Early WM29 Buyrate Not Looking Good, Tyson Kidd Update, Booker T’s Heel Turn

– While the official buyrate is still months away from being released, early estimates for the WrestleMania 29 pay-per-view are coming in and they do not look good. Even though WWE stated publicly that they were confident that WM29 show would sell similarly to last year’s record-breaking show, the company substantially lowered their internal projections in days leading up to WrestleMania. According to one source, the WrestleMania 29 buyrate is “downright shocking.”

– Tyson Kidd tweeted the following on Tuesday regarding his road to recovery:

– As we reported a few weeks ago, there had been plans for Booker T to turn heel. Those plans have reportedly been dropped and there is now talk of Teddy Long becoming the new heel General Manager of SmackDown.

(Partial Source: f4wonline.com)