Doctors Inform Daniel Bryan That He Needs Second Surgery

During the police press conference with Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella this week, the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion revealed that he was informed by his doctor on Thursday that he will likely need a second surgery to repair his injured neck.

Bryan spoke about how he has half of the strength in his right arm compared to his left. He didn’t confirm whether or not he was going to get the surgery, however did say that he was encouraged to do so.

If he does undergo the second surgery, there is no definite report on how long that will keep him out of action.

  • Matt Boone

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    • Undertaker316

      this guy just cant catch a break

      • Mr. Honesty

        but he CAN catch a robber

        • Undertaker316

          with a broken freakin neck! YES!YES!YES!

          • 9 year old boy

            Oh it’s d@mn true!

      • Patrick


      • Ice train

        Except kiddie the fact that he headlined and won wm30. Yeah…def can’t catch a break. Smarky douche.

    • Matt Gallagher

      His best bet is to sit out until royal rumble if possible

      • Pappy

        His best bet would be to stop listening to what the stupid fans want and sit out until he’s completely healed properly.

        • Matt Gallagher

          I’m just saying that royal rumble is a long ways away and if he gets the surgery within the next 2 weeks then for a nerve surgery like that about 6-7 months away, which is reasonable

          • Frank

            If he does come back at the Royal Rumble he better be in the match! And If he in the match HE BETTER F’IN WIN! Or it will be Royal Rumble Riot NUMBER 2! Forget about this Roman who got it about the YES MOVEMENT! If he can make it back in time for the Rumble Brayn SHOULD WIN!

            • Boogie Nights

              Shuuut up

            • Matt Gallagher

              Idk, wrestling fans tend to move to another guy before Bryan will come back, right now were on roman reigns but in 5 months we could be on Cesaro for all we know

        • pwnez

          It’s not the fans, it’s the WWE. They are known to rush wrestlers back into the ring before they are fully healed.

      • mzibreg1005

        If it’s bad enough that he needs a second surgery he needs to be out longer than until the Royal Rumble. He’s not Stone Cold, no matter how bad his fans may want him to be, a 3-4 month recovery time is not going cut it with him, like it or not. If they find that he’s absolutely necessary to ratings (Spoiler alert: he’s not) bring him back as a ref in the new year and do a slow build to another curtain jerking return at wrestlemania. But he’s never going to be in the main event again, unless he’s refereeing it.

        • Matt Gallagher

          Bringing him as a ref is probably the dumbest idea unless it’s to screw Kane over

          • mzibreg1005

            He’s contracted to the company, and his in ring active wrestling days are over, like it or not, so that’s really the only option for him, besides being GM, and that could go either way…….. Oh Cesaro, you want a match against Jack Swagger? Well I say: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes…….. But he’s done wrestling.

            • Feelmemore

              His in ring days are over when he says theyre over, people can speculate all they want but he is going to be the one to say.

        • JDS3105

          Unless you have an M.D. behind your name, I don’t think you are at will to say his in ring days are over. This isn’t the same kind of injury that Edge and Stone Cold had. It will take time but he will return. I’ve had that same surgery.

          • Pappy

            You’re not a pro wrestler so I doubt your so called injury was nowhere near as bad as his is. If you haven’t noticed, this will be his 2ND surgery cause the 1st didn’t go as planned so don’t go around comparing yourself to Daniel Bryan

            • JDS3105

              Hmmm. I don’t recall saying I was a pro-wrestler. Nor did I compare myself to Bryan. My injury was from playing D-3 college ball. I know nothing about what pro wrestlers go through but I do know neck injuries. And yes, I had 2 surgeries to correct the problem.

            • Pappy

              The type of college ball you played is irrelevant. You could’ve got that injury playing cheerleader for all I care. Just cause you claim to know about neck injuries doesn’t mean you know. Just cause you had a similar injury doesn’t mean it was as severe as Bryan’s. Maybe he will heal but that doesn’t mean he’ll be able to wrestle again.

            • Max_Kirgan

              Even if his injury wasn’t as severe, if he had spinal fusion done, it’s the same surgery. Everyone heals and recovers different. A lot depends on Daniels’ body. Bone spurs, if he has them, they’ll probably clean up while they’re in there. The big question is, how bad is the spinal stenosis? It was the main reason Edge and Austin were forced to retire. If Daniels isn’t in too bad of shape in that dept. he could wrestle a couple more years if he wanted.

            • Frank

              Uh what about P.Manning!? He a football and had 4 NECK SURGERY and people said he was done he came back and won MVP and had the BEST SEASON HE EVER HAD! Bryan in ring career is not F’IN over you moran!

            • Pappy

              1. It’s MORON not moran.
              2. It’s Surgeries as in more than one
              3. Peyton Manning was a football player, not a football

            • Frank

              U KNOW WHAT I MEAN! AND IT THE TRUTH! If Manning can do it why can’t Bryan not do it!?

            • Pappy

              It’s not it. Not everyone is the same that’s why I think it’ll be different for Bryan. Football players have an off season where as wrestlers are in the ring 300 days out if the year so it’ll be more taxing on Bryan’s body

          • Doogie howser M.D.

            He is done … Daniel Bryan will announce his retirement in the coming weeks .

    • mzibreg1005

      A second, second surgery?! He’ll be a zebra by the end of the year.

      • LACenaFan

        I don’t get it..

        • K Dot

          Zebras can’t walk

    • oppa

      This is going to become a quality of life issue. He shouldn’t not think about coming back anytime soon and should probably think about retiring. He has money, the love of millions around the world and a loving wife. His life is better than that of most people. I’d hate to see him end up in a wheelchair trying to please a company that will always look at him as being to small to be the man, despite his giant stature in the minds of the paying audiance.

      • KingBack

        Well.. That company gave Bryan the biggest push anyone has gotten in a decade so you shouldn’t really talk all bad about WWE’s way of using Bryan.
        And please don’t use the excuse “Ohh it was the crowd that got Bryan pushed”.. No. Guys like Ziggler is also over with the crowd but he is not being given a clean win over HHH, Orton and Batista in one night in two different matches + a world championship at one of the best/most important/biggest PPV’s of all time.

    • fatneal

      im calling it now…we wont see daniel bryan back until the raw after wrestlemania 31

    • Curt Baboon

      While this is super sad and I wish Bryan would finally catch a break…that picture always cracks me up.

      Every time I see a news story on here w0ith that picture as a thumbnail, I just KNOW something terrible has happened to D-Bry.

      • Triple X

        Lol, I agree.

    • abc

      off topic…but this video is awesome

    • Scott Dorian Dancer

      with those injurys he should take at least a year of in ring off. do commentary till he can safely take bumps again. he will also have to change his style. hopefully back to how he performed in roh. if hes smart he will take his time.

    • Pozessed

      To be honest, I see him being out until next year… It would be pretty cool if we forget about him then he returns out of the blue like WOAH!

      • Sigma ?

        Ah yes. The surprise element. That will work if they do it right.

        • Pozessed

          Definitely, no disrespect to him but I kinda forgot about him, if he is gone for a few more months then he could come back secretly, like Y2J

      • MachoViper

        Give him the Rumble win, problem solved. The WWE will go on without him plus it will keep him away from Lesnar and give a great story to tell at WM.

    • llllninjastarllll

      i honestly dont think Bryan will return to wrestling , he might retire now

    • JDS3105

      I’ve had the same surgery he’s had. Yes, it takes time to heal from but I don’t believe it’s career threatening as long as he takes his time returning and changes some things in the ring. Having said that, the earliest we will see him back is Royal Rumble assuming the recovery goes smooth. If not, it could easily be after WM 31. With this injury, he probably has 3-4 good years left.

      • Max_Kirgan

        How did your recovery go? I’m looking at getting the same procedure done, and they told me 6-8 weeks in a hard collar. I hope it doesn’t drive me nuts.

        • JDS3105

          3 weeks in a hard collar and about 3 1/2 in a soft collar. My total recovery time was about 7 1/2 months. The first 4 weeks are the toughest- especially if your use to being an active person. I was able to regain about 90 percent strength in my right arm. Best of luck with your surgery. Keep a positive attitude. That’s half the battle

          • Max_Kirgan

            Damn I didn’t realize it would be that long. I was hoping to get it done over the summer but I’m fighting with the insurance company to get it approved.

            • JDS3105

              Every person is different. Mine was screwed up pretty bad- the nerve was really compressed and there were a lot of bone spurs. Doctor said some have recovered in 3 months. Some took longer than mine. I let mine go a little too long which is pry why my recovery time was over 7 months

    • David Stephenson

      A second surgery on Daniel Bryan’s neck? He just can’t catch a break.This could possibly lead to early retirement for him. When I think of this situation, I would think of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Edge. When they both had neck surgery, it was clear that they were wrestling on borrowed time and Daniel Bryan could be facing that same issue.

      • LACenaFan

        It’s not a neck surgery, it’s a arm surgery.

        • David Stephenson

          Read the article you idiot. It states that Daniel Bryan would likely need a second surgery on his neck. It doesn’t state that he would need arm surgery.

          • Max_Kirgan

            Yup. I’m not sure which disc he had fused but sometimes you can have nerve endings come out at different levels. You can be showing symptoms indicative of disc herniation at different levels. They usually fuse the one that looks the worst, but it might not have been the disc causing the weakness in the arm.

      • Clare Boyle

        I really think he should retire… because if he comes back and re-injures it… he could end up like The Dynamite Kid. Vince McMahon has had a couple of neck surgeries but i think they were to remove bone spurs or something if i remember rightly…

    • Johnny B Bad

      Oh well, DB is just another spoke on the wheel, besides the DB fans still have Bo Dallas to cheer for lol YES! YES! YES! BO-LIEVE that!

    • VJGraziano

      Dudes gotta retire. Gotta put health and family first. Id rather see him retire than end up in a chair.

      • Joe Anonymous

        Absolutely. I’d hate to see him become like Dynamite Kid: confined to a wheelchair, in constant pain and just plain miserable at the world because of it.

    • Joe Anonymous

      Oooooof. Me thinks DB is gonna have to pull an Edge and retire, this just doesn’t seem like something he’s gonna be able to recover from.

      • Cadolots

        My thought exactly

      • Clare Boyle

        I agree he should retire now rather than risk a worse injury by returning to the ring. Didn’t Tazz do that? when he became a commentator… I don’t know much about the injury but he could become a talent agent or a commentator… i think being a referee could even be too risky

    • Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

      Get well soon Daniel Bryan.

    • 10YearOldBoy

      My time fram for his return will be late 2015 or early 2016 i hope.

      • Clare Boyle

        there’s a chance though that he may not return… just bear that in mind…

    • insomniacreviewer

      Damn, Bryan just can’t catch a break.

    • Cadolots

      Suck for him this year so far. His dad passed aways this year, he finally win the wwe championship but was hurt because of his neck. Now he need a second one? Damn I hate to say it but I think it time to retire, before you end up in the wheelchair Daniel. Edge retired cause of his neck

    • ronjon 1000

      Poor guy. I know the decision is ultimately up to him, but I think its 50/50 that he returns in a full time in ring capacity. The reason for that comes from the fact that he is having trouble healing from this. It was supposed to be a few months (I figured more anyways. ..neck injuries are weird like that) but were talking a year at least to get back to top shape if it’s even possible. Then comes the risk of further damage or reaggrivating the injury with dire consequences. Yes, P. Manning had 4. But football and wrestling are different. People themselves heal different. Manning came back. Nick Collins didn’t. Edge is a good example. Dude came back, had a great run. Was seemingly fine. Had some discomfort and BAM! He retired. No one saw it coming. Necks are strange. One odd angle on a bump could be a disaster. I understand that the injuries between Edge and Bryan are different. No two arms break alike. But it’s still a broken arm. Same can be said for necks. A neck injury is always risky, no matter the severity, especially in any type of sport. Best of luck to him though.

    • KenKen KillT iT

      Its almost painful to see a man that was such a star rise to the top then fall straight back to the bottom.

    • brad

      I love Daniel Bryan but I think Roman Reigns deserves to win the Rumble this year as well as headline mania.

      • Seth Rollins: Blacked Out!

        He’ll probably be getting mixed reactions by then.

    • Filthy_animals

      Why does sescoops have that picture of Bryan when they do an injury story .. Is it because he looks sad ?

    • Clare Boyle

      I think he should retire… one neck surgery is risky enough but two…