Dolph Ziggler Talks About The Spirit Squad, Steroids In Wrestling & More

WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler recently spoke with during his promotional tour of Australia. Here are some highlights of what Ziggler said about:

His Background Studying Law:

“I studied it at college and am still interested in it but I had wanted to wrestle since I was five. You never know what’s going to happen in this career, so I went to college to have something to fall back on.”

Being part of The Spirit Squad:

“I was in the Spirit Squad, which was a group of guys with a cheerleading theme. I told myself no matter what the persona is, get your foot in the door and run with it. e got beat up sometimes and sometimes we came out on top. Cheerleaders don’t have a good rep as tough guys but we were as entertaining as possible. We got in the ring with some of the greatest – Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Roddy Piper – which only helped.”

Overcoming the Perception of Steroids in Wrestling:

“It is because we’ve gone from the big burly guys who eat hotdogs and live a rough lifestyle to wrestlers who are all health nuts and work out every day. We’re constantly tested and there are measures to make sure we’re all safe and healthy. I hope that perception changes because we’re highly tuned athletes.”

* Animated .GIF of one of DOLPH ZIGGLER’s Best Bumps Ever

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    Is it weird for a straight man to have an non homo wrestling crush on Dolph? >_>

    • chris keller

      yes, that would make you gay.

    • Advanced Dialogue

      You Are like the Howard Stern of SESCOOPS. Shock Commenter

    • m8h3r

      When describing him you can’t help but start with “If I was gay….”

    • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

      As long as you know your not gay, crush on him all u want.

    • Kool Dudez Club

      Not when it’s you JCR!! You make it kool! Lolz!

  • kquickstillsucks

    I just wanna know why Ziggler has to job all the time while holding the MITB case. IK Bryan did it also but if WWE wants to make these guys humble they could just rehire the Iron Sheik and let these guys keep their momentum ;)

    • Steve

      because WWE writers are idiots and do not plan ahead for guys like Ziggler and Bryan. instead they make a copy of last years WM (Cena vs Rock) and, probably, we will see those two even third time in a lifetime next year. what was i saying? i just dont see any plan for Ziggler – i think that they make storylines up while they go. They do not have a schedule, like, Ziggler will cash in at X PPV and then feud with Y …

      • kquickstillsucks

        I am fairly certain Vince not the writers is setting the WM card.

  • Lester Foxx

    I didn’t know that Spirit Squad gemmick actually helped those guys. They were marked as jobbers.

  • Jack Roberts

    i wonder if the spirit squad will ever come back, i hope they do because they were my faveourite