Everything That Happened On This Week’s Talking Smack

Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss were the first guests on this week’s Talking Smack. Becky wanted to know who La Luchadora was but Alexa claimed that she had no idea who was under the mask. Shane McMahon gave Becky and Alexa some advice on wrestling in a steel cage match. Becky claimed that she is the best female sports entertainer in the WWE and stated that Alexa Bliss had no chance against her next week. Alexa Bliss said that she had already defeated Lynch at TLC in a Tables Match. Becky blamed the loss on an eye gauge from Alexa and Bliss laughed off the comment. Bliss said that Lynch had a week to come up with an excuse for when she loses the steel cage match next Tuesday on Smackdown.

Mojo Rawley was the next guest on Talking Smack. Rawley said that the injury to Zack Ryder was heartbreaking. Rawley stated that Ryder told him that he had a big chance to make a singles run because Ryder will be out with injury for awhile. Rawley talked about the calf injury he suffered playing with the Arizona Cardinals and said that his calf completely tore off and rolled up his leg. Mojo said that the WWE oppurtunity came out of left field and he initially thought the voicemail from the WWE inviting him to a tryout was a prank call. Shane McMahon asked what will be different now that Ryder was gone? Mojo said that he was going to be himself and stop jumping and dancing around all the time. He said that it worked when he was a part of the Hype Bros but it is not who he really is. Mojo gave Renee Young his colorful hat and Shane McMahon decided to put it on and wear it for the rest of the show. Rawley came off as very genuine in this interview and it is something you should definitely check out.

Ziggler was the final guest on Talking Smack. Shane McMahon asked if the Mojo hat offended Ziggler and Dolph said yes. Shane took the hat off and continued the interview. Shane called Ziggler a phenomenal performer but stated that Ziggler has a huge target on his back because of his actions. Ziggler welcomed the target his on his back and said that something has been missing for the past several years. Ziggler said that he needs to be better for the Smackdown brand and for the company. Ziggler said that swinging that chair and hitting Crews and Kalisto almost felt as good when he won the World Heavyweight Championship. Ziggler once again stated that he wasn’t afraid of Apollo Crews and Kalisto. Dolph also announced that he was entering the Royal Rumble match.