Dolph Ziggler Talks About What’s Holding Him Back In WWE & Who He Looks Up To

WWE’s Money in the Bank briefcase holder Dolph Ziggler is interviewed in the February 2013 issue of WWE Magazine and spoke about a number of topics, including what’s holding him back in WWE and which WWE superstar pushes him to keep improving.

Ziggler said, “I don’t listen, to a point where if I think something’s right, I’ll go ahead and do it anyway, and it’ll be the wrong thing to do. That’s what’s holding me back. I tell myself how great I am, but sometimes I’m wrong. Some people have been here a lot longer, and sometimes they’re going to be right, and damn it, I’m going to have to pay attention to that.”

John Cena is currently his top rival in WWE, but Ziggler gave props to Cena and admitted that he’s the wrestler that pushes him to keep improving.

“No matter who’s champ, he’s the franchise.” Ziggler said. “When you’re out there with him, it’s a different kind of ballgame. We are two opposite people and I can’t say that enough, and sometimes I hate his guts so much that even when I’m at home, I want to beat him up. We do not see things the same way, but we both have the same goal.”

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Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • JamieEvsxx

    I swear I’ve read the thing about Dolph not listening on here before…=S

    • Dan Kincaid

      you did, this is just adding to it

      • JamieEvsxx

        ohh fair enough…=P

  • Reality

    To be fair, what’s holding you back right now is in the form of a muscular black man and a skinny whore.
    And it’s funny the guy he’s been jobbing to is the one to push him “to keep improving”.
    What’s funnier is: what is it to improve with Dolph right now?

  • Andrew Campbell

    The key thing holding Ziggler back is his poor mic skills. Without good mic skills, you can’t carry the company as a top heel. That said, he has improved on the mic a little since he started feuding with Cena.

    • butterpecs

      His promos are fine and have been fine for quite some time, it’s his style of cramming a paragraph into just a few seconds that likely goes over everyones head and has less effect than it would if he slowed it down.

      • SavageBomber

        Yep. Even though it should be more effective since fans nowadays have ADD.

        Seriously, I really think it’s when he gets real low while talking. I know he’s trying to add inflections to his promos to make them sound more realistic, but some times he gets entirely too low and it takes away from it.

        But even with all of that, his promos still aren’t bad. They’re at least decent. At most good. I definitely wouldn’t say “poor”.

    • pwnez

      I disagree. Ziggler is decent on the mic, not great but he can cut a good promo. What’s holding him back is WWE creative pairing him up with Vickie and now AJ and Langston. He’s going absolutely nowhere with those two around him.

      • Jeremy-County Roberts

        I don’t think Vickie was holding him back. If anything it got him more heel heat. She’s good at getting heat and I’m sure Eddie smiles down from wrestling heaven every time shes out there. Now putting him with AJ and now big e………..that is holding him back. Ain’t nobody give one single fuc* about AJ or big e. I said this once before. AJ looks like a 12 year old girl off her meds and big e just looks lost out there.

    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      lol poor mic skills? Zig is beast. You must be trolling on that part of your comment…………cause come on. The guy sells ANYTHING.

  • SonofSheik81

    I like the content of Ziggler’s promos, but I agree that he needs to work on slowing down his delivery a bit. In my opinion, his backstage confrontation with AJ was some of his best work. Him cutting her down and calling her trash was pure heel gold. Then, thanks to Cena deciding he wants to boink one of the Bella twins, the whole AJ angle gets scrapped and she winds up with Dolph? In my mind, that totally took away the guy’s momentum. Whether she’s a heel or a face, AJ Lee annoys me and Big E Langston is just Ezekiel Jackson 2.0 or Ahmed Johnson 3.0. Ziggler dragging around the two of them makes me not want to watch his segments.

  • Jus Sayin

    Whats holding him back is the WWE obviously. He’s too damn good and excels pretty much everything he does which is why they have him job to Cena and the other big names, he makes them look good by selling their moves perfectly. As long as he does that they’re going to look at that and say “you know what? we need a good main event for our golden boy Cena against someone whos gonna make him look good by selling all of his 5 moves of doom.

    • Craig DeBoard

      Yep that is sound logic right there. The WWE desperately wanting to get back to the sort of numbers they were at during the Attitude Era and what better way to do it than to hold back someone “too good”.

      You do realize how stupid that sounds don’t you?

      The WWE has kept Ziggler from the main event in hopes that when it happens it’ll actually be a big deal. With so many new champions in recent years like Del Rio, Sheamus, and even Punk or Bryan, they’re aren’t too many wrestlers they can really put over big as having worked a long and extensive career to get to that spot like they were able to with Benoit when he finally won or with Eddie or with Foley. They want to make it a big deal like when HBK finally won his first title (yes Ziggler has been champion before but we all know that was bunk). As Alfred Hitchcock once said, it’s not the bang of the gun that people remember but the anticipation before the trigger is pulled–the build up. It’s the same reason they’ve kept the title on Punk for so long. To make it a big deal when he finally does lose it.

      And frankly he just won MITB last summer. He hasn’t held the briefcase that long.

      • Jus Sayin

        Read what im saying carefully because clearly your not. what im saying is because Dolph has the in ring ability to perform better than most as well as the ability to sell moves better than most who else are they gonna have face the golden boy or any other top stars….Dolph. He makes wrestlers like Cena look good in the ring, making it look like his moves are effective like he does no matter who he’s against in the ring.

  • XSin Carax

    Dolph you are a LOOOOONG way off from being as good as you THINK you are.

  • Guest

    LOL Dolph Ziggler is such a ass kisser. He says Cena is the one that pushes him to keep improving but in reality, Cena’s the one right now who’s pushing him out of the main event scene. I guess guys these days have to kiss Cena’s ass to keep their spot.

    • JamieEvsxx

      if you think about it the fact that Ziggler getting squashed by Cena would make him more determined to get to the top because the more he realises they’re putting Cena over him the more he’ll work his arse off and show off what he’s got and do everything in his power to impress everyone so they’ll push him and he’ll get to the top, so in a way I can see why he says Cena’s the one who pushes him to keep improving…=P

  • Ziggler better than Cena

    What’s holding him back is a fireman’s carry. Watch his recent matches with Cena. He steals the show with the Zig Zag, Fameasser, Superkick, Sleeperhold, and that beautiful jumping DDT. That’s 4 signature moves and his finisher. And he gets beat by a god damn fireman’s carry.

  • Peter Griffin

    What’s holding you back Dolph is that cunt AJ get rid of her and Big E and go solo for God sake and prove to everyone that you can do it on your own!

  • fireworks Ts

    The only thing Ziggles is good at is selling. Besides that he is worthless and shouldn’t touch the main event, shouldn’t touch the spotlight and should never touch a championship title. Yet another wrestler you people overrate.

  • Kyle

    WWE Magazine isn’t to be taken seriously. It’s pretty obvious nothing is holding Dolph Ziggler back.