Former World Champion Being Repackaged?

SmackDown Roster Dolph Ziggler
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We noted before how former World Champion Dolph Ziggler has not appeared on WWE TV for a while and the reason behind it was that the Officials didn’t have anything planned for him.

Now it appears that the company is finally planning something for the Show Off, though it’s one of the last things you may expect WWE to do with the SmackDown Star.

During the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez talked about Dolph Ziggler’s absence from the company and revealed something very surprising for his future.

The Wrestling Journalist said that WWE Officials are likely to repackage the former Intercontinental Champion soon, although he didn’t specify any timeline for it.

Alvarez didn’t give any more details on the repackaging either so it’s not known what it may include and if the company will give Dolph a completely new gimmick or make modifications to his old character.

It’s worth mentioning here that Ziggler has been repackaged once before. He originally debuted in WWE as a part of The Spirit Squad under the ring name Nicky in 2005.

After the group dismembered he was sent back to OVW and he later returned to the main WWE programming adopting the new ring name Dolph Ziggler in 2008.