason I rarely watch Smackdown anymore. I get that she’s supposed to be annoying, but if she annoys you to the point that you turn off the show, it seems like it defeats the purpose. I’m all for helping out Eddie’s widow, but can’t she do some filing or something.

  • jeffhardysthebomb

    in order of importance
    that oriental one…
    and yeah fire the rest but Tiffany shes ok AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET RID OF KELLY

  • stratojaxter

    @jeffhardysthebomb, “that oriental one”? Pulled that one from the 1950’s huh?

  • jeffhardysthebomb

    @stratojaxtor lol yep i guess