Edge Responds To Triple H’s Recent Remark On Raw, Will He Return To WWE?, Talks Haven

As seen on the October 21 episode of Raw during the contact signing for the WWE Championship Match between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton at Hell in a Cell, Triple H offended WWE Superstars and fans alike with his verbal burial of the talents of Bryan, as well as Chris Jericho, Edge and Rob Van Dam. WWE’s Chief Operating Officer grouped Bryan with his three predecessors and declared that like them, he is not capable of being “The Face of WWE.” The official WWE website caught up with Edge for an interview and asked him about the WWE Chief Operating Officer’s flippant remark.

“When you look back on WWE’s history, how many guys really were “the guy”? There was Bruno Sammartino, then Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, The Rock and now John Cena. Then again, does Triple H like guys with long hair that are better looking and more athletic than him? Probably not. And I think the three of us fall into that category,” responded Edge.

“The Rated-R Superstar” previously addressed Hunter’s remarks on Twitter, stating, “I think everyone forgets it’s entertainment. Santa isn’t real either. Or the Easter Bunny(I think, rabbits are sneaky).”

The 11-time World Champion appears regularly on Syfy series Haven, which started in July 2011, as Dwight Hendrickson. In response to whether he envisioned the show lasting through a fourth season then, Edge said, “I envisioned the show [going to season four], but I don’t know if I envisioned myself going to season four. [My involvement began] when WWE got in contact with the “Haven” producers, who were interested in using a wrestler. WWE said, “We got this guy. He just retired. We think he can do it.” And it just worked out. I went out and one scene turned into four scenes, turned into four episodes, turned into being asked back for the next season. That turned into seven [episodes] and then being asked back again next season and becoming one of the focal characters of the show.”

Edge was also asked whether he will return to WWE, and replied, “I’ll use the absolute most over-used cliché, “never say never,” because when I have come back, it has been fun. If it’s fun, cool and creative and would shake things up and help some new, young talent, I would.”

Edge has been posting paintings on Twitter, and discusses this and more in the interview. To access it, click here.