Eric Young Explains Why He Won’t Shave His Beard, Talks Being TNA Champion

The following are highlights of a recent Examiner interview with TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eric Young:

Learning from his co-workers: “The locker room at TNA is a wealth of knowledge. Kurt Angle is an example of a guy you can’t help but learn from, and there are certainly others. I am friends with many of the guys on the roster and I am always learning and exploring how to get better.”

Being versatile: “Versatility is something I pride myself on and have focused on from the first day I started wrestling. I’ve won every belt in TNA – including Knockouts Tag titles. I can face anyone and go wherever the match leads and takes me. Versatility is my strong suit. It is hard to prepare for someone like me.”

Keeping his beard for TNA & his Off The Hook reality show: “I think if I shaved my beard I might lose both of my jobs. The beard is one of my things now and has been since 2009. I had a beard when it was considered weird. If I shave now people would not recognize me.”

Reaction to him being champ: “The beard makes me completely recognizable. There is no hiding from it – and I don’t want to hide from it. People I meet love seeing the title. They tell me congrats Champ – and it is a thrill. It will never get old.”

Check out the complete interview at

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    • Patrick

      That Daniel Bryan guy sure does look different from the last time I saw him!

      • Pozessed

        Credit to him, Young had the whole beard thing before Bryan.

        • jammy

          Glad someone agress!! Some people on here are so narrow minded they would accuse jesus of copying Daniel Bryan!!

          • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

            Good one, Jammy!!!!!!

          • Pozessed

            However, our own yrabadi had the beard before them both.

    • Buzzard Follower

      Beards = Ratings

    • ibeBrave

      I remember when EY Turned face in 06 And the crowd showing him love….THE GOOD OLD TNA….Now its poopy;(

    • Hollywood Cena

      Fake ass daniel bryan

      • gdaddy1971

        You’re an idiot.

      • heterosexual

        did you even read the article, he’s had facial hair as long as bryan has been in the wwe

        • Bray

          Its only Hair

    • Stinson

      If only TNA would stop watching the WWE network and think of their own stuff.

      • guest

        That’s might be the only reason why they’re still in business.

    • Jackie Priest

      “I’ve won every belt in TNA – including Knockouts Tag titles” If that had never happened (aside from the comedy stuff) I think he might be taken a little more serious as champ. Too late now though TNA so oh well :/

    • thatguy

      His beard is awesome…I like it better than i do Daniel Bryan’s for some strange reason….

      • yrabadi

        It’s better kept than Bryan’s, that’s why. Bryan’s would look infinitely better if he would get a haircut too. His long hair doesn’t really work with his beard. Can’t wait till he goes heel, shaves his head and keeps his beard. It’ll look badass.

        • CheapOp

          You mean, a mini-Erick Rowan?

    • Castle

      His beard looks like a beat up old sponge.. that old sponge you see under the sink cabinet.

    • beatskeetskeet

      Ah EY. I knew his look would catch on and WWE copying TNA with his beard ratings.

    • Leather Face

      No that would not be funny, it would be stupid. Thanks a lot buzz Killington

    • Joey G