Exclusive: More Names From Recent NXT Tryouts In Tampa

This past weekend, WWE held talent tryouts at their NXT facility down in Tampa, FL. While some names have already leaked out, we have a few more we can exclusively add to the list.

Among the 33 or so hopefuls there fighting for a contract, we already know of Ring of Honor’s Adam Cole (their reigning TV champion) and Mike Bennett, Dragon Gate USA star Samuray del Sol, and Extreme Rising star Luke Hawx, who has previously appeared on WWE television in bit roles. In addition to these names, we can report that in attendance were former TNA star Jesse Neal, Shawn Spears (the former Gavin Spears from WWE’s ECW brand), Shaun Ricker of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, and a former NFL player who seemed to impress at least one WWE official.

Also there for a tryout was John Mills, who appeared on the Oxygen reality TV series “Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too”. He appeared on five episodes during the show’s second season before quitting. According to an old profile page on the Oxygen website, he has wrestled independently before as “The Playboy J-Millz”.

No word on who may have made the cut, but those that do are expected to be notified by WWE within the month.

The Solomonster

  • rommie

    adam cole is a lock.

  • NWO blood

    man i hope Samuray del Sol wins he is AWESOME

  • Steve

    Jesse Neal? i dont think that WWE needs or wants a guy, who got fired from TNA because of not wanting to train as much as needed to progress. And he is too small to generate interest with WWE, because they are always looking for powerhouses (even if they are weak in ring), but not for average skilled midcarders

    • The Big Thing

      Didnt he get fired cause TNA wasnt paying enough?
      Imo neal wouldnt be too bad. Pair him with corey graves would be good

      • Steve

        TNA wanted for him to go to OVW to train more, he wanted to stay on TV (probably to receive more money) and started making jokes about needing food stamps to survive. That got him on the bad side of TNA management and he got fired.

        Of course he was not receiving fat pay checks, because he is a nobody in wrestling, but i do not think that he will receive much more in NXT either, at least first year. Of course if he can prove himself worthy, then WWE is the right company to earn a lot of money.

  • MeloOutTJR

    Shawn Spears FTW!

  • Kyle Warne

    If Adam Cole isn’t signed I’m gonna be SHOCKED

  • Stoops Nic

    So who’s the former NFL player? They can report he played in the NFL but don’t know who it is?

  • http://www.facebook.com/mbrito23 Michael Brito

    I know Mike bennett personally and he is a tremendous performer…….Could be a big time guy up there