Donald Trump Challenges Vince McMahon To A Match At WrestleMania 30

Whether or not anyone should take this seriously remains to be seen, however new WWE Hall Of Famer Donald Trump challenged Vince McMahon to a match at WrestleMania 30 during his speech at the induction ceremony held at Madison Square Garden on Saturday evening.

Trump mentioned his desire to break previous pay-per-view records by stepping into the ring for a match with McMahon.

You can read our full HOF report here: Detailed WWE Hall Of Fame 2013 Induction Ceremony Live Report

Matt Boone

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  • bayarea08

    It sounds good on paper: Vincent Kennedy McMahon vs Donald Trump BATTLE OF THE BILLIONAIRES II, but it will look terrible and a waste of a time slot.

    I’d rather see Vince w/ The Rock vs Paul Heyman w/ Brock Lesnar.

    • Mark

      Vinceis not a billionaire, only worth 500 mil if that

      • bayarea08

        His character is a billionaire. Know the difference.

    • jalen hayes

      or Vince w/ triple h vs Paul Heyman w/ Brock Lesnar.

  • Dave Smith

    Why would they have this match again? And i don’t think that will be the reason if they break pay per view records

  • Steve Williams

    And I was hoping WM 30 will be better than 29….

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    Still a better booking story than most TNA booking.

  • Peter Jones™

    I would rather scoop my eyes out with a rusty spoon than watch Donald V Vince! The only thing that would make me watch was if Vince would rip the stupid fake mouse hair of Donald’s fat ugly head! Rant over

  • nabusi

    Wrestlemania 30 should be massive, don’t think this match will help it.
    Something like
    – Punk vs Austin
    – Rock vs Brock
    – HHH vs HBK
    – Cena vs Taker
    – Orton vs ryback vs sheamus (WHC title )
    Matches like those will make wrestlemania 30 historic.

    • Stranger

      HBK is retired. He will never come back. His final match was the perfect way to go out.

      • Pozessed

        Agreed. Losing to the Undertaker at wrestlemania, there is nothing better than that.

    • Pozessed

      To be honest, I see someone like Ziggler or Barrett headlining Wrestlemania 30 as a world champion. I doubt Austin, HBK and maybe Taker will be there though.

  • omega riddler

    i’d rather see hornswoggle wrestle a baboon at WM30 that see donald trump vs vince mcmahon

    • Michael Jobe

      Almost the same thing isn’t it? LOL

  • Michael Jobe

    No, just no.

  • ac1d

    ONLY if there will be blood.

  • Weemutabi

    Wrestlemania 30 will be closer to where I live than any other. Was really looking forward to getting tickets. The thought of a VKM/Trump match has kinda dampened my enthusiasm. Please DO NOT book that match.

  • JamieEvsxx

    go home Donald, you’re drunk!