Dolph Ziggler’s Spot In The Rumble, Former WCW Contacted For Rumble Appearance & More

– On Monday’s RAW, Vickie Guerrero declared that Dolph Ziggler will get his choice of entering the Royal Rumble match at either #1 or #2. Based on a tweet from Ziggler on Sunday afternoon, it looks like he’ll be the first entrant:

– According to, WWE had contacted former WWE and WCW wrestler Diamond Dallas Page to be a possible entrant in tonight’s Royal Rumble 30-man Battle Royal match. No word on whether he agreed to appear, but there were some talks about it.

– Matt Striker tweeted the following cryptic comment on Sunday evening, with less than two hours to go until the Royal Rumble:

– WWE superstars have already been tweeting pictures of themselves pointing at the WrestleMania 29 logo that will be hanging at the top WWE arenas starting tonight (click to enlarge):

Brad Davis

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  • DigitalWWE

    Does his spot really matter? He still starts the rumble.

    • chihirou

      Technically it does matter. Remember Rey Mysterio winning the Rumble despite entering second? He can beat that record, if he enters first and WWE wants him to win the Rumble.

      • Reality

        Dude, Ben**t and Micheals already won it by being #1.

        • Seth Bob

          You really edited Benoit? What a fucking tool.

          • Reality

            It’s a 4chan kindof sense of humor. Another example is when Maffew censors insults with the word “Benoit”.
            You wouldn’t understand

          • Facts

            You wouldn’t know a 4chan sense of humor if it bit your cock off.

          • Reality

            someone needs poop on his chest

          • Seth Bob

            >mentions 4chan
            >confirmed for fail troll

          • Reality


  • Pozessed

    ITS ME ITS ME ITS DDP!! Hope he enters, great wrestler.

    • Roger Penland

      self high five, eh?

    • Seth Bob


  • Bro88

    I was happy he lasted the longest out of anyone in the rumble but he shouldve made it to final two instead of Ryhack. Ryhack had to enter number 30 cause he wouldn’t have been able to last any longer. He gets winded in no time.