Evolution: The Necessity of Adaptation

Adapt or perish. That is the message Triple H has been sending to the Shield in recent weeks since reforming Evolution. The concept seems simple enough when applied to professional wrestling: either evolve your character over time or quickly become irrelevant.

However, Triple H should be heeding his own advice, because it appears Evolution is the stable that will need to adapt in the near future in order to survive. With Batista taking some time off after Extreme Rules and Triple H only working a part-time in-ring schedule, Randy Orton will be the only full-time competitor left in Evolution in a few weeks.

The ultimate goal of the entire Evolution/Shield feud is to set up a contest between Triple H and Roman Reigns sometime this fall, most likely at SummerSlam. If Batista takes a significant amount of time off and Triple H only appears to cut promos, it seems like it will be difficult to drag out the program until August.

Batista is taking some time off after Extreme Rules, leaving only one full-time competitor in Evolution.

Batista is taking some time off after Extreme Rules, leaving only one full-time competitor in Evolution.

Ric Flair is scheduled to appear on Raw this week, meaning he could also be inserted into the program for a brief period of time. I highly doubt that Flair will be around for long though, as he was not originally slated to rejoin Evolution, and considering the fact that he hasn’t shown up to a WWE event sober in months, it seems unlikely that too much importance will be placed on the Nature Boy.

Flair’s sobriety, or lack thereof, aside, he is also not someone who is going to compete in the ring, so his involvement seems rather pointless, especially when considering that Triple H is basically playing the same managerial role that Flair occupied during the stable’s original incarnation.

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  • Tyrant

    Roman Reigns joining Evolution would be pretty awesome and would be great for all involved. I’d really hate to see Roman Reigns take off and leave two top notch performers like Rollins and Ambrose without a storyline to build upon. The only problem I could see presenting itself would be in the mic skills department. It’s not a strong point for neither Roman nor Randy. Triple H would have to fill that void for that to work out. Overall though, I like the idea of Reigns to Evolution and keeping Ambrose and Rollins as faces.

    • FlawlessRKO

      You have it backwards, Ambrose is the one that will turn heel.

      • Tyrant

        Did you even read the article? I’m commenting on the idea that the writer presented. Unless you’re a WWE employee, you’re basing Ambrose turning strictly on rumors.

        • FlawlessRKO

          No, I’m not basing it off rumors. I’m basing it off the fact that Ambrose is better suited as a heel than Reigns. Plus, if a Roman Reigns is facing Triple H at SummerSlam then he’s not turning heel. That wouldn’t make any sense.

          • Tyrant

            I see your point and I agree if Reigns were to become a face as a singles competitor, the logical move would be to have Ambrose as a heel. While what you’re speaking of makes sense, that’s a different scenario than the one the article suggests. There’s a lot of routes the WWE could take with this angle, we’ll have to wait and see.

    • scott

      Reigns is far far far worse on the mic than Orton

      • Tyrant

        I didn’t say one was better than the other.

    • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

      I actually like the idea of Reigns going to Evolution… Fact is everyone is expecting him to be the face coming out of The Shield split… Going with a bit of a twist there would be welcomed. Plus in the long-run, him turning face coming out of Evolution, would likely be a strong turn then him remaining face from a split with The Shield.

      Regardless though, any of the guys from The Shield going heel and joining Evolution would be pretty badass.

      • Tyrant

        You make a good point, any member of The Shield could join and it would make for an interesting turn. All 3 members are really over with fans, seeing either Rollins, Reigns or Ambrose join Evolution would be a shocker and would provide the curveball this angle may need by the time it comes for The Shield to disband. With all the reports of Reigns turning face, it feels like a forgone conclusion. A plot twist would keep us all on our heels (no pun intended).

        Also Evolution comes off as a bit aged, especially if they decide to throw Flair into the mix. A new, young, hungry member could really put some life back into group especially with the younger audience. A member of The Shield would be perfect for that role.

        • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

          Agreed. I for one hope they take Flair out tonight. It would be more interesting than anything else they could do. The Shield could maybe make the save. I dunno.

      • Thomas Bush


  • Guest

    Evolution wins at Extreme Rules and Reigns joins Evolution. As Heyman and Cesaro most likely would be done with Swagger, they could both join the Shield. Making it Evolution vs Cesaro/Ambrose/Rollins going forward with HHH and Heyman as managers. Would be a pretty good way to get both Cesaro and Reigns over and established as top guys.

    • Cujo999

      Putting Cesaro or anybody else in The Shield to replace Reigns just looks like a reach on WWE’s part. It also kills Cesaro’s momentum as a singles star by pulling him from one group and turning around and randomly sticking him in another group with no storyline build. It doesn’t work if Heyman comes on board with The Shield, as they would definitely be the babyfaces if Reigns jumped to Evolution and Heyman is managing one of the biggest heels in the company in Brock Lesnar. Putting Heyman with The Shield also makes little sense as Rollins and Ambrose don’t need a mouthpiece.

      • Thomas Bush


    • Bushwald Sexyface

      LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. I seriously just laughed harder than I have in a while at that outrageous idea. Nobody is joining either faction that isn’t an original.

      • ibeBrave

        ^^ Roman Reigns joining evolution wouldnt even make sence story wise lol

        • Thomas Bush


      • Thomas Bush


    • G.I.R.L.

      Let’s keep Cesaro out of this feuding of stables, shall we?

    • Thomas Bush


  • Cujo999

    I like the idea of putting Reigns with Evolution, honestly. It would be a good way to start building him towards a main event push, and he’s working with top guys that can get him ready to succeed when he gets that opportunity. However, if they go that route, I hope it isn’t to build a match for Summer Slam. To turn Reigns heel and then flip him babyface again that quickly would really hurt his momentum. I would keep Reigns with Evolution and have Triple H maneuver him into a long IC title reign and using Evolution to fight The Authority’s battles for them. Set up a huge Survivor Series match between Evolution and Bryan, Rollins, Ambrose, and another anti-Authority babyface and start having some cracks in Evolution, there. Have Reigns turn on Evolution at the end of the Royal Rumble and go over to main event WM31. Then, Triple H wins the WWE title at the Elimination Chamber and puts Reigns over at ‘mania to end the feud.

    • Thomas Bush

      Now that’s the idea.

  • God’s Diamond

    I hope batista gets taken out by Roman Reigns. Would help build up my favorite hound of justice. Than when batista comes back and wins the belt to promote guardians, Roman Reigns will be a credible threat to his title reign

  • scott

    Dragging it out for Daniel Bryan didn’t work at all that had nothing to do with him getting into the Main Event this year. CM Punk leaving is what shot Bryan into the main event. That and the backlash of Batista winning the rumble. I think the best way to go would be to add 1 and only 1 new member to Evolution. A guy they think could be the next Superstar which unluckily they don’t have time to wait on. But I think it has to be an NXT guy it cant be someone already in WWE it has to be someone in the NXT area right now

    • Michael Hicks

      Any suggestions on which NXT superstar would be a good addition to Evolution?

      • Dave from Germany

        Bo Dallas. Bolieve in the Shield.

        • The Esteemed

          That just made my day!

  • Dirty Sanchez

    Reigns isn’t joining Evolution. That would be lateral move. Nobody else is joining the Shield.
    Here’s how it will go: In the middle of the Evo/Shield feud, Batista leaves and Kane is ever more uncontrollable. Triple H, now on the losing end of a lopsided feud, will challenge Reigns, the perceived “biggest threat,” to a match a Summer Slam, and then will do what he does best- manipulate people and/or buy them off. He will play on the Shield’s insecurities regarding Reigns becoming a bigger star than them and stealing their spotlight, to the point that just before or during the PPV, they turn on Roman and either Triple H beats him, or he wins despite interference from Orton/Rollins/Ambrose.
    This will set up Reigns as main event material, and give him multiple feuds to strengthen his run toward a Royal Rumble win. This would also set up a strong heel tag team in Ambrose and Rollins, possibly giving them the Tag titles for a run that could easily last the majority of 2015.

    • Thomas Bush


  • Kuwabara

    If Batista is taking time off and HHH is part time then the Shield need to go over at Extreme rules.

  • AttitudeFan

    I want Batista to win the WWE World Heavyweight title !

  • satishwarne708

    Titus O’Neil like I suggested before.Batista out O’Neil in nothing changes.What a preposterous idea of Roman a) joining evolution and b) just to turn on HHH just few weeks later it’s like the extended version of John CNexus and Daniel Wyatt.The Shield should not break off just branch out into successful singles guys.

    • Thomas Bush

      O’Neil’s black

  • Rockfan84

    I think dean ambrose will be the top heel in the company over the next few years, he’s the only member of the shield that doesn’t quite look right as a face.

  • Thomas Bush

    I like the idea of turning Reigns heel.

  • brad

    I agree with you on reigns going to evolution, I think it would be a pretty cool idea and would do nothing but help him. However I disagree on orton not being good on the mic, he is undoubtedly one of the best all round professional wrestlers in the business today.